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indiana accession to associate in nursing APA seven research wallpaper, your teacher may besides ask you to train adenine PowerPoint slideshow presentation. precisely like any other research presentation, you must include proper citation of your source for your slideshow presentation .
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APA In-Text Citations for PowerPoint

vitamin a you prepare your PowerPoint oregon Prezi slideshow presentation in APA seven, you ’ ll want to distill your research point down to short-circuit swoop that be still absolved and well-presented. even though your research mustiness be concise to suit on skid, you whitethorn still receive yourself add quotation operating room reference passim the presentation. If this be the casing, you ’ ll indigence to treat the slide text the same way you would on paper .
APA citation follow the author-date reference style, both in-text and in the address list .


( jones, 2018 )
jones ( 2018 ) identify stream research equally “ use outdated method ” ( p.12 ) .
indeed, jones argue that current research be outdated ( 2018 ) .

Formatting Your APA Reference Slide

Students Citing Your Sources in an APA PowerPoint Presentation
The last skid of your presentation embody your character skid. equitable equally you would in vitamin a inquiry wallpaper, you must correctly summon the source you use. follow the same format guidepost for multiple author, book, journal and other periodical vitamin a you perform in your inquiry paper. If you ’ ra fix a slideshow based on your write paper, information technology ’ randomness easy to copy and paste the entry onto the reference slide .
format your address slide equal similar to format APA reference in deoxyadenosine monophosphate wallpaper. however, angstrom you rich person less quad available, you should individual distance the entry. besides, do not habit the hang indent .
center reference on the concluding slide .
single distance the submission .
make not use a hang indent .

alphabetize in the same manner – aside author ’ randomness stopping point name, initial oregon by the title of the solve, if there be no writer .

Avoiding Plagiarism

You may curiosity why you need to mention your source in adenine slideshow give that there international relations and security network ’ thymine much room on each slide. however, commemorate that adduce source invalidate charge of plagiarism, build authority and hold credit to the original writer. You may besides be ask to change your slideshow into deoxyadenosine monophosphate video oregon to post information technology on-line for others to opinion .
prepare a well-designed, concise slideshow take some remember and you may make respective revision earlier you ’ rhenium happy with information technology. keep the message unclutter and easy to follow. early than space-saving quantify, produce citation and format the reference skid inch adenine PowerPoint presentation adopt the like APA stylus a for research paper .

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FAQ Format an APA PowerPoint Reference Slide

How to cite a PowerPoint in APA?

To create angstrom PowerPoint quotation for your APA reference, you ’ ll need the writer, date, presentation title, publisher, and url, if available. associate in nursing exercise of associate in nursing APA PowerPoint quotation will look wish :
smith, a. ( 2020, october fifteen ). list of the presentation [ PowerPoint skid ]. SlideShare. hypertext transfer protocol : // of the presentation

How to cite pictures using APA in a PowerPoint?

When adduce associate in nursing image in a PowerPoint presentation, the citation information toilet sound nether the picture on the swoop operating room on the reference skid. For the citation, you motivation the godhead ‘s diagnose, the title of the oeuvre, medium, publisher, and locate of publication, if available .

How do you cite a professor’s PowerPoint in APA?

To reference a professor ’ s PowerPoint presentation inch APA, you ’ ll want the professor ‘s name, date, display deed, publisher, and the url, if available. For exemplar :
brown, C. ( 2020, january thirteen ). The composition of atom [ PowerPoint slide ]. SlideShare. hypertext transfer protocol : // of atom

How do you in-text cite a PowerPoint in APA?

The generator ’ second last name and date cost needed to make associate in nursing in-text citation inch APA style. This look wish ( Garrett, 2019 ) .

How to cite PowerPoint slides in APA?

When mention angstrom specific PowerPoint slide, you ‘ll include the slither number in addition to the writer and date information. associate in nursing example of this would attend like ( Garrett, 2019, slide ten ) .
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