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If subsequently vitamin a while toy Fortnite come up with a aplomb name to stand out more and want to change information technology, this embody the put for you. It doesn’t matter if you play on mobile, console or computer. We will excuse step by step how to act information technology along each device. information technology be identical easy, in general, information technology dwell of deepen the Epic Games screen name.
change fortnite player name

What embody the screen list of epic game ?

The screen name at epic poem game be the name that appear in wholly of the company ‘s official game along personal computer, macintosh, switch, operating room mobile device. however, this name do not lend oneself to PSN and Xbox comfort. merely do n’t worry, you hold reading .

How to change the name of Fortnite on personal computer, macintosh, switch oregon mobile devices

To make this you must first verify your account, buttocks learn how to do information technology here. then run to the official epic game page and log in. now postdate the next step :

  1. click on your account name (it’s on the top right)
  2. click on “account”
  3. on the next page you will see your username and a pencil next to it. Click on it and write the name you prefer
  4. click “save changes”

information technology be compulsory that the username be available. That be why one recommend that you hold respective idea indium thinker when change information technology. If the name change box appear stop you will have to wait astatine most fourteen days to sample again .

How to change the name of Fortnite on PSN and Xbox

The name you set on each console accept nothing to do with epic poem game. so you can own one name on your console table and vitamin a unlike one on personal computer operating room mobile. here ‘s how to change the name on each console .

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  1. go to the official Xbox page and log in
  2. click on your name
  3. click on “Xbox profile”
  4. click on “Personalize” and then on the pencil that appears next to your name
  5. put the name you want


  1. Enter the official PlayStation page
  2. click on your name
  3. Click on “Account Settings”
  4. click “PSN Profile” and edit “Online Identification”
  5. put the name you want

all these step can constitute perform from the calculator. If you make information technology from your mobile you toilet download the PlayStation App or Xbox Apps and do the list change on them, however, we commend use the personal computer .
The name you set along each cabinet must beryllium alone and will be used in all compatible games you play with the console. That be to say that if you put “ XxJavierKillxX ” on Xbox, that ‘s what you will embody call in Fortnite and in all Xbox game .

toilet iodine change my name adenine many multiplication ampere i wish ?

yes, you toilet change your list adenine many time angstrom you need, although information technology be different depend along the device. For example, if information technology be along personal computer, mobile operating room switch, you can do it for free every two weeks. If information technology ‘s on Xbox oregon PlayStation, the first name change be free, merely the rest have ampere price. in spain, the name change on both platform cost  € 9,99. in early part of the populace information technology change .
do you discover the information utilitarian ? tell uranium in the gossip what name you give yourself .




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