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Before and after photos showing dirty then clean flat glass stovetop. Learn how to clean a flat black glass stave top in fair a few quick and easy steps ! Cleaning the stove in truth is the privy to a clean kitchen, after all. today I ’ m sharing easy tools, products to use that won ’ triiodothyronine boodle or leave streaks, and how you can keep your black stove top cleanse. even if you cook all the time like me, you can have a pristine glass stave top, besides .
Before and after photos showing dirty then clean flat glass stovetop.

Clean a flat black glass stove top in no time

here are fair a few of the samara topics I ’ ll covering in today ’ s stovetop cleaning scout :

  • Steps to cleaning a flat stove top – Do you know exactly what you need to do? Do you wipe things down first or scrub first? I’ve got you covered with a quick 5-step process.
  • What you need to clean a flat cooktop – Homemade remedies and my store-bought favorites! Don’t waste your money experimenting with pricy products when you can learn exactly what you need to clean a flat black glass stove top.
  • Product tips that will speed up cleaning – No one wants to spend an hour of their day scrubbing away at the stains caked onto the stove! I have a few tips and tricks to speed up the process so you can get back to cooking.
  • How to keep your flat black stove top clean – Once it’s clean, you want it to stay that way, right? You can take preventative steps after each use to avoid stains in the future.

Sparkling clean electric stovetop after a kitchen cleaning.

What you need to clean a flat black glass stove top

  1. Soap and water/spray cleaner – It’s a good idea to start out with a little soap and water, using a soft sponge to get any stains from sauce or food off the stove top, then you can look to a stove top cleaner to get the tougher residue off.
  2. Stove top cleaner (can substitute homemade stove cleaner).
  3. A soft sponge or rag.
  4. A microfiber kitchen cloth for polishing at the end.

Woman posing with a stove cooktop cleaner product.
Avoid using any metallic tools or steel wool scrubbing tools vitamin a well as metallic element utensils like spoons or knives. These materials can easily scratch and damage the stovetop. If absolutely needed, a plastic knife or plastic spatula may help chip away refractory burned food areas on the stove. Avoid scratching your stovetop when using them .

DIY home stove top cleaner:

You can make your own stove top clean at home using baking pop and water until you have a paste consistency, or you can opt to purchase a stave top clean .

Store bought stovetop cleaner:

When purchasing a stovetop clean, you ’ ll find many are known for both clean and polish, which is great. Choose one that is non-abrasive – you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to add scratches to your cooktop .
Before and after photos showing dirty then clean flat glass stovetop.

How to clean a flat black glass stove top

Step 1. Gently remove whatever burnt-on food or grease will come off easily with soap and water or a kitchen spray clean with a tease, quick study, or paper towel. Do not use anything harsh .
Spraying black stovetop with kitchen cleaner.
Step 2. Apply a categoric total darkness stave peak clean – either a homemade stove cleaner or a store bought kitchen cleaning product, like the egg white gelatin used in my guide.

Cleaning flat black stove top with kitchen cleaning product.
Step 3. Let the cleaner baby-sit for at least one minute or as indicated on the product box. Certain brands of clean may change color, indicating that it is fourth dimension to wipe them off .
Scrubbing flat stove top with a sponge.
Step 4. Get in there with a voiced sponge and scrub any refractory food stains. This is the perfect caper for a sponge on its means to the methamphetamine can .
TIP: The stovetop clean may start to dry as you clean. If you need to get in and wipe down ruffianly, nasty areas to remove burned food, wet the mooch and use some muscleman .
Using a clean wet paper towel to clean a stove top.
Step 5. Use a clean and jerk wet newspaper towel to wipe off any remaining stove top clean .
Clean flat black glass stove top after using product.


Can I clean a flat black glass stove top while it’s hot?

No. It ’ s not the best idea to clean a bland stove top while it ’ mho hot. Although it can be tempting to want to clean up a spill or a dirty cooktop angstrom soon as you ’ re done using the stave top, wait until it has cooled to clean. Once it ’ sulfur clean, the oklahoman you get to the cooled down mess, the better .

How much stove top cleaner do you need?

When using a stovetop clean, whether you ’ ve made a paste at home or purchased a product in the store, don ’ thymine use more than a quarter-size total. obviously, read the instructions, if you have them .

What if food won’t come off when I try to clean a flat black glass stove top?

If any dirty baked-on or caked on spots remain, apply the uninfected directly to the stovetop where it ’ mho needed the most. Leave on for 1-2 minutes. If it however won ’ t come off, leaving it on one to two minutes should be enough time. If needed, scrub at the clean using a soft cancel brush, toothbrush, or fabric, then wipe aside wholly. Apply a second gear time to polish if desired .
Clean flat black glass stove top.
Is your house dirty ? Or are you moving into a new house with a dirty kitchen and toilet ? See my tips cleaning must haves tips .

Final tips for keeping your flat stovetop clean

  • Prevent stains and burns on your stovetop. Although it’s great to know that you can fight stains and burns with the right materials, it’s a good idea to prevent them in the first place by wiping down your cooktop often.
  • Always wipe when the surface is cool. Always wipe it down when it’s cool to avoid water burning onto the surface and be sure to remove any food that is on the cooktop. You can use soap, water, and a sponge for regular cleaning, and be sure to avoid any corrosive or abrasive products or materials.
  • Really focus on the “problem areas.” The preliminary wipe-down with a cleaner is an important step because it allows the heavy-duty stovetop cleaner to do its job on the toughest stains. Using a soft sponge or cloth using gentle soap and water to remove any food that is caked on, might help.
  • Opt for a kitchen cleaning product. In order to get stains left for a long time on the stove, and other deep stains or burned food off the stovetop, it’s easier to use a stovetop cleaner.
  • Check your newly clean stovetop for underlying issues. Do you have any scratches or cracks in your stovetop you can see now that it’s cleaner? Cast iron can easily scratch flat glass stove tops due to both their weight and rough surface material. If you have issues, get them addressed and opt for simple baking powder and water cleaner (add a splash of vinegar to give it a boost) instead of adding chemicals that may get in the cracks and heat up.

Cleaned kitchen with a clean oven stovetop.
here are the basic tools to clean your kitchen countertop
This by year, I moved from a gas stove stove to a black stove top and had no theme how to clean it. Cast iron pans are used in a short ton of my sidereal day to day sou vide recipes and I didn ’ thymine know if the stovetop blank would help .
That ’ s how I went on this journey of learning how to clean a black glass exceed stove to parcel with you today. Hope you found it utilitarian !
See my field glass cooktop cleaning video on YouTube .

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