Traeger Grill Maintenance: When Cleaning is Just as Fun as Grilling

Traeger grillroom cleanse should be done after every use to prevent leftover grit from sticking to the grillroom. The job of cleaning your Traeger grill is not very tedious, that is, if you ’ re doing it proper from the beginning. fortunately, you have this post as your scout to make surely your Traeger grillroom stays in tip top human body and always cook for your following grill .

Traeger Grill Cleaning: 6 Steps to Do It Right

first and most important, be sure the grill is completely cool before clean, do not do the take after good after you ’ ve cooked on your grill .

Step 1: Vacuum Out Your Traeger Grill

Start with vacuuming out your grill. I personally like to put on gloves for this entire summons. Feel free to use disposable gloves, like the kind you find at Costco, or reclaimable smasher gloves. I personally have an cheap pair of reclaimable dish gloves that I specifically use for cleaning out the grill .

Step 2: Wash Your Traeger Grill Grates

Wash Your Traeger Grill Grates
If they are very cheating and caked with food, I would encourage you to bring those in the kitchen and wash them with warm soapy water .
If your grill grates are the porcelain ones, like mine are, you ’ ll want to use a sponge with the nylon scrub preferably than something harsh so you avoid damaging the porcelain coat .
Though they may seem in truth greasy and begrimed, the grates clean up quite well with warm saponaceous water system. We like to use Dawn Soap for Traeger grill clean, I find it works quite good .

Step 3: Remove the Drip Tray and Dispose of Used Aluminum Foil

Re-wrap with fresh heavy duty aluminum foil. We buy the big duty extra-large size from Costco, this size seems to fit the drip tray perfectly !
Please, please be certain to always cover your drip tray with aluminum foil. even if you don ’ t have the heavy-duty kind, use the regular kind. You can double up on the foil using the unconstipated thickness if you ’ d like, though not needed, equitable be sure to cover it up !
This is decidedly NOT the footprint you want to skip… LOL

Step 4: Take Out The Heat Baffle

The heat thwart is directly under the drip tray, it ’ south what covering ’ s the blistering pot and disperses the fire .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine know what I ’ meter referring to, the hot pot is where the pellets fall and ignite for your flame. Once you remove the heat baffle from your Traeger grill, you ’ ll see the hot pot, probably some fine debris in there along with surrounding dust particles .
What you ’ ll see doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate look like ash, it looks more like saw dust from a postpone see, but dark in color. Bust out your shop vac or garage vac .
I wouldn ’ metric ton suggest using your regular family one if you can avoid it. not because the grill dust will harm your void, more for the reason of avoiding getting any grease remainder on your lovely family vacuum. Use a denounce vac if you have one .
Vacuum all around the inside base of the barrel and the small little space in the hot pot. It ’ mho very well if you vacuum up a few forest pellets, more will drop it when you turn your grill back on .

Step 5: Use Grease Bucket Liners

Grease Bucket Liners
Let ’ s tackle the grease bucket. This should be VERY easy particularly if you ’ re using a dirt bucket liner like this photograph above .
The other alternate to using a dirt bucket liner, is to line your bucket with aluminum foil. Using aluminum foil isn’t the cleanest and easiest way to go though, simply because if there is a bantam hole anywhere, or there is a wrinkle in your line, the dirt could leak through and hush get into your bucket .
so, for that reason I’d suggest using the grease bucket liners, they make grease administration SUPER easy, simply close the 4 tabs and flip .

Step 6: Put It All Back Together

now it ’ south fourth dimension to put everything back together in this order: 1 ) heating system baffle, 2 ) foil covered dribble tray, 3 ) grill grates and last your trace grease bucket .

Traeger Grill Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions

Traeger Grill Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Should Traeger Grill Cleaning Be Done?

Super great interview, and one that actually depends on how much you use your grillroom. Are you a frequent griller ? Do you grill daily, or are you more of a weekend griller ?
In our house we use the grill sometimes daily, but usually 2-4 times a week. We decidedly use it for pizza ! Have you ever grilled a take and bake pizza on your Traeger ? If you haven’t this is a MUST!
I digress. Back to what we were discussing, to avoid any sort of grease fires on your drip tray, I would suggest changing out the aluminum hydrofoil about every three weeks or therefore.

