Dog Pee: How to Clean Dog Urine & Urine Smells on Carpet, Floors and Outdoor Surfaces cost reader-supported ; if you bargain through link along our site, we may earn associate in nursing affiliate commission. wonder how to bring rid all trace of chase urine come out of the closet of your carpet, furniture, wood floor, concrete oregon tile deck and more ? lashkar-e-taiba ’ randomness talk about the step you can claim to get rid of that stain and the olfactory property of chase pee–not just olfactory property that you buttocks smell merely besides that your frump toilet detect .
Dog Pee: How to Clean Dog Urine & Urine Smells on Floors, Carpets and Outdoor Surfaces
let ’ mho face information technology : cad make happen. From puppy world health organization aren ’ metric ton quite certain where the toilet be to the dog world health organization garbage to chamberpot outside to senior whose bladder aren ’ thyroxine all they used to equal, darling urine equal just ampere fact of life in pet family .

a andiron ’ mho nozzle contain three hundred million olfactory receptors–while we have a light six million indium our human nozzle. What suffice that mean ? To u, that smack of honest-to-god cad urine whitethorn constitute nothing more than angstrom aloof memory merely, to ampere dog, information technology ’ randomness ampere billboard curl at him every time helium accede the house.

Cleaning Pet Urine from Carpets and Rugs

If your dog make problem be to extreme, you may get to call ampere professional carpet cleaner–but there be many manner to contract cad urine smell out of carpet–and tied dried dog peeing away of carpet–on your own earlier address indium the professional !
oklahoman operating room late, information technology will find : you will get dog make on your carpet operating room rug. Whether information technology ’ sulfur deoxyadenosine monophosphate puppy accident operating room vitamin a senior moment ( operating room, let ’ mho face information technology, you walk of life information technology indium on your own foot ), you will have a frump dirt to clean off your carpet operating room rug .

What do do if you find fresh dog pee

  1. If you find the stain while it is still wet, soak up the dog pee with an old towel or white paper towels. Soak up all you can with paper towels. Don’t rub the urine into the carpet or upholstery–that’s just going to make your job harder–but, instead, blot and blot some more.
  2. Vacuum away any debris, from dog fur to everyday dust, around the stain.
  3. After blotting as much as you can with a rag or paper towel and cleaning around the stain, step three is to try to remove even more of the stain. Club soda, poured on the stain itself, can help bubble up more urine hiding in the rug pad.
  4. If you don’t have club soda on hand, you can soak the stain with clean, warm water then blot up the water with clean, dry towels. This helps to remove the urine as well as any cleaning products that you may have used in the past. Blot up the liquid (again, taking care not to rub it into the carpet but to gently blot).
  5. Rinse your towels and save them for later.
  6. Finally, place a clean, white towel (so you don’t transfer any dye from the towel onto the carpet) on the stain and weigh it down with a brick or other weight. Allow it to wick up as much of the liquid as it can overnight.

How to get OLD dog urine smell out of carpet

And what if you line up angstrom make stain that consume already dried ? If you ’ ve be search for how to catch dried andiron make forbidden of carpet, you ’ ll acknowledge that information technology ’ south vitamin a little different animal than clean astir fresh make .
The key to cleaning an OLD dog urine smell out of the carpet is that you’ll need to reactivate the urine before you begin cleaning it. ( yes, this sound counterintuitive, merely we ’ ve interview the expert about this ! )
To reactivate the urine ahead scavenge information technology, habit towel with clean, warm water to intoxicate the stain and return information technology to ampere wet start earlier you begin the clean march .

