How To Make The Most Of Your Hotel’s Checkout Procedure

Guest expectations are changing, and today travelers want fast, smoother service than ever. That extends to their check angstrom well. ‍ however, checking out of a hotel is much a long-winded and time-consuming process for guests and staff alike. ‍

It ‘s not uncommon for people to wait in course for up to 30 minutes to check out of their room. That ‘s specially true during busy times like holidays and weekends. Unsurprisingly, this can mar the otherwise fantastic time they had at your property and lead to poor reviews. ‍ fortunately, there are some elementary things you can do to avoid that. ‍ Read on for hardheaded tips on how and why to streamline your hotel ‘s checkout procedure and make it the arrant end to a bang-up last out.

What Is a Hotel Checkout Procedure?

The hotel checkout procedure is the standard you follow during a node ’ s deviation. In curtly, it ‘s the set of steps your front desk team completes. ‍ This normally includes : ‍

  • Asking guests about their stay
  • Finalizing and checking the bill
  • Taking payment
  • Checking the guest out in your PMS
  • Offering to make future bookings or recommending sister hotels
  • Calling a taxi or assisting with their parked car

‍ Most hotels used to do all this in person. nowadays, a modern guest management system can give guests the choice to complete several of these steps online.

Why a Checkout Procedure Is Important for Your Hotel

While there ‘s no predominate forcing guests to check out at the front desk, most of them still do. Having a bent routine in place makes things go smoothly and enables you to maintain your high degree of servicing. It ‘s besides a luck to help guests out one final time, e.g. by calling a taxi or helping with baggage. ‍ ultimately, it ensures you get paid and allows you to track who has left the hotel. now, you can update the room condition in the organization, and departments like housework, engineering, and room overhaul can get to work.

Leveraging Technology To Make Your Checkout Procedure More Guest-Friendly

technology can play a big function in optimizing your hotel ‘s check operation. There are now a diverseness of solutions on the market that allow guests to complete some or all of it online. This can include : ‍

  • Requesting and paying for a late check-out
  • Updating or confirming contact and payment information
  • Checking the bill and approving charges
  • Paying for their stay and checking out of the room

‍ If you ca n’t or do n’t want to offer a full on-line check, spirit for early ways to speed up the process. For exemplar, send guests the connect to their bill via electronic mail or SMS so they can check it before coming to the reception. Or use a payment provider that can authorize the credit card during check-in, so you do n’t have to ask for the card again when they leave.

‍ The best choice is to leverage advanced systems that let guests opt for a completely on-line check-out. That speeds things up at the battlefront desk and leaves your team with more fourth dimension for the guests who prefer in-person service. ‍

Hotel Checkout: A Goldmine for Reviews

In-person checkout is a great luck to ask your guests for reviews. Most will have had a dependable experience and will be glad to share their feedback. Offer a fiddling adieu give to sweeten the deal and work as a reminder to evaluate their stay. ‍ That will boost your visibility on review platforms since many of them reward properties that frequently receive new comments from their patrons. As a solution, more travelers will find out about your hotel, check your OTA profile or web site, and book with you. It besides shows you where you can keep improving to provide an even better guest have in the future. ‍ If you rely lone on asking for reviews in person, you ‘re likely missing a batch of opportunities. That ‘s specially true if some of your guests are checking out on-line. But even at reception, your staff wo n’t get the chance to bring up reviews during every departure. ‍ A CRM can help here. It automatically contacts all travelers after check to ask for feedback. This saves your team time, speeds things up for your guests, and helps you get more valuable reviews.

Remarketing Opportunities During the Hotel Checkout Process

Check-out international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just the time to say adieu to your guests. It ’ s besides a prospect to encourage them to return. This can help you reduce the cost of guest skill and increase your parcel of higher-margin direct bookings. At a fourth dimension where distribution costs are steadily increasing and every dollar of tax income counts, that ‘s a herculean direction to increase your profitableness and keep costs in confirmation. ‍ here ‘s what you can do in person or during an on-line checkout to boost recur occupation : ‍

  • Offer to take a future booking directly
  • Give a discount or offer perks for future direct bookings
  • Suggest a reservation at a hotel of the same chain
  • Ask guests to join your mailing list

‍ This plants the mind for future stays at your hotel and keeps you at the front of people ’ s minds. When they plan their adjacent trip, your property will be one of the first ones they think about. ‍


Streamlining your hotel checkout routine and leverage engineering are the key to perfectly ending your guest ’ s stay. It saves time for both travelers and your team, improves the overall customer have and encourages guests to leave plus reviews. ‍ additionally, it allows you to take advantage of remarketing opportunities during checkout to increase high-value direct bookings for future stays.

‍ Which of the above steps will you apply first at your hotel ? It ’ second high prison term to get started !

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