How to Clean Stove Drip Pans

Spilled food and boil-overs wreak havoc with a stovetop, but that ‘s why there are drip pans underneath the burners to catch it all. But they take a beat when cooking and it helps to know the methods to clean stove drip pans with burnt-on food and other messes that look impossible to remove .

What Is a Drip Pan?

A drip pan is a humble metal shallow bowl that sits underneath your stove ‘s burners to catch drips and liquids. Drip pans are removable for cleaning or surrogate. Knowing how to clean your stave ‘s drip pans can be a challenge because senior high school heating system results in burnt-on food that ‘s normally street fighter to remove. Before you ditch your dirty drip pans, read on to see how to clean drip pans on a stave using barely a few family clean products. You ‘d be surprised at how many products you already have to clean your drip pans, from obviously old dishwashing liquid to vinegar, baking sodium carbonate, ammonia water, or hydrogen peroxide. You can flush try dry sheets, WD-40, and oven cleaner. solitaire is key because you may have to soak your stave drip pans overnight to see them shine again.

How Often to Clean Stove Drip Pans

ideally, drip pans should be cleaned after each time you use a stovetop burner. By tackling spills and splatters when they are fresh, the drip pans will be easier to clean. realistically, if you prepare food casual, give the drip pans a good clean weekly or as needed when you see stains. Allowing food particles and grease to build up on drip pans can cause smoke and even fires. Resist the urge to use the old method of lining obliterable pans with aluminum foil to catch spills and splatters. Foil can trap heat or melt and damage the pans and appliance .


Want a super-quick way to clean your drip pans ? There are batch of ways to clean your kitchen using items you already have. For case, give pans a quick spritz of the lubricant WD-40, let them sit for a few minutes, scrub, and rinse. Another agile manner to clean dribble pans is to moisten used dry sheets —which soften the hard stuff while being abrasive—scrub off the sludge, then gargle.

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Before You Begin

When cleaning any type of drip pan or stovetop components, constantly allow the burners to cool down wholly before removing any parts. You should besides pay attention to how the components fit as you take the stave apart so that they can be replaced in the right order .

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