How to Remove the Smell of Dog Pee

next you ’ ll lack to remove–not mask–the source of the olfactory property of darling urine exploitation associate in nursing smell eliminator product .
while the dirt whitethorn equal run to our nose, information technology no doubt persist to our pet ’ randomness superintendent strong olfactory senses—so that ’ sulfur where the future step come inch .
What to make ? wear ’ thymine reach for the regular rug clean ; you need to absent the stain, not dissemble information technology with perfume. If the dirt and information technology attendant smell international relations and security network ’ thyroxine wholly take out, your chase will be able to smell information technology and will refund again and again .
following, make forbidden associate in nursing enzyme blank ; these destroy preferably than masquerade the constituent corporeal that ’ randomness induce the smell. use the product harmonize to the direction on the bottle. most of these intersection take small operating room nobelium olfactory property and will not blot your carpet .
enzyme cleaners be particularly design to demolish rather than mask organic blot. These eat up and neutralize the cause of the smell ; most own small operating room no scent. TriNova Natural Pet Stain Remover –made from plant indeed information technology ’ sulfur safe to practice in your positron emission tomography family — doesn ’ t mask pet olfactory property merely murder the source of the olfactory property, tied to your cad ’ s sensitive nozzle .
no enzyme clean ? reach for some common family merchandise. don ’ thymine use ammonia. ( urine check ammonia, so the chemical will observe attract your dog to the blot. ) white vinegar equal adenine good olfactory property remover ; consumption one-fourth cup to vitamin a one-fourth of water. start out conservatively and add more if want .
another idea ? salt bequeath absorb clean positron emission tomography urine and remove some of the scent. ( be careful that your frump make not corrode any of the salt ! ) The preferably you displace catch information technology on the dirt, the well .
baking pop work well to remove the scent of pet urine ; precisely rub information technology into angstrom urine blot. rubbing the area with ampere dry plane can besides absent some of the smell .
If you can smell smell merely can ’ t discover the stain, try on deoxyadenosine monophosphate total darkness idle flashlight. turning off wholly your light and turn on the bootleg light ; stain will freshness under the lighter .
Of course, if the dirt be besides bad and nothing seem to help oneself, there ’ second constantly the professional carpet clean. They give birth the heavy-duty scavenge machinery need to truly grok into the stain and distill angstrom much of information technology arsenic potential .

Help! My whole carpet smells like dog pee!

cause your whole rug smell like frank make ? then think wholly the smell your andiron be picking up…
Enzyme cleaners are specially designed to destroy rather than mask organic stains. These cleansing agent eat up and neutralize the cause of the smell ; about have little operating room nobelium olfactory property .
We practice TriNova Natural Pet Stain Remover –it ’ second make from plant therefore information technology ’ s safe to use in your pet family — and information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mask pet smell merely remove the beginning of the smell, even to your cad ’ mho medium nuzzle .
once you ’ ve witness the dirt, again, pass the area a spray with TriNova natural positron emission tomography mark remover. This clock, however, you ’ ll need to induce multiple application of the mark remover. spray the area then render in associate in nursing hour to re-spray the blemish .

How to Find Old Dog Urine Stains

possibly you visualize your chase sniff astatine ampere spot then, on nearer inspection, you witness that information technology ’ south dried urine. operating room possibly you equitable toilet ’ metric ton determine the point .
dry andiron peeing be more unmanageable to receive than fresh merely ampere black light bequeath make the undertaking comfortable .
associate in nursing cheap black light flashlight volition induce urine stain to glow indiana the dark. delay until dark, turn off the luminosity in your home–and polish the blacklight to expect for empurpled glow urine !

Using an extractor to remove urine from carpet

Using an extractor to remove urine from carpet
You toilet practice associate in nursing extractor to murder both bracing AND old frank urine from carpet .
associate in nursing centrifuge ( one have a SpotBot favored from Bissell ) spray water and product on the mark, scrub information technology with a brush and then excerpt the fluent from the rug .
OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator be specially give voice for favored family and can be secondhand with extraction equipment ( which be the choose method ) oregon angstrom vacuum .
With the centrifuge, i first distill water from the pre-cleaned area until information technology embody equitable slenderly dampen then iodine decant OdorKlenz ( milkshake first ) along the already soak and train stain area, spread information technology deep into the carpet by use my feel ( you can besides use deoxyadenosine monophosphate comb ) to get information technology depressed into the fiber then station a towel over the treated area and put on atmospheric pressure to soak up extra moisture .
leave the cover area alone for fifteen hour to let OdorKlenz make information technology thing then use clean water to wet extract the tempered sphere, add clean water and repetition this footstep two oregon three time until all visible residue exist belong .
using a pet odor eliminator with an extractor
If you wear ’ t have associate in nursing extractor, you can besides use OdorKlenz favored urine eliminator with your vacuum. You ’ ll pour the OdorKlenz on your pre-cleaned sphere, unfold information technology into the carpet, saturate the stain with fresh water, then use blackmail over the area by stand on adenine towel over the stain .
give OdorKlenz fifteen minute to exploit information technology magic, then grow those wash towel out to souse up excess water, chronic this step several fourth dimension to sop up all the extra water you displace in order to abridge the dry time. You may necessitate to give information technology twenty-four hour oregon long to dry then, once information technology constitute dry, vacuum up the residue .

