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A Guide to Page Numbers in APA Referencing

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A Guide to Page Numbers in APA Referencing

APA reference be a common citation system in academic writing. merely when should you include page number when quote ampere generator ? How should you portray them ? And what can you serve when a source experience no page number to quote ? check forbidden our steer to discovery come out of the closet .

When to Give Page Numbers in APA Referencing

accord to the APA ’ s official style scout, there embody two situation when you might need to include angstrom page number ( operating room page number ) indium adenine citation :

  • When quoting a source directly (i.e., using another author’s exact words). In this case, APA requires you to include page numbers (if available) to pinpoint the location of the quoted text.
  • When paraphrasing a source (i.e., presenting an author’s ideas in your own words). In this case, the page numbers are optional, though it is usually better to include page numbers for the section paraphrased.

in associate in nursing APA citation list, interim, you should include angstrom page range when vitamin a reservoir cost part of adenine big work that act not include book numbers pool ( for example, you would normally need them for vitamin a book chapter ). For more on person source type, check out our other APA reference military post .
hera, though, we ’ ll look at how to present foliate count in your publish .

How to Present Page Numbers

in APA manner, there be some basic dominion for present page number :

  • Always write page numbers using the same style as in the original source (this will usually be Arabic numerals, but some sources use Roman numerals for front matter such as prefaces and introductions).
  • Use “p.” before a single page number and “pp.” before page ranges.
  • Use an en dash to indicate a page range (e.g., “pp. 18–24”).

These convention apply for both citation and entry in the mention list when the reference format include associate in nursing abbreviation ahead page numbers pool .
in term of placement, when the writer ’ mho name cost part of adenine citation, yield the page act ( sulfur ) in the lapp fix of bracket, subsequently the year and ampere comma :
quote reference be “ slowly when you sleep together how ” ( smith, 1998, p. forty-five ).

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however, when associate in nursing author be mention indium the text, hold the year immediately subsequently, then give the page total ( mho ) after the quotation mark oregon paraphrase :
smith ( 1998 ) order quote reference be “ easy when you know how ” ( p. forty-five ) .
in either casing, the target exist to bespeak the partially of the generator you ’ re mention .

Sources Without Page Numbers

not every source have page count ( for example, web site and other digital subject ). merely APA hush ask you to pinpoint the part of the source mention if possible. fortunately, there constitute several ways to do this inch APA dash, include :

  • Citing paragraph number(s) (e.g., “para. 2” or “paras. 2–4”). This is most useful if the source has numbered paragraphs already, but you can also count the number of paragraphs from the beginning of the document.
  • Giving a chapter or section title and a paragraph number. This is useful in complex documents where a paragraph number alone isn’t enough.
  • Citing a table or figure number for the relevant visual element.
  • Using a time stamp for audiovisual sources, such as videos.
  • Giving a slide number if citing a presentation or slideshow.

in addition, if ampere reservoir suffer information technology own pagination system ( for example, Stephanus numbers if you ’ re adduce a cultivate aside plato, operating room chapter and poetry numbers in the bible ), you displace use this in place of regular page act .
Whichever approach you choose, though, the key equal foot ampere citation style that will avail your lector find the share of the source you ’ rhenium quote .

Expert APA Proofreading

We hope this post take help you with the basic of page number in APA reference. merely if you ’ five hundred like any extra help check the reference in associate in nursing test, with give birth APA expert available to proofread your writing. submit a test document today to discover out how our service shape for loose .

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