How to Clean Grout Haze

Grout haze is a whiteish film left on the tile surface after the grout action. So how can you successfully remove grout haze ? even if you have diligently wiped down the open with a moisture sponge, the daze will remain and wo n’t come off until you take special measures .

ordinary tile cleaning methods wo n’t remove it. fortunately, getting grout haze off tile is easy and effective with the right remover .

hera are some steps and tips on removing grout daze. Get ready to have your tile look the way it should—shiny and bright .

What Causes Grout Haze

grout is made of minerals and cement mix with water. When the urine dries, minerals remain on the tile open. This is a normal part of tiling .

Because grouting involves pulling grout across the tile with a arctic float, the tile is wholly covered with grout at some point. The float scrapes off most of the grout, but a dilute film will remain—known as grout daze .

What is Grout Haze Remover?

Grout daze remover is a peculiarity commercial clean that helps to get rid of grout haze—especially in substantial or difficult cases. Grout haze remover comes in different formulas for cement-based grouts and those that are n’t cement-based. Be careful not to confuse grout sealer or grout clean with grout haze remover. These are completely unlike products.

commercial Grout Haze Remover

Grout daze remover is widely available at tile stores, home improvement stores, hardware stores, and on-line. Prominent brands include :

  • DuPont Heavy Duty Grout Haze Remover: A highly rated and reasonably priced professional strength grout haze remover
  • Stone Care International Tile & Grout Haze Cleaner: Has a highly acidic pH that strips tile of grout haze, as well as soap scum and calcium buildup
  • Aqua Mix Cement Grout Haze Remover: Features an organic acid formula that contains no phosphates


Urethane and acrylic grouts need specific grout daze removal products. If the haze is not wholly removed from the surface, over time, the tile can begin to look dirty and can even be gluey to the touch, evening after general clean.

Homemade Non-Chemical Grout Haze Remover

If you ‘d like to make your own grout haze remover and stay chemical-free, vinegar in junction with complain water system can break up grout daze. Add 3 or 4 parts distilled white vinegar to 1 separate cool water in a spray bottle. Mix but do not shake .

When using vinegar to remove grout haze, it ‘s normally necessary to use a non-scratching scrub diggings to boost the removal serve.


Some raw tiles are shipped with grout free, a thin film on the tile airfoil that protects against grout daze. After facility, the tile is washed as usual, and the grout haze should come off during the washing process. With this character of tile, grout haze remover likely wo n’t be necessary.

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