A Simple Trick for Cleaning Under Your Keyboard’s Keys

Cleaning the key of a keyboard can be a pain, but this one magic trick makes it much easier and faster. Do you clean your keyboard regularly ? Whether you ‘re the type of person who snacks in front of the computer, thus getting crumbs everywhere, or you ‘re a neat freak out who never puts anything dirty near their keyboard, stuff constantly gets in there .
Cleaning the top of the keys is simple: A paper towel, moistened with body of water or rubbing alcohol, will do the job without a problem. But how are you to clean under and between the keys ? Compressed air is a solid choice, but what if you do n’t have any available. Or what if you do n’t want to blow the stuff under your keyboard around the board ?

How to Remove Debris From Under Your Mechanical Keyboard Keys?

Cleaning Under Mechanical Keyboard Keys With Tape Image Credit: Tina Sieber The answer is shockingly simple, and it comes from something we all have around the house : clear magnetic tape !
To clean under your keyboard key, you simply need to tear off a little piece of videotape, about an column inch or so, fold it in half, so the awkward side faces out, then rub it around between your keys. Because you ‘re working with tape, you ‘ll be able to see all the filthy gorge that ‘s been hiding all of this time. It ‘s a little gross, but at least it will be gone !
Make sure you do n’t use duct record or any early highly adhesive material tape, as you can leave residue under your keys, which is obviously not well. Stick with the standard clean tape that you would use to wrap a deliver, and you ‘ll be safe !
Removing Key From Mechanical Keyboard Image Credit: Tina Sieber occasionally, you might want to deep-clean your keyboard. In that case, note that most mechanical keyboards barely let you pull the keys off without a special tool. That said, they normally come with a key cap pulling instrument that makes this a lot easier. Take a snapshot of your keyboard before you start, so it ‘s easier to put it back together. With the keys removed, you can shake off any unleash particles, then go to work on it with a Q tip or damp cloth to clean every last corner .
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How to Clean Under Laptop and Chiclet Keyboard Keys?

The tape method works best on mechanical keyboards because they have deep gaps between the keys and rows. For modern laptop or chiclet keyboards, however, it ‘s not hardheaded. besides, the tape does n’t actually clean underneath the keys. If you spilled a sugary drink over your keyboard, you ‘ll need something more exhaustive.

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For a immaculate clean, we recommend removing the keys entirely, so you can reach all the nooks and crannies with a Q gratuity. Take a photograph of the keyboard before you start the process, so you ‘ll know where all the keys go when you ‘re cook to put it back together
Removing Chiclet Key From Keyboard Using a Screwdriver Image Credit: Tina Sieber If you do n’t have a key capital puller to remove the keys from your chiclet keyboard, you can besides use a bland screwdriver. Carefully insert the screwdriver into the gap between the keyboard and the key, then use it as a lever to push the key out. You can equitable pop it back on and push down on it when you ‘re done with houseclean .
Laptop Chiclet Keyboard With Windows Key Removed Image Credit: Tina Sieber laptop chiclet keys may look a little different, but putting the keys back on is good as easy .
Related : How to Fix Your Laptop Keyboard When It ‘s not Working once the keys are off, you can use a damp fabric, Q tip, or a vacuum cleaner on the lowest place setting to free your keyboard from dust, crumb, and dirt .
While you ‘re cleaning underneath the keys, you can put the key themselves through the dishwasher. Leave them out to dry thoroughly before you put them back on .

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Keep Your Keyboard Clean

The keyboard is one of the more difficult calculator accessories to clean. But since it ‘s besides the most likely to collect a lot of debris, scandal, and dirty, it should receive a regular clean. And we ‘ve shown you that it does n’t have to be intemperate, unless you have a major spillway. Generally, shaking out the crumb, using the record trick, and wiping the keyboard down with a dampen fabric will do the magic trick .
When you ‘re fix to tackle more clean projects around your desk, we ‘ll be here to help you with more tips. Let ‘s start with your monitor .

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