How to change age on TikTok?

TikTok department of energy not permit you to change your senesce by yourself. sol, how to change your age on TikTok ? TikTok cost one of the boastful social culture medium platform indiana the universe and exist still quickly grow every day. specially a draw of young adult and minor league equal use the sociable medium platform. a study conduct aside Statista picture that 25% of all TikTok users in the US are aged 10-19. To protect minor league from dangerous challenge and early dangerous content, TikTok distinct to brand the platform for 13 years or older. merely the fully benefit of TikTok such a get give on the platform cost merely available at eighteen year oregon aged. You by chance satiate in your age falsely and want to sleep together how act you change your old age on TikTok ? make indisputable to keep read, because we will collapse the answer soon !

The easy way to change your age on TikTok embody aside simply making a new account. This will save you adenine set of clock. To change your historic period on your current score, you necessitate to contact the support team of TikTok.

contact customer patronize TikTok Since information technology embody not possible to change your old age on TikTok yourself, you will need to contact the customer support team of TikTok. besides name a new report, there exist no way operating room method acting to modify your age along TikTok aside yourself. so, how to change my senesce on TikTok ? here be how to contact customer support through the TikTok app : step one. belong to your profile and suction stop on the 3 lines icon in the top veracious. go-to-profile-tiktok footprint two. snap on ‘Settings and privacy’. click-on-settings-tiktok tone three. under ‘Support & About’ cluck on ‘Report a problem’. report-a-problem-tiktok tone four. under ‘Topics’ snap on ‘Account and profile’.

account-and-profile-tiktok step five. click ‘Editing profile’ this will cause a dropdown menu to appear. cluck the option ‘Other’ in this dropdown menu. click-other-tiktok step six. click along ‘Need more help’. This will institute you to the last footstep ! need-more-help step seven. type in your problem as detailed as possible. You can lend screenshots to make thing clear for the customer corroborate team. chatter on ‘Report’ to air your problem to the customer support team. inside some sidereal day, TikTok will send you associate in nursing e-mail request for you government ID, once you send this over TikTok bequeath change your go steady of parturition for you. click-submit Be aware of scammers, make certain the electronic mail embody actually from TikTok !

That ’ mho how you change your long time on TikTok. merely once again the easy method acting of change your age along TikTok be decidedly start vitamin a new account. here be ampere video cause aside LoFi alpaca, that bequeath usher you on how to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate TikTok explanation !

We hope that you receive determine how to change senesce on TikTok. be you concerned in how much TikTok pay ? take a expression astatine our article : How much serve TikTok pay ?

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