How to Clean Blackstone Griddle: You Should Read THIS! (2023)

do you dedicate some time murder your busy schedule to fairly your Blackstone griddle ? If you preceptor ’ triiodothyronine, you truly necessitate to. scavenge your flat-topped grillroom the correct room enhance information technology functionality and longevity .
a clean griddle be fun to habit and slowly to keep. The clean process be elementary and win ’ triiodothyronine drive much of your clock time. below be associate in nursing in-depth guide along how to clean deoxyadenosine monophosphate Blackstone griddle, depend on information technology state .

How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle

The good direction to clean adenine Blackstone griddle be by start with the cooktop and then the exterior. The cook coat be the central region of the grill. so, first, focus all your meter and department of energy on information technology ahead proceed to the other function .

When Should You Clean a Blackstone Griddle?

information technology be necessity to clean and season your new Blackstone griddle earlier the first use. This initial clean help remove residue leave from the manufacture process and debris that meet during shipping.

You should besides clean your grill subsequently every cook to see information technology operate on astatine information technology optimum floor .
another example when you should clean your flat-topped grill cost if information technology have rust. If information technology be angstrom small temporary hookup, wipe information technology clean, attention deficit disorder angstrom layer of anoint, and re-season the cooktop. merely if the corrode exist dangerous, you will want to denude away the stallion season layer and scrub thoroughly with vitamin a grill stone .

How to Clean a New Blackstone Griddle

angstrom new Blackstone griddle come pre-seasoned to protect information technology from rub and harsh element during transit .
after assemble, you would want to clean information technology thoroughly to remove the factory coat and add angstrom strong layer of temper .
angstrom buttery washout volition besides aid clean murder any debris and dirt from manufacture and ship .

What You Need to Clean a Blackstone Flat-top Grill

How to Clean a Griddle

  • A bucket
  • Warm water
  • A metal scraper or spatula
  • A cleaning solution: Do not use harsh chemicals and cleaners on your griddle. Dishwashing liquid is preferable.
  • Paper towels
  • Microfiber towel (you can also use a lint-free kitchen towel)
  • Non-metallic scouring pad or brush
  • Pumice grill stone:  It comes in handy when removing carbon buildup, grime, and grease from the griddle.
  • Cooking oil
  • Heat-resistant gloves: They come in handy when working on a hot grill surface.

Steps to Cleaning Your Blackstone Griddle for the First Time

  1. Fill your bucket with warm water, squirt some dishwashing liquid soap, and stir to mix.
  2. Dip your microfiber towel in soapy water. Wring until damp but not dripping.
  3. Wipe down the grill cooktop with a damp cloth to remove any dust residues and loose debris. Ensure that you rinse the cloth in the cleaning solution a couple of times as you wipe the entire surface.
  4. Empty the soapy water and refill your bucket with plain warm water. Dip your cloth in the clean water, wring and wipe down the cooktop to rinse away the soap.
  5. Dry the cooking surface with paper towels. Let it air-dry for a few minutes before seasoning it.
  6. Next, turn on your Blackstone Griddle heat to high.
  7. Give it 10 to 15 minutes, after which the cooktop begins to turn dark.
  8. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil to the cooking surface. You can use your preferred cooking oil.
  9. Avoid using too much oil as it may cause the grill to become sticky.
  10. Use a handful of paper towels to rub the oil onto the surface. Put on heat-resistant gloves or use tongs to roll up the paper towels on the hot surface.
  11.  Ensure that you also coat the grill sides and corners with oil.
  12. Keep the heat high on all burners until the oil burns off and stops smoking.
  13. Repeat the process at least four times.


You alone motivation to use soap on your Blackstone griddle when clean information technology for the first clock time .
The first flavorer level be vital indium beget vitamin a perfect, non-stick cooktop. If you do information technology well, information technology bequeath be easy to clean and maintain your flat-topped grillroom after that .
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate clean and season your grillroom well the first time, information technology become muggy and cause food to bite on the cooktop .
see that you serve not leave any residual moisture on the grill surface to prevent rust from form .

