How to Cite a YouTube Video in APA and MLA Style

Using a YouTube video recording in your research composition ? here ‘s how to properly cite it using MLA and APA. With more and more data being provided on platforms like YouTube, citing sources for your research projects can be slippery. Whether you ‘re using MLA or APA, the integral format can change if the uploader is different from the author, or if you are citing an interview on Youtube versus a unconstipated television .
hera ‘s how to cite a YouTube television in APA and MLA formats, so you never have to worry about improper bibliographies again .

MLA and APA Citation Basics

Before we get started, it ‘s important to understand the contents of MLA and APA citations for on-line videos. fortunately, these types of MLA and APA citations both largely contain the like information .
here ‘s a breakdown of the information included in both MLA and APA citations for YouTube videos :

  • Name: The full name refers to the actual person who uploaded the video—this is not necessarily the same as the person who is depicted in the video. If you were watching a Lady Gaga video, but it was uploaded by GagaFanatic20, you would want to use the screen name for GagaFanatic20, or their real name (if available).
  • Date: The year, month, and day the video was published. Keep in mind that this is not the date you found the video or the date you are writing your article.
  • Title: Use the title of the video.
  • URL: The site where you found the video—YouTube, in this case—and the URL of the video. Don’t include any tracking parameters in your URL if you found it through another site, like Facebook.

How to Cite a YouTube Video in APA

Citing a YouTube video is n’t much unlike than citing early sources like PowerPoint presentations. You need to include as much data as possible, so the reader can find the video at a late time .
Your citation will include the wax name and/or channel name of the uploader, the publication date, the title of the video recording, the hosting web site ( YouTube in this shell ), and the URL for the television .
Follow the format below for APA citations :

 Full Name [Screen Name]. (year, month day). Title of video [Video]. YouTube. type/dlg/sid/UUmuoUeUpU98215/ 


 Miles Beckler. (2019, August 5). What Is SEO & How Does It Work? 100% Free Beginner’s Guide To SEO. [Video]. YouTube. type/dlg/sid/UUmuoUeUpU98215/ 

If you ‘re quoting or referring to a specific partially of a television, you will need to include a timestamp in your in-text citation, pointing to the demand moment of the video recording you are referencing. For exercise, “ ( GagaFanatic20, 2016 ) ” or “ ( GagaFanatic, 2016, 0:45 ) ”

Citing a YouTube Channel in APA

If you want to cite a YouTube channel alternatively of an individual television, you will follow a slightly different format :

 Last name, Initials [Channel name]. (n.d.). Home [YouTube channel]. YouTube. Retrieved Month Day, Year, from URL 


 Becker, M.B. [Miles Beckler]. (n.d). Home [Youtube channel]. Youtube. Retrieved June 17, 2021, from 

As you can see, you do n’t need to include the date that the duct was actually published. alternatively, you ‘ll just write n.d. ( no go steady ). “ home ” refers to the channel ‘s home page. And alternatively of including “ video ” to let people know about the media type, just write “ YouTube transmit ” in its stead. You ‘ll besides want to add the date that you found the channel, followed by the URL of the channel ‘s home page .

How to Cite a YouTube Video in MLA

even though MLA citations will follow a slenderly different format, the information will by and large remain the same. In your citation, include the claim of the video recording, the web site you found the video on, the screen name of the uploader, the publish date, and URL :

  `` title of video. '' YouTube, uploaded by Screen Name, day month year, 


  `` What Is SEO & How Does It Work ? 100 % free Beginner ’ s Guide To SEO. '' YouTube, uploaded by Miles Beckler, 5 Aug. 2019, 

You ‘ll besides follow this format if the uploader was the same person as the writer of the television. If the person who authored the video recording is not the same as the person who uploaded it, you will need to put their wide name before the title of the video, as shown below :

 Author last name, First Name.  `` claim of video. '' YouTube, uploaded by Screen Name, day month year, 


 Smith, Elliot.  `` Elliott Smith - Between The Bars. '' YouTube, uploaded by Joe Mullan, 25 Sept. 2006, 

Unlike APA expressive style, which requires you to italicize the diagnose of the television, you will have to italicize “ YouTube ” in MLA format. The go steady still refers to the publish date and not the date you wrote the article or found the television. When writing your in-text citations, write the generator ‘s last list followed by the timestamp of the television. If the writer is the like as the uploader, or if you do n’t have the generator ‘s last mention, just use the title of the video :

  • (Last name, 00:01:15 – 00:02:00)
  • (“Title of video,” 00:01:15 – 00:02:00)

Citing a YouTube Interview in MLA

If you are citing an consultation on YouTube, use the interviewee ‘s name as the writer, while besides including the YouTube channel ‘s name. Example:

 Lady Gaga.  `` 73 Questions With Lady Gaga. '' YouTube, uploaded by Vogue, 17 Dec. 2016, type/dlg/sid/UUmuoUeUpU98215/ 

If you ‘re citing a unharmed movie or television receiver show that was uploaded to YouTube, use the MLA movie citation format alternatively. If you ‘re still a short confuse, Google Docs has add-ons that make your citations and bibliographies easier to write .

Where You Can Find YouTube Citation Information

Lady Gaga on Youtube citation information All the information that you need for your YouTube citations can be found immediately below the video you are citing. The title, publish date, and author name will be on the leave side, directly under the television. Write the identify of the duct precisely as it appears on shield, but make sure the YouTube title follows APA and MLA capitalization rules. To find the URL, snap on the Share button under the video recording on the justly side. Click on the Copy release to copy the URL immediately to your clipboard. then, paste the URL directly into the citation. This will keep you from copying improper URLs that contain extra tracking parameters.

Easily Write YouTube Citations in MLA and APA Format

YouTube citations need to include relevant information to help your readers find the video you referenced. Citations can be a set of work, and if you ‘re tired of doing everything by hand, barely use an automatic pistol citation app alternatively .

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