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How to Wash Your Couch Cushions

It ultimately happened. I had a very cause to wash the frame cushions. I spot clean the cushions, use a steamer clean to sanitize, vacuum, and I use a perspirer shaver to remove pills, but I haven ’ metric ton had to actually remove the cover of our couch cushions to wash them. Until last week. I thought I ’ five hundred indicate you what I did in case you wash your couch cushions or are abruptly needing them blank .
January brought two ‘ strains ’ of illness to our family and the second one was of the digest assortment. I ’ molarity hope you get the mind of the stain and are fine without me sharing a ‘ before ’ picture. With three kids and two dogs I will say that I am a master vomit remover and preventer of illness on rug and furniture but unfortunately illness strike at an inopportune time. I thought for a infinitesimal on what the best removal/cleaning/sanitizing method acting would be and moved promptly to unzip the cover off the cushion .

I used a white cake wipe up towel to spot clean the unremovable parts of the couch – you can see in the first gear image that the arm looks short dampen. I use a drop of easy soap on a damp bar swab towel and cautiously apply a small pressure to remove the stain. Rinse the fabric and ‘ rinse ’ the spot with the damp cake wipe up towel. This is the march I use any clock time I spot clean upholster furniture.

I then brought the shock absorber overlay and a pillow cover into the mire room bury and sprayed off the stuff. In shell you ’ rhenium inquisitive, I came back to the dip after I had the lave machine going and thoroughly sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide and let it sit to kill the germs. I then scrubbed it with soap and hot urine and rinsed it .
A word of caution: not all couches have obliterable cushion covers and not all obliterable covers are washable. Please consult the tags on your frame for particular directions on your couch. I have found that most fabrics are washable and if I wasn ’ triiodothyronine able to wash mine in the wash machine I would have hand washed it .
Once I had the cushion cover rinsed, I pre-treated it with Laundry Detergent Spray ( it ’ south laundry detergent AND pre-treater ). then I put the top in the wash machine, added a couple more sprays to total 5 sprays for the load .

I put the cover in on a quick cycle – semifinal warm – with an extra rinse. This actually depends on what the care label says on your cover, if you ’ re not certain I would use a gentle or delicate motorbike.

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once the cover is clean, remove it from the washer and line dry. Once it ’ randomness dry, put it back on the couch – hopefully it ’ sulfur good as new ! This process worked indeed well that once I tested it I did laundered the rest of the sofa cushion and pillow covers and this workweek I ’ meter going to try it on another frame in our movie room .

You can see how I sanitize the frame and other upholster furniture here in this post. I besides share how to de-pill furniture besides .

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