As for vacuuming out the barrel and the hot pot as partially of your Traeger grillroom maintenance, I’d suggest doing this every month or month and a half, somewhere around there .

2. Is It Necessary to Dump Out the Fresh Pellets and Vacuum Out the Hopper and Auger?

No – we don ’ thymine .
The cardinal factor in that is to make surely you sift your wood pellets before pouring them into the grasshopper .
It ’ s SUPER important to have dry, besotted wood pellets for your grill, you NEVER want to use forest pellets that have expanded or the wood dust at the bottomland of the pellet bag .
Those things are entirely going to cause issues with your auger and the pellets won ’ thymine burn by rights. Which leads me to the future crucial indicate .

3. Can You Store A Pellet Grill Outside? With Or Without A Cover?

Yes, a Traeger or wood pellet grill can be stored outside.
Mild climates are well if the grillroom is not on a cover patio. If on or under a cover patio, leave it out all year .
At our house we have a covered patio and our Traeger grill sits outside without a cover year-round. sometimes they do get a little rained on and possibly even some snow if it ’ s a heavier winter, but it ’ second never an issue for manipulation .
That said, we use our grill on a even basis. If, however, you split your time between two different houses in different parts of the nation, one for summer and one for winter, and you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be using your Traeger grill for a season, definitely empty out the hopper and the plumber’s snake of all woodwind pellets .
There ’ mho nothing worse than trying to unclog an auger system that’s jammed full of expanded wood pellets because moisture crawl in and caused them to expand while you were out of town for 6 mos .

4. Can You Store Wood Pellets Outside?

Yes, however not in the bag you’ve purchased them in. It ’ s super important to transfer the wood pellets to a close or sealing container .
We have a bin that we use specifically for Traeger wood pellets, we do keep this bin outside with a scooper in it to easily scoop the pellets into our grill .
The bin has a hat that closes completely to keep the moisture out. It ’ s not air tight or anything like that, but it does a capital job keeping the pellets dry .

5. Can Your Traeger Grill Have A Grease Fire?

Yes, this is entirely potential, however not probable. A grease displace could occur if there ’ randomness too much of a grease buildup on the drip pan, this is why it ’ s identical important to be consistent with changing out the aluminum foil on your dribble tray .
To be completely crystalline, we have had a dirt fire in our grillroom, wholly our fault, we hadn ’ triiodothyronine changed out the aluminum foil on the drip tray .
so, to avoid this all together, if the aluminum foil looks like it could be changed, then take the initiative and change out the foil .

6. How To Clean Your Traeger Grill Grates When the Grill is Hot?

first, there are a couple of different types of grillroom grates : porcelain and stainless steel steel, this is the difference of using a wooden grill scraper vs. stainless steel bristles .
I personally don ’ thymine like nylon scrub pads, when used on the hot grill grates, they melt, in all comeliness, they ’ ra not designed to handle such high heats .
many people, myself included, tend to use the scrapers after the grill has warmed up when they ’ ra getting ready to use their grillroom, preferably than cleaning the Traeger grillroom immediately after the food comes off the grillroom .
Let ’ s be honest, at that degree if you ’ re like me, you are ready to eat and don ’ triiodothyronine want anything to do with taking a few extra moments to clean the grill of food particles .

7. How To Clean The Exterior of Your Traeger?

There are a couple different methods to clean the exterior of your grill. If you need to do a bite of deep houseclean, which is an important separate of Traeger grill maintenance you can make an easy degreaser with warm water system, a few drops of dawn soap and vinegar, mix this in a spray bottle and spray the grill down .
We use those white towels that come in the big pack from Costco to clean off the grill. After you get the scandal and dirty off, spray your grill down with clean water to make certain you get all the soap off and finish with End Dust, we love this stuff. It gives the grillroom a nice glow that lasts for a snatch of time .
nowadays, before you start cleaning your grill, see to it that you have read the manufacturer ’ south instructions.

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Owning a Traeger grill is such a judicious investment. When cleaned and cared for properly, it will last for MANY years to come .
Follow the steps above and enjoy more grill days ahead .
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