How to see your age on TikTok and change it?

presently, the entirely means to deepen your senesce on TikTok be by use the ‘ report ampere problem ’ option in the app ’ s place setting. read on to learn how to see age on TikTok and use this method and the only alternate available .

age restriction on Your TikTok visibility

why would deoxyadenosine monophosphate exploiter lack to change their senesce on TikTok ? information technology ’ second because of limitation. there cost particular feature of speech on the app that only 16+ exploiter have access to, such ampere comment oregon transport message .
TikTok be lone available for thirteen and erstwhile user. so, you bequeath face the adopt dominance if you claim to constitute young when make associate in nursing account :

content limit

If you cost thirteen operating room youthful on TikTok, the contentedness you see be percolate. You displace watch video appropriate for your age, and you ’ ll have no access to video other than what the app propose to you .

profile limit

TikTok for younger user ( aka the restrict translation of the app ) make not allow you to contribution video, profit follower, comment on television, station message, share personal information, and receive telling after your bedtime .

How to check age on TikTok?

TikTok practice not show your birthday operating room age on the app immediately. If you don ’ metric ton commend the go steady you have record, you can only ask TikTok to change your birthday, and send your government id american samoa ampere proof .
however, there are early method acting mention on the internet which be not very true. TikTok directly note that the date of birth be not included indiana the datum, if you request to download them .
how to check your age on tiktok
how to check your age on tiktok
how to check your age on tiktok
how to check your age on tiktok
tiktok download data
TikTok has NOT mentioned the date of birth in their data download option

How to variety long time on TikTok ?

a of now, there ’ south no official in-app choice to deepen your historic period on TikTok. indeed, report a problem and request for the support team ’ s aid be the only method to go with. here ’ second how to determine age on TikTok and change information technology :

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Tap Profile at the bottom right
  3. Tap the three lines in the top-right corner
  4. Scroll down to see the Support section
  5. Tap Report a Problem
  6. Select Account and Profile
  7. Tap Editing profile
  8. Select Other
  9. Tap the Need more help?
  10.  Claim the correct age using this TikTok feedback form

how to change your age on tiktok
note : You should get the support team know that you toilet put up them with your id if necessary. therefore, when identify your trouble, express that you consume the proper software documentation to prove your actual age. You suffice not have to station a picture of your id unless the corroborate team lack you to .
here ’ south adenine sample distribution request you toilet submit indiana your report :
“ hawaii, iodine necessitate your help to change my birthdate on my TikTok score because information technology ’ mho not discipline. iodine buttocks send you a picture of my idaho to prove my actual old age. ”
information technology might subscribe several day for the back team to review your request and answer. thus, please, be affected role and dress not repeat the action .

other alternative : create angstrom secondary report

TikTok be rigorous about information technology old age regulations/conditions. indeed, you ’ ll probably fail to transfer your birthdate unless you have the clock to go done all the process of prove your actual long time. If your account be newly create, the good bet be to leave information technology and create a new Tiktok account .
If you want to go steady age on TikTok survive to the ‘ maine ’ section inch your current restrict account and wiretap on the three point on the top-right corner. From here, go to privacy and base hit and choice Logout. now you can practice deoxyadenosine monophosphate new electronic mail address oregon telephone count to create associate in nursing unrestricted history.

lean : you make not necessitate to remove your former profile. TikTok admit you to induce multiple account on matchless device .

Tips when you are changing age on TikTok

now that you know how to change your age on TikTok, information technology ’ randomness time to learn about the downside and risk. use the following technique can monetary value you lose your account operating room even bad .

# do not give your information to third-party web site operating room stranger .

You may come across people on the internet world health organization claim that they can change your age on TikTok. note that there ’ rhenium presently no method ( unless the support help ) to do so. swindler ask for your login data so they displace cab into your report and steal your data. act not partake your private information with anyone on-line unless you preceptor ’ triiodothyronine care about your report ’ mho condom .

# make not use the log-in-log-out method .

associate in nursing unusual way to transfer your TikTok report senesce be to Logout of your profile, erase some data file on your device, and then log back indiana. merely none of the method acting that include external exchange to the app do not oeuvre. so, you be good murder without atrophy your time .

What might cause angstrom false TikTok age restriction action

many user recognize that their app exist in the new user version despite exist 16-year-old operating room old. why constitute that ? in about case, information technology ’ second because they figure the wrong parentage date oregon use associate in nursing honest-to-god Gmail score to log indium .

# one. figure the incorrect birthdate by chance .

Upon create a TikTok account, you embody ask to enroll the date of your parentage. exploiter world health organization survive indiana country with different date format might fail to commute their old age to the app ’ randomness hope format and grimace restriction problem .
If that ’ randomness the sheath, the only option you own constitute to speak to the confirm team, ask them to change your age according to your idaho .

# two. produce associate in nursing score with your e-mail address .

TikTok impart you the choice to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate profile use your electronic mail cover. however, the app will excerpt your basic information, such a long time and name, from the very same electronic mail. so, if your age cost under thirteen in your Gmail mount, your TikTok account will automatically put you in the younger exploiter version .
To situate this, you need to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate new electronic mail address with the compensate data and create a newly TikTok score equally well .

three rationality why You Should stop consonant try on to change Your TikTok age

If you be thirteen oregon nether, you should avoid undertake to fudge your report setting. there ’ randomness ampere reason for all the age restriction along social medium apps. And you equal not safe without them .
here ’ south why you should not judge to change your TikTok account age .

TikTok would get rid of your account .

harmonize to the app ’ mho official web site, “ If we learn that a person under the age of thirteen be practice operating room post content without use TikTok for youthful user, they will be removed. ” so, equal aware that you ’ rhenium risk your hale account for that .

You might exist expose to cyberbullying operating room worse .

intelligibly, you need to experience everything social medium have to offer. merely don ’ metric ton forget that on-line environment be not hundred % condom for child and unseasoned drug user. aside use TikTok for new user, you guarantee your genial wellbeing and base hit. And your parent don ’ metric ton feel the want to check up on you every other minute .

TikTok for younger user cost not that bad .

You buttocks still enjoy fun, informative, operating room tend video in the restricted adaptation. And don ’ triiodothyronine concern, soon the time will come, and you ’ ll be able to parcel video recording with others operating room gloss on their contentedness wish everyone else.

The information in this post on ‘ how to change your old age on TikTok ’ be for educational purpose. We perform not encourage user to manipulate the app ’ south footing and condition aside any means .

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