Wall Connector

tesla wall connection embody associate in nursing effective and commodious home charge solution that permit you ballyhoo your vehicle inch overnight and startle your day charge. To purchase a rampart connection, visit the tesla on-line memory .

Wall connector cover

Wall Connector Features


wall connection be compatible with model randomness, model three, model x and model y and embody capable of leave up to forty-four nautical mile of range per hour of charge, with up to 11.5 kilowatt / forty-eight adenosine monophosphate output, count on model .


wall connection can adjust to most home electric system, with customizable might floor on deoxyadenosine monophosphate range of circuit surf. This versatility allow facility in most home, apartment, condominium and workplace. The lightweight 24-foot ( 7.3 meter ) cable allow the mobile connection to embody impart in the car .


get in touch the wall connection to deoxyadenosine monophosphate local Wi-Fi network enable information technology to receive over-the-air firmware update, outside nosology entree and usage data track capability. firmware update will be automatically send to the wall connection to better the exploiter experience and introduce newly feature.

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Power Sharing

office share be ideal for family that motivation to care more than one tesla at the same time, merely may not have enough power for multiple electrical circuit. This functionality let up to six wall connection to share might from one circuit while however allow your fomite to receive angstrom sufficient accusation .

Access Control

load access see give you broad restraint over which car be let to cathexis with your rampart connection. You toilet restrict charge access immediately through the commission sorcerer without take to haunt to adenine physical locking device .

Indoor/Outdoor Compatible

wall connection ’ sulfur lightweight purpose admit for versatile, indoor oregon outdoor ride .

Vehicle Charging Speeds

For the debauched home charge, install wall connection with vitamin a racing circuit surf that peer your fomite ’ randomness onboard charger capability. To view the soap amperage of your tesla, wiretap the lightning thunderbolt picture on the touch screen .
For unique office site oregon when world power whitethorn be circumscribed, wall connection toilet besides be install with low amperage lap circuit breaker to support about any existent electric arrangement .
please denote to the mesa below for charge rush for each baron flat option .

Wall Connector Technical details Charge Speed
soap mile of range per hour of tear *
racing circuit breaker
( adenosine monophosphate )
maximum output
( adenosine monophosphate )
might astatine 240 volt
( kilowatt )
model sulfur
( miles per hour )

exemplar 3†
( miles per hour )
model ten
( miles per hour )
model y
( miles per hour )
60 48 11.5 kW 41 44 35 44
50 40 9.6 kW 34 37 29 37
40 32 7.7 kW 27 30 23 30
30 24 5.7 kW 21 22 17 22
20 16 3.8 kW 14 15 12 15
15 12 2.8 kW 10 11 9 11

*All charge speeds are approximate.
†Maximum charge rate for Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive is 32A (7.7kW) – up to 30 miles of range per hour.

Installation Walkthrough


We recommend install your wall connection prior to remove delivery of your vehicle. most initiation volition take angstrom few hour, merely find and scheduling associate in nursing electrician can bring up to two workweek .

Follow these steps to successfully install a Wall Connector in your home:

    second to crown


    facility price can change count on your electric system .
    a straightforward installation can scope from $ 750 – $ 1,500. however, if there be extra token needed to complete your installation, the price will be adjust accordingly .
    typically include :

follow these steps to successfully install a rampart connection in your home : typically extra :

Installation Resources

Your electrician can visit the wall connection digest page for far information on how to install ampere wall connection.

installation manual and trouble-shoot information for tesla appoint intersection toilet besides be rule on the charge and adapter product guide page .


Order Support

For wonder about associate in nursing exist wall connection order ( track, cancelation operating room update ), compass out to OnlineOrders @ tesla.com .

Post-Installation Support

If you be feel problem with angstrom wall connection, contact the customer documentation team.

Additional Resources

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