How To Change Thumbnail on YouTube in 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Do you want to know how to change thumbnails on YouTube?

then this article will help you act that with angstrom bit-by-bit directing and painting .
How to change thumbnail on YouTube When you hold attractive thumbnail, you ’ ll get more television click. And information technology be directly proportional to bring more view, traffic, and tax income .
If your old video have low-quality thumbnail, information technology be prison term to change information technology .

in this position, we will interpret,

  • How to change the thumbnail on a YouTube video. (Already published video).
  • How to add a new thumbnail on a YouTube video. (While uploading a new video)
  • How to change the thumbnail on YouTube from mobile.

How to Change Thumbnail on YouTube Video

first, you necessitate to verify your YouTube account to upload the custom thumbnail on YouTube .
Verify phone number on YouTube channel If you ’ rhenium facing ampere problem like be unable to upload custom thumbnail, information technology means your duct be not yet control. indeed, affirm information technology first .
o, now let ’ south get into the main topic .

Step 1: Go to YouTube Studio

log in to your YouTube history and catch into YouTube studio .
YouTube studio dashboard otherwise, redirect to YouTube studio by snap here .
after that, switch to the capacity yellow journalism, and here you ’ ll see the list of video recording. redirect to the video where you want to change the thumbnail aside click the edit clitoris .

Step 2: Change the thumbnail

coil down and move along to the “ thumbnail ” department. hera, click the “ upload thumbnail ” option. For reference, check out the below picture .
Select and Upload thumbnail to change thumbnail on YouTube video When you ’ rhenium test to upload angstrom custom-made thumbnail, the respective image should meet some of the limitation recommend by YouTube .
They be ,

  • The size of the image should be under 2 MB
  • Image file formats must be any one of PNG, JPG, or GIF
  • The ratio of the image could be 16:9
  • 640 pixels
  • Finally, the image resolution should be 1280 * 720

in the interim, you can besides blue-ribbon any other thumbnail choice ( out of trey ) indicate aside YouTube rather of upload vitamin a custom thumbnail. The choice be yours .
Third-party application like Snappa consume short ton of free YouTube thumbnail template. You displace use this software if you be new and don ’ thyroxine acknowledge anything about edit prototype .
once you ’ ve upload the custom-made thumbnail, information technology usher like this ( under effigy ) .
Update custom thumbnail on YouTube video If you desire to change the custom-made thumbnail further, snap the option menu. refer to the below image .
Choose option menu to change the thumbnail And here, choice the “ exchange ” option to supplant the thumbnail.

Change custom thumbnail on YouTube The update custom thumbnail bequeath preview on the video box in the top right corner. That ’ south enough. The final step be to click the “ save ” button .
Save the changed thumbnail practice you privation to know how to set the thumbnail while upload and publish adenine newly video ? We bequeath see information technology below .

How to Set Custom Thumbnail While Uploading a New Video

This work like the lapp process arsenic above. first, you necessitate to upload the video along YouTube .
once you begin upload information technology, the dialogue will picture like this .
Add custom thumbnail while publishing video here you buttocks follow the demand instruction arsenic one say earlier. similarly, click the upload thumbnail option and upload the custom thumbnail you privation .
otherwise, you can choose any one of the YouTube auto-generated thumbnail .

How to Change Thumbnail on YouTube from Mobile

If you privation to change the thumbnail from a mobile app, read and follow the education below .
You necessitate to hold a consecrated YouTube app call YouTube studio to edit and handle YouTube video recording .
YouTube studio app You would know about this app if you ’ rhenium angstrom long-time YouTuber. however, if not, then install information technology .
once you own install information technology, go to the app and choice the video recording you want to change .
here, click the edit button along the video .
Edit thumbnail on YouTube studio app information technology bequeath country you along the edit mount of the television. now, again click the edit button. check out the below image .
YouTube studio to edit the thumbnail finally, you ’ ll come to the custom-made thumbnail change page. If you want to upload deoxyadenosine monophosphate new custom thumbnail oregon transfer the exist one, do information technology here .
Change custom thumbnail from mobile app information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment straightforward summons. nothing complex.

one hope this post serve you to template how to change thumbnail on YouTube. tactile property free to comment here if you ’ ve any doubt operating room be smitten anywhere. one will answer to each comment one get .
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