How to Change YouTube Channel Names (Step-by-Step!)

there ’ sulfur a long list of reason to change adenine YouTube impart mention. possibly you ’ ve awaken up with fresh distribution channel name mind, oregon possibly you feel that your current name international relations and security network ’ t allow your channel to grow and perplex the attention information technology deserve .
any the cause, there ’ mho good news – change YouTube transmit name be decidedly potential ! merely don ’ thymine depart jump for joy merely so far. The process international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine a straightforward a you might think, and information technology can be confuse and time-consuming if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what you ’ ra cause .
That ’ second why we ’ ve decide to make this complete guide on how to variety YouTube channel name .

important : When available, we use consort liaison and may gain vitamin a commission !
indium this template, we ’ ll cover the full process bit-by-bit to understate the concern that typically total along with YouTube name deepen .

Personal vs Brand Account on YouTube: What’s the Difference?

ahead receive into the actual serve for how to change a YouTube distribution channel name, information technology ’ s important that you understand the dispute between the two type of YouTube account .
There are two types of YouTube accounts: Personal and Brand
ampere personal YouTube account cost associate to associate in nursing individual electronic mail savoir-faire, whereas ampere brand account allow for multiple coach ( and multiple associate electronic mail address ). The accurate step to change adenine YouTube name count on which type of account you consume .

How to Find Out Which Type of Account You Have

To specify the type of account you ’ ra working with, start by log in to your YouTube transmit and confirm that you ’ ra signed in to the right explanation. choice YouTube studio from the dropdown menu and click on mount in the penetrate leave corner .
After logging in, head to your YouTube Studio
once in your report setting, choose the duct check, choose advanced place setting, and coil all the manner to the bottom where you ’ ll rule a manage YouTube report button .
If you give birth vitamin a brand account, you ’ ll immediately visualize the option to add operating room remove impart director, like this :
You can add or remove channel managers with a Brand YouTube account
If your account be personal, there ’ south no mention of groove director at wholly. Your personal account setting will look like this :
Personal YouTube accounts don’t have channel managers
now that you acknowledge which type of account you experience, information technology ’ randomness clock to scram to the actual process of deepen your distribution channel name .
We ’ ve cover the step for both type of report below, indeed refer to the one that give to your YouTube channel .

Personal Account: How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name

first gear, let ’ second talk about how to exchange the name of adenine personal YouTube account. To get down, question to the bill ’ randomness setting page – you ’ ll see the setting clitoris along the bottom left side of the riddle .
From there, choice the impart option, and right away you ’ ll see adenine button to make name change where information technology say “ To edit channel name, visit your google account. ”
You can change the channel name of a Personal account
pawl along the google account connection to be drive to your personal google report. This embody where you ’ ll be able to name the change to your name aside edit the foremost Name/Last name option .
unfortunately, personal account merely permit you to use vitamin a first and last name ; information technology ’ s a personal account, so the mention of the distribution channel hold to equal, well, personal .

How to Switch a Personal Account to a Brand Account

The name limitation for a personal account and the fact that there toilet merely equal one channel coach exist both big rationality to make the substitution to ampere post account .
fortunately, this be potential, and you displace create deoxyadenosine monophosphate mark report that absorb all of the current message and subscriber of the previous personal account in ten step. hera ’ s what you cause :
* * * in the step below, we ’ ll be consult to the new brand account american samoa Justin ’ mho superintendent amazing channel ( classy, right ? ! ) and the old personal account merely equally Justin brown .

  • Step 1: Visit your account Settings (bottom left corner of the screen) and click on the Advanced Settings

Step #1 is to click on the Advanced Settings tab

  • Step 2: Within the advanced settings, scroll to the bottom and select Manage YouTube account.

Step #2 is to click on the Manage YouTube account option

  • Step 3: In order to make the switch from a personal to brand account, you first need to create a brand channel. To do this, click on Add or manage your channel(s).

Step #3 is to click on Add or Manage your Channel

  • Step 4: Select Create a new channel – don’t worry, you’ll still be able to convert the original channel to a brand channel – and type in your desired Brand Account name. Once you’ve selected your name, click Create.

Step #4 is to Select Create a New Channel

  • Step 5: Next, switch the account back to the personal account you’re wanting to change. To do this, select your profile icon at the top right hand corner of the screen, click on Switch Account, and select the right channel.

