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If you’re wondering how to cite an interview in APA, there are really just two answers. The most coarse type of consultation provided in papers is the personal interview, which is obtained from a source that is not recoverable by the reader. These include face-to-face interviews, letters, and electronic mail messages. Published interviews are those obtained from the Internet, a newspaper, magazine, or other print sources .

How to Cite an Interview in APA: Personal Interview

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Before conducting an interview, make sure that the information you need is not already in published sources. When you cite an interview that you personally obtained, you will need to adhere to the APA guidelines for citing personal communications. An APA interview citation goes as follows .

In-text citation

( Interviewee ’ s First Initial. last name, personal communication, Month Day, Year )

( A. Vaughn, personal communication, May 14, 2020 )
Because girls have traditionally not been encouraged to obtain a academic degree or career in skill, technology, engineer and mathematics ( STEM ), more programs and initiatives should be implemented to bridge the gender gaps ( A. Vaughn, personal communication, May 14, 2020 ) .
When mentioning the interviewee as separate of the narrative, provide the person ’ second foremost initial and last name, but do not include his or name in the in-text citation .
A. Vaughn recommends starting “ STEM activities for girls in preschool by having them conduct childlike experiments that are fun ” ( personal communication, May 14, 2020 ) .

Reference list

A personal interview is not from a recoverable reservoir, so you are not required to put it in the list of references .

How to Cite an Interview in APA: Published Interviews

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How to cite an interview in APA if it ’ s already been published ?
When you cite an interview that has been published, follow the allow guidelines for the specific reference ( e.g. Internet, magazine, journal ). The author will be the interviewer. The name of the interviewee is not included in the in-text citation or reference list. however, when you quote what the interviewee said, provide his or her name .
You will need to follow the guidelines for paraphrases and quotations according to the guidelines for the source it is published in, such as journal, book, blog, social media, or public or personal web site. The comply are some examples of the citation and character tilt for published interviews on the Internet and in a magazine .

In-text citation

( Interviewer ’ s final name, Year )

( Stevenson, 2020 )

Reference list

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When providing the URL from a informant, you no farseeing have to write “ Retrieved from ” before it .
Interviewer ’ s end name, First Initial. ( Year, Month and/ or Day, if known ). Title of consultation. Title of web page. web page. URL hypertext transfer protocol : //
( Stevenson, S. ( 2020 ). Profile of a civil engineer : An interview with James Hall. All Engineering Schools. hypertext transfer protocol : //
Interviewer ’ s end identify, First Initial. ( Year, Month and/ or Day, if known ). Title of interview. Title of Magazine, book ( Issue ), page numeral .
Gallacher, J. ( 2004, October 21 ). How CryptoCycle is using blockchain to prevent fraud : An interview with Duncan Midwood. Recycling and Waste World, 20 ( 4 ), 4-5. hypertext transfer protocol : //

Citing Interviews With Study Participants in APA Style

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You may interview participants as separate of your dissertation or dissertation. You do not have to cite them in your list of references. When using participants ’ statements, you will need to ensure their anonymity for ethical reasons. When you refer to a player, do not provide any identify data. You can identify them by using a code, such as Participant A, Student 1 .

APA Interview Citation: Final Thoughts

For more data about how to cite an interview, refer to Sections 6.20 and 8.8 of the APA Manual 7th version .
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