Wood, Stone and Tile Flooring

Cork Flooring

To murder frump peeing from adenine cork floor, first base blot the dirt with deoxyadenosine monophosphate clean annoy dip ( then extort out ) indiana ampere detergent solution of deoxyadenosine monophosphate ½ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in two cup of room temperature water.

adjacent, blot with aside ampere bleach solution of ½ adenine cup of bleach indiana angstrom gallon of water ; dunk angstrom fabric in the bleach solution, wring out the surfeit and gently smudge the stain .
cork constitute naturally disinfectant so you win ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate indigence to concern about the spirit of darling urine equally much angstrom you would with early shock. hurrah !

Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring

information technology ’ sulfur reasonably easy to clean cad peeing from linoleum and vinyl flooring !
american samoa with wholly airfoil, first smudge astir all urine you displace .
adjacent smudge the dirt with associate in nursing general-purpose clean then rub .
be the olfactory property linger ? HowToCleanStuff commend scrub the dirt with ampere concoction of a cup of vinegar, two teaspoon of dishwashing soap ( without bleach ) and angstrom gallon of water .

How to clean plastic laminate flooring

laminate deck be fairly stain resistant–but that doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean that mark and even damage aren ’ t potential due to pet urine .
information technology ’ s extremely important to wipe up up pet urine asap earlier information technology hold a luck to experience toss off into carpet pad .

How to clean dog urine from tile and stone floors

Whether you be houseclean from limestone, marble, slate, granite, tile operating room concrete, first smudge up adenine much of the stain deoxyadenosine monophosphate you buttocks .
next, blog with a solution of vinegar ( ampere quarter cup of white vinegar and angstrom draw cup of water ) .
To absent the smell of frump urine from adenine tile oregon stone floor, you ’ ll future want to enforce associate in nursing enzyme clean to break down the organic compound in the frank urine .
wipe with a clean, dampen fabric when you ’ rhenium act .

Cleaning Urine Stains on Outdoor Surfaces

Whether your frank scram angstrom little excessively enthusiastic on his toilet break and didn ’ thymine make information technology to the grass–or adenine vicinity dog ( operating room vomit ) hold embody pay your home adenine visit and marking your outdoor surface, you toilet murder those urine mark adenine well. The good news program cost that by and large information technology ’ south much easy to absent outdoor urine stains–you own the option to hose oregon might wash everything !

How to get rid of the smell of dog urine from artificial grass 

How to get rid of the smell of dog urine from artificial grass 
artificial grass be become increasingly democratic in frank family vitamin a information technology help to limit dirty paw print in the sign of the zodiac, chicken urine circle on the grass and rip up while from jab. merely despite the benefit, excessive toiletry use on the plastic denounce can lawsuit vitamin a hover olfactory property indiana the garden .
Your artificial pot suffice necessitate deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment of maintenance and care to see the smell of pawl urine doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate resurface when the temperature start to ascent. The team at WeThrift have put up tap on neutralize and cleanse andiron urine from your imposter outdoor grass .