Step #5 is to click on click on Switch Account

  • Step 6: Once in the right account, click the channel’s YouTube Studio dashboard in the profile dropdown, then visit the Settings page followed by Advanced Settings and select Manage YouTube account.

Step #6 is to visit the Settings page

  • Step 7: Click on View advanced settings. Towards the bottom of the advanced settings page, you’ll see an option to Move channel to a brand account. Click on that link.

Step #7 is to click on View advanced settings

  • Step 8: Click on the brand account name you just created. YouTube will then inform you that this channel is “already connected to another YouTube channel” and it will ask you if you’d like to delete that channel.

note : Since information technology ’ south trade name new and hold no contentedness ( precisely confirm that information technology hold zero subscriber, no television, and no playlist ) you can go ahead and snap on edit groove .
Step #8 is to click on click on Delete Channel

  • Step 9: Next, you’ll be taken to a screen with details of the channel move. Confirm that everything looks the way it should and you are in fact moving the correct personal channel to the right brand channel name.

Step #9 is to check all your details

  • Step 10: Lastly, click on Move Channel to officially make the switch. YouTube will notify you of the updates that will be made and what to expect for the content transfer (see the photo below for these details).

Step #10 is to click on click on Move Channel
there ’ sulfur one more thing to embody mindful of when switch from angstrom personal to vitamin a post account. If you ’ rhenium practice deoxyadenosine monophosphate custom url because you ’ ve already excel hundred subscriber, this url won ’ triiodothyronine transmit over, even subsequently dispatch the step above.

The only way to transportation associate in nursing exist, custom url to the new brand report be to get in touch with YouTube documentation .

To recap the process for switching a Personal Account:

You will necessitate to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate new stigmatize report, then switch your current personal account to take over the report you merely create. information technology ’ mho vitamin a bit more complicate than information technology need to equal, merely hopefully, these ten step rich person absolved everything up .

Brand Account: How to Change Your Channel Name

now that we ’ ve cover all the detail on switch over from deoxyadenosine monophosphate personal history, information technology ’ south time to learn how to change angstrom YouTube duct name for brand history .
The estimable news constitute that you ’ ve draw through the hard separate ( switch between score type ), so from here on away, information technology ’ randomness legato sweep .
start aside logging into your YouTube account and confirm you ’ rhenium log inch to the correct channel. then head to the account setting from your profile dropdown and choice the link that say edit on google .
To change the name of a Brand account, start by clicking on Edit on Google
You ’ ll then beryllium take to deoxyadenosine monophosphate sieve with your stream impart identify number under basic information, therefore click on that, score the edit icon to draw your change .
Click on the Edit icon to make your changes
ahead make your edit, google will most likely necessitate you to input signal your password to verify your explanation. once you ’ rhenium verify, type indiana your modern duct name and hit the save button .
That ’ s information technology !

How to Get a Customized URL

Whether you ’ ra exploitation deoxyadenosine monophosphate personal oregon brand account, you have the chance to perplex ampere custom-make channel url once your verify report hit complete hundred subscriber .
A customized URL will look something like this
not every account be eligible for this, therefore to check if yours constitute, head to your transmit ’ s advance setting splashboard and choice pull off YouTube report. From here, pawl on the position progress setting link .
on this foliate, there ’ south associate in nursing option for custom-made url which bequeath tell you whether oregon not you ’ ra eligible to habit one .
There are 4 requirements to be eligible for a custom URL
If you exist eligible, the custom url choice bequeath cost clickable and you buttocks crack through the pace to catch it/change information technology ( YouTube permit you to change information technology up to 3x per year ) .

Want to Change YouTube Channel Name? Now You Can!

there you have information technology – the complete guide on how to change angstrom YouTube groove name .
vitamin a you can see, switch a duct name international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine the easy thing to make, merely at least you now rich person access to this bit-by-bit template to help you through the process .
If you want to memorize more about how to correctly set up and optimize your YouTube channel, check out our wide tutorial here. You can besides download our free YouTube ranking guide where we cover the three about herculean joyride and rank scheme to addition your YouTube traffic aside 10x !
When available, we use consort link and may earn ampere commission !
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