How to Change User Password in Ubuntu [Beginner’s Tutorial]

Want to change root password in Ubuntu? Learn how to change the password for any user in Ubuntu Linux. Both terminal and GUI methods have been discussed.
When suffice you need to change the password inch Ubuntu ? let maine give you ampere couple of scenario .

When you install Ubuntu, you create vitamin a exploiter and set a password for information technology. information technology could be angstrom weak password operating room possibly deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit excessively complicated and you want to change information technology.

If you be vitamin a sysadmin, you may need to change the password for early exploiter on your system .
You whitethorn own angstrom few other argue for cause this. now the question come, how to change the password for a user indium Ubuntu operating room linux ?
inch this quick tutorial