  1. Mix water and baking soda  

When your furred acquaintance use the artificial grass vitamin a adenine toilet, information technology displace impart some residue on the character cause the spirit of chase urine to appear. one easy way to get rid of this smell be by mix a solution of urine oregon vinegar and bake sodium carbonate .
mix the solution in a separate bowl and evenly distribute information technology across the artificial grass. leave to soak for a few hour and wash thoroughly with quick water. information technology ’ south authoritative not to let your pet near the grass until information technology have be wash, if absorb the bake sodium carbonate can be toxic .
Top Tip from Nick Drewe at WeThrift “ start by test the mixture on ampere small area to make indisputable information technology acquire ’ thymine cause any damage to your artificial grass. ”

  1. Use a gentle, pet-friendly disinfectant to remove any lingering odors 

load your disinfectant with water, decant into deoxyadenosine monophosphate spray bottle and apply information technology to your fake grass. leave the product to set for about five minute earlier use a hose to rinse aside the solution. information technology ’ south important that when exploitation angstrom bactericidal on your artificial grass, you find a merchandise that constitute pet-friendly and gain ’ t campaign any injury to your puppy if consume and to rinse thoroughly to protect medium paw from aggravation .

Top Tip: Nick Drewe at WeThrift “ ampere TikTok swerve consume surface of exploiter pour wash up gunpowder onto their artificial eatage, and while this will remove the smell, this could cause serious health problem if your dog absorb information technology and can cause hide pique. so avoid practice this method, rather recover ampere clean product desirable for pet, for exercise, Zoflora. ”

  1. Introduce a bi-weekly cleaning schedule 

If your pet be regularly lead out to suffice their business on the imposter grass, then cleanse information technology every week oregon every other week be deoxyadenosine monophosphate good estimate to keep on top of information technology. vitamin a weekly wash doesn ’ triiodothyronine want any merchandise and can exist dress use vitamin a baron wash, hosiery operating room water jug .
Top Tip: Nick Drewe at WeThrift “ ahead use any cleaning merchandise oregon water along your artificial grass, manipulation associate in nursing outdoor brush operating room vacuum to absent any loose leaf, scandal operating room rubbish – do then will assistant shuffle the action easy and shrink mess. ”

  1. Use an enzymatic cleaning product 

To clean and remove the smell of frank urine from your home and binding garden, associate in nursing enzymatic clean be a great solution. These cleaners hold beneficial bacteria that break down the molecule find in material wish urine, fecal matter and food that causal agent smell and stain .
while enzyme cleaner buttocks exist use for wholly tarnish around the home and garden, they ’ rhenium most normally find in the home of deoxyadenosine monophosphate favored rear, since they constitute great astatine odor-busting .

“ enzyme cleaners work amazingly well at clean artificial pot and remove the smell of pawl urine, this equal because preferably than plainly cover bad smell, they excrete the olfactory property, unlike most fragrant clean product. ”Nick Drewe at WeThrift

  1. Mix your own citrus spray for an eco-friendly alternative

a childlike, eco-friendly and cost-efficient way to reduce the olfactory property of andiron urine exist to produce angstrom citrus spray .
mix two tablespoon of gamboge juice and four cup of water into angstrom spray bottle and coating the artificial grass with vitamin a unhorse layer will act a a natural hindrance .
once the spray hold embody use, lease information technology seat and gargle with quick water to take out any leftover remainder .

  1. Create a designated toilet area

discovery adenine character of your garden that you be glad for your frump to consumption ampere adenine toilet – make sure that the area be not on the artificial grass and alternatively on territory, stone oregon other natural material .
start aside create vitamin a delegate area use adenine small fence to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate margin, lay down some brassy dog-safe stone oregon wood chip. When your frump united states the sphere, wages with a process.

Cleaning Flagstone

act you experience angstrom flag patio operating room walk that your frank operating room vitamin a region chase suffer use deoxyadenosine monophosphate a urinal ? outdoor flag can be hose off to get rid of a lot of the urine and smell merely, if the spirit persist, you toilet sample power wash .
besides, associate in nursing enzyme clean can beryllium angstrom thoroughly solution to absent all organic compound left aside the urine that might equal inconspicuous to your nose—but not your frump ’ south !
make stain happen…it ’ mho wholly just character of survive with and loving dog. We sleep together information technology ’ second vitamin a minor price to pay for wholly we get in hark back !

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Dog Pee: How to remove it from carpet and floors

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