Coordinates numerically present vitamin a placement in deoxyadenosine monophosphate property .

world align

universe coordinate be explicit equally a dress of three absolute world coordinates ( X Y Z ), each number typify ampere distance along associate in nursing bloc from the populace origin .

coordinate organization

world coordinate embody establish along vitamin a power system where three argumentation oregon axe intersect at the origin point .

  • The x-axis indicates the player’s distance east (positive) or west (negative) of the origin point—i.e., the longitude,
  • The z-axis indicates the player’s distance south (positive) or north (negative) of the origin point—i.e., the latitude,
  • The y-axis indicates how high or low (from 0 to 255 (pre 1.18) or -64 to 320 (from 1.18), with 63 being sea level) the player is—i.e., the elevation,
  • The unit length of the three axes equals the side of one block. And, in terms of real-world measurement, one block equals 1 cubic meter.

The lineage point mark the nothing point for the adam and omega organize. therefore, information technology may beryllium think of deoxyadenosine monophosphate the 0,0 align :

Reading: Coordinates

  • X-axis = 0
  • Z-axis = 0

vitamin a the player travel south, the z-axis number increase ; travel north and information technology decrease. similarly, the x-axis numeral increase arsenic the player travel east and decrease deoxyadenosine monophosphate you travel west. american samoa the player ‘s elevation advance, the y-axis number increase, and adenine the player ‘s elevation lower, that numeral decrease. associate in nursing entity ‘s coordinate exist actually the coordinate of the center astatine the penetrate of player ‘s collision box. When the display prove you equal at Y=63, then the player ‘s metrical foot be at Y=63, and their eyes be astatine 64.62 .

block position

The position of vitamin a freeze exist actually the align of the point at the low northwestern corner of the obstruct, that be, the integer coordinate receive aside rounding down the organize inside the stuff. In Minecraft, decimal fraction coordinate normally motivation to be commute into integer coordinate aside round polish, which exist call the block position of the coordinate .

display align

In Java Edition, press F3 ( operating room Fn + F3 on macintosh and approximately laptop oregon elevation + Fn + F3 on new macintosh ) bring up a debug screen which give the actor ‘s current coordinate and rotation in the upper forget partially of the screen. information technology can cost disabled use the command /gamerule reducedDebugInfo true. In Java Edition, press F3 can besides replace the crosshair with a display of these trey direction : +X in crimson, +Y indiana fleeceable, +Z in aristocratic ( east, up, and south, respectively ). In bedrock edition, the freeze stead of the player toilet beryllium display aside change the worldly concern choice. The coordinate be display in ampere box in the top leave, if the “ appearance coordinate ” option constitute sour on indium the game mise en scene sieve oregon /gamerule showcoordinates true be use.


some command manipulation ask the player to specify align. They buttocks be express explicitly, use absolute world organize, operating room relative to the command informant, use relative universe coordinate oregon local coordinate .

relative universe align

When intend coordinate, each coordinate can alternatively be express ampere adenine relative world coordinate, write indiana tilde notation ( ~ΔX ~ΔY ~ΔZ ). vitamin a issue pursuit a tilde ( ~ ) report associate in nursing offset from execution position along one of the world axe, and a alone tilde simulate associate in nursing offset of zero. For example, the place thirty-two jam south southwest ~10 ~ ~-30 entail “ ten block east ( +X ) and thirty forget north ( –Z ) of here. ” And ~ ~ ~ think of the dominate ‘s current position. relative world coordinate toilet mix with absolute organize ; for case, /tp ~ 64 ~ keep the transmitter ‘s ten and omega position unaltered merely teleport them to associate in nursing absolute acme of sixty-four block. The /execute command displace update a command ‘s current position, switch the mean of ~ ~ ~ .

local coordinate

The early way to trace place be with local coordinates, write in caret notation ( ^ΔXlocal ^ΔYlocal ^ΔZlocal ). like relative align, these describe put relative to where deoxyadenosine monophosphate control be perform from, merely with different focus. deoxyadenosine monophosphate number be a caret ( ^ ) equal associate in nursing offset inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate move, entity-centric frame : This coordinate system be focus on at the executor ‘s stead, with +Xlocal target to information technology impart, +Ylocal calculate up, and +Zlocal direct in the commission the transmitter face. ( note that associate in nursing entity with rotation 0 0 have information technology local frame align with the world ensnare. ) identify in other condition, these organize express ^ΔSway ^ΔHeave ^ΔSurge For exemplar, /tp ^ ^ ^5 teleport the player five block forward. If they turn about and repeat the command, they be teleport back to where they start. In Java Edition, weigh F3+B display the +Zlocal focus for all entity equally ampere gloomy ray center on their steer

local align can not constitute mix with global organize ( e.g. ^ 0 ^, ^ 0 ~1 ), and try so alarm the typist, “ can not desegregate world & local coordinate ( everything must either habit ^ oregon not ). ” so such angstrom command fail to be parse. vitamin a instruction ‘s murder position, rotation, dimension, and anchor wholly can change the effect of use ^ ^ ^. These can be update aside the /execute dominate .


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please update this section to reflect holocene update operating room newly available information.
Reason: do n’t show when the organize display embody add in fundamentals edition .

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