How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

Of all the necessary jobs around the house, unclogging the bathroom bury is undoubtedly at the buttocks of the fun list .
A bathroom sink and faucet with the water running to unclog the drain. therefore if you ’ rhenium tidal bore to know how to unclog a toilet sink in an easier, more effective way – by this, I mean without resorting to filthy chemicals or ripping your hands to shreds – read on !
Let ’ s face it, unclogging the bathroom sinkhole is a dirty, messy caper and needs doing way more frequently than any other sink in the house.

The bathroom gets thus much use – with kids ’ bath times and showers, it ’ sulfur no wonder it needs cleaning out regularly .
That ’ randomness why I ’ ve got a great recipe below for a natural direction to unclog a drain that needs very small input signal from your hands .
You ’ ll be sol please you gave this recipe a move, believe me !
It contains no chemicals, toxins, or nasties and works far better than anything you can buy in-store .
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how to unclog a drain

First off, it ’ mho necessary to remove any visible drain obstruction if you see it .
I ’ m talking about clumps of hair around the spark plug or built-up soap suds – that sort of thing .
I like to use a clean hook for this. Doing so creates space for your homemade drain cleaner to seep down and do its caper by rights .
Wiping over the drain hole with a damp fabric works well besides .
While you ’ re at it, why not give your sinkhole and bath a clean excessively ?
My homemade DIY cleansing agent works great on all bathroom surfaces .
A bathroom sink, mirror, towel and faucet.

How to clean bathroom sink drain

once you ’ ve removed all that visible drain filth, it ’ randomness time to make your homemade enfeeble cleaner and pour it into the drain hole .
This recipe is so simple ! That ’ s why I love it .
barely two ingredients and hot water from the faucet are all you need .
Please – take care when making this recipe, as working with hot water system has its ( obvious ) hazards. break gloves besides .
A bathroom faucet with homemade drain cleaner in the drain hole.

Homemade Drain Cleaner (safe for plumbing)

here is the recipe and instructions for the homemade drain clean .
* Exact measurements can be found in the printable How-To card below !

  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Hot water (from the faucet)

Combine the baking sodium carbonate and salt in a jar .
Remove the enfeeble show-stopper ( if applicable ) and pour the mixture into the drain .
tip off ! You want to splash the water down the drain in small steps – not flood the drain, as this fair means the clean will wash away and be wasted .
therefore, cautiously and gently splash the water down the drain. We aim to coat the sides of the drain as we do this .
Let it sit for a half hour at least, then run the faucet on full hot for several minutes to wash out .
A bathroom faucet with the water running.

how to clean a drain

The combination of salt and baking sodium carbonate creates a herculean clean product with a fizz when first assorted together, which removes dirt, soap soapsuds, and unpleasant dirty from your drain .
sometimes it takes more than one application to truly clear a drain out if the blockage is significant .
You may even need a diver, depending on how blocked the drain is .
The key is to flush out the homemade drain cleaner once you ’ re done, using hot water from the faucet, as the flushing action is what washes away the blockage .
Using a plunger to help unclog the bathroom sink.

Can homemade drain cleaner be used on all drains?

Yes ! This works on every drain and is desirable for all types of plumb .
You can use it on your kitchen sink enfeeble, your shower drain, and even drains in your garden which get clogged with leaves or debris from time to time .
The great thing with a homemade drain clean is that you can alter the proportion of salt and baking pop mix .
For a bigger drain size, you would need more strategic arms limitation talks and baking sodium carbonate – you could even use a 50/50 mix for a potent clean.

Can I use boiling water to clean a drain?

No ! Putting boiling water down a drain will cause damage, particularly to plastic drains. therefore, I avoid using boil water at all costs .
not only will it cause damage and potential leaks from melting the joints of the pipes, but there is a real hazard of harm to you or your family if boiling body of water splashes by error .
Always run hot water system from the faucet – never use boil urine !

Why this cleaner works so well

Baking pop was once a raw material cleaning product in homes before the initiation of mass-produced clean products .
It works because it dissolves grease, dirty and soil. And ascribable to its farinaceous consistency, it besides lifts hard, crusted material because it ’ second abrasive .
You can besides use a houseclean fabric or scrubbing brush for hard stuck fabric if necessary – if you can get to it, that is .
The combination of baking sodium carbonate and salt makes this homemade drain cleaner even stronger – desirable for unblocking any drain in your home .
Read hera how I use baking pop to help rid the mildew smell from washing machines .
Pouring homemade drain cleaner into the bathroom drain hole.

tips to keep drain pipes clean

Most drains get blocked at some detail, but the good news program is there are elementary ways to prevent it from happening .
These are my best tips :

  • Remove visible hair and muck from the drain hole as soon as you see it build up. Check the drain after showering, bathing and washing up. 
  • Use a homemade natural drain cleaner at least once a month as a routine maintenance clean. 
  • Keep your bathroom and kitchen surfaces clean using a natural DIY surface cleaner. This helps prevent muck from floating into the drain. 
  • Avoid using toxic store-bought bathing products – these block drains worse than anything! Things like plastic sparkles and silver stars you get on bath bombs or in soaps. Avoid using these – they are full of synthetic chemicals (not good for your skin) and also block your drain!

I hope you find this homemade enfeeble cleaner recipe useful in your home and experience the gladden of a clean drain !
Let me know how you get on by posting a comment in the thread below .
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Yield: 1 drain cleaner

Homemade Drain Cleaner

Pouring drain cleaner down a bathroom sink drain.
No one enjoys unclogging the bathroom dip, but it ‘s a necessity job however ! That ‘s why you ‘ll love this homemade drain clean. It ‘s easy to use, easy to make, and toxin-free. Plus, it works better than anything you can buy in the memory !
Prep Time

2 minutes

Additional Time

30 minutes

Total Time

32 minutes



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  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 2 cups of hot water (from the faucet)


  • Drain hook/snake


  1. Combine baking soda and salt in a jar.
  2. Remove the drain stopper (if applicable) and pour the mixture down the drain.
  3. Gently splash the hot water into the drain. Don’t flood the drain with the water, or the cleaner will wash away.
  4. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then run the faucet on full hot for several minutes to wash out.


Remove any visible drain obstructions such as clumps of hair, dirt, or soap trash with a enfeeble hook before pouring the cleaner down the drain .

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