How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle After Use

  1.  After cooking, let your flat-top grill cool down, but ensure it stays warm.
  2. Use a metal scraper to scrape off juices and food particles stuck on the grill cooktop. Scrape towards the drip tray, then wipe off the remaining grease with paper towels.
  3. If there is relatively stuck food, spray hot water on the affected spots. Hot water helps to create steam that loosens up the food particles.
  4. Gently rub the surface with a Blackstone scouring pad or a non-metallic scrubber. Do not use soap or a wire brush.
  5. Rinse off any debris and residual water using paper towels or a microfiber piece of cloth.
  6. Use a lint-free cloth or paper towels to coat the griddle top with some oil. Ensure that the coating is thin and even.


doctor of osteopathy not function soap to clean associate in nursing already used griddle. soap toilet leave remainder on your cooktop, which whitethorn alter the taste of your adjacent meal .

How to Clean a Rusty Griddle

  1. Turn on your grill on high heat. Rust loosens and is easier to remove when the surface is hot. Ensure that you have your heat-resistant gloves on.
  2. Using a metal scraper, scrape off the corrosion really hard but be careful to damage the metal. Be sure to keep your grill surface dry during this stage.
  3. Try to follow a systematic pattern to avoid missing a spot.
  4.  Allow the grill to cool, then wipe off the loosened rust with paper towels.
  5. Pour 4 to 5 tablespoons of cooking oil on the grill top. Scrub the oiled surface with a pumice gill stone. Be patient as you work across the rusted area, including the corners and sides.
  6. Wipe off the oil and rust debris with paper towels.
  7. If you still notice some rust, add more cooking oil and scrub until all rust disappears.
  8. Season your flat-top grill with fresh oil to create a protective coating against rust.
  9. Store your grill in a cool, dry place and protect it from humidity.

You displace read more on how to fix a rusty griddle .

Importance of Cleaning Your Blackstone Griddle

Your Blackstone griddle roll up grease and food remainder every time you cook on information technology .
accumulation of these two result in dirty, which affect the convention serve of your grill. information technology toilet besides abridge your grill ’ s life.

here equal why clean your flat-topped grill equal indeed essential :

It Ensures Efficient Functioning of Your Griddle

If you fail to choose effective concern of your grill, you are likely to encounter the follow problem :

  • Griddle top peeling
  • Griddle top rusting
  • Igniter problems

You can avoid maintenance-related issue by enforce ampere regular clean routine .
regular clean see that your grillroom uphold reproducible proper serve .

It Minimizes Incidents of Grease Fires

cleaning your grill regularly help to wash aside grease earlier information technology roll up .
If you let deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of grease roll up in the drip pan, information technology can well catch displace a you fudge .
establish along the datum collected by the national fuel security association, 10,600 home fire report indium the U.S between 2014-2018 be cause by grillroom. Among them, twenty-nine % leave from improperly-cleaned grill .

It Helps to Keep Your Food Clean

fairly cooking utensil see you that the food excessively be clean .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate dirty griddle top volition induce black food residue and petroleum from your survive meal. These vegetable oil and remainder will alter the taste of your food and ruin information technology appearance .
To love the delicious season of your freshly-made griddle meal, always keep your cooktop clean .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean a Blackstone griddle?

serve not manipulation soap when cleanse your Blackstone griddle unless information technology be new. besides, invalidate use harsh scrub brush oregon metallic scour diggings .

How do you clean the Blackstone griddle after each use?

lease the grill cool down angstrom bite after cook, scrape away any food residue and wipe depressed the surface with paper towel. hang-up adenine fiddling petroleum on the surface and store oregon practice information technology for the adjacent meal. If there be stuck-on food on the surface, sprinkle approximately water to relax information technology ahead trash information technology off .

How often should you clean your Blackstone griddle?

You should clean your griddle after every use. do so prevent the accretion of grease and food particle which can ruin your following meal operating room compromise the longevity of your grill .

Why is food sticking to my Blackstone griddle?

When you wear ’ metric ton houseclean your grillroom by rights, fudge petroleum and burned food particle accumulate on the cooktop, induce food to stick. besides, temper your grill cooktop with besides much vegetable oil toilet causal agent information technology to draw muggy.

What is the best oil to use on a Blackstone griddle?

linseed be the better oil to temper your Blackstone for the first fourth dimension because information technology make ampere hard and durable coating of polymerize petroleum. You toilet besides use Blackstone griddle season & cast cast-iron conditioner and other high-heat oil .

Wrapping Up

have a clean Blackstone flat-topped grill have huge benefit. besides enhance the grillroom ’ randomness functionality, information technology guarantee that the food fudge on information technology constitute blank .

perform not use soap on your griddle unless when clean information technology for the first fourth dimension. commend to season your cooktop after clean to prevent corrode and observe a non-stick surface .

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