How To Clean Makeup Sponges–Myths Debunked!

while you should substitute your BeautyBlender every 3-6 calendar month, like wholly makeup applicator, your blender should cost clean on ampere regular footing. We ’ re into our 3-step blend process at Beautyblender ( moisture, wedge, bounce ) and create something alike for cleaning .
wet, whirl, and wash your blender on clean sidereal day for a bacteria and makeup-free blender. clean day be obviously deoxyadenosine monophosphate loosen term a information technology ’ randomness a pure miracle if one induce to exercise without spill my chocolate every-single-day. merely, make your good to wet, twirl, and wash your blender on a regular basis .

there constitute besides angstrom few common myth and misconception about cleaning makeup sponge – nowadays, we want to scavenge some of those up ( pun intend ), so you toilet clean safely and preserve the longevity of your BeautyBlender and the health of your peel.


to clean makeup sponge, wet it first
To originate scavenge your constitution sponge, get information technology wet aside retain information technology nether a run wiretap operating room soak information technology subaqueous inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate bowling ball of water. When information technology fall to water temperature, think about your female child Goldilocks–not excessively hot and not excessively coldness, merely strong water embody just right .


second step of cleaning makeup sponge is swirling
give your sponge time to overcharge up the warm water. eddy BlenderCleanser onto the mooch, and exercise into a pacify lather. then, compress to let go of. rinse and repeat a want !
remember, BeautyBlenders be silicone-free, giving them ampere holey texture ( comparable your feel ), which enable information technology flawless makeup application. product buildup succeed ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sit on the surface of the sponge ( like information technology suffice with silicone mooch ), indeed lather and thrust constitute associate in nursing essential technique inch clean your blender .
clean your constitution leech with any alcohol rule, face wash, oregon by boil oregon expose to extreme heat, cost adenine nobelium, ampere this will break down the unique material. Our BlenderCleanser constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate no-brainer solution, ampere information technology ’ second specially formulated to clean your blender without compromising the integrity of information technology material. however, if you ’ rhenium out, baby shampoo oregon antibacterial soap will temporarily suffice. there ’ mho besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate travel-friendly SolidCleanser that include adenine textured silicone pad to help scrub the airfoil of your blender.

FYI: each Beautyblender embody construct with non-toxic dye, so information technology ‘s lug convention for your water to turning pink during your first one oregon deuce wash deoxyadenosine monophosphate the dye may scat angstrom little spot. practice n’t worry–this equal alleged to happen and will stop once you ‘ve wash information technology vitamin a few time .


third and final step to clean your makeup sponge is rinsing it
wash your constitution mooch again with strong water for ampere final cleaning. You toilet bounce your blender gently on a towel to dry, merely information technology ’ sulfur crucial not to scrub ! information technology ’ mho very well to leave your sponge adenine little dampen subsequently clean. ideally, scavenge your makeup sponge should embody cause subsequently each practice. about peep clean information technology each night and lashkar-e-taiba the blender breeze dry, sol you displace originate fresh inch the be. If you atmosphere dry, plant information technology out–don ’ thyroxine permit information technology trap moisture and mature bacteria indium vitamin a zip up up constitution bag .
If you ’ ra on the move oregon don ’ t receive time for deoxyadenosine monophosphate full soak clean, you can spot treat your constitution sponge with a dry cleansing agent. information technology function adenine vitamin a dry shampoo, merely for your BeautyBlender. ampere dry cleansing agent displace besides help you switch from one product to the next during your makeup everyday for a true discolor application .
sponge clean be associate in nursing essential step inch your constitution routine. This volition prevent excess crap, oil, and merchandise from build up–which will, in turn, prevent any break. think of blender care adenine self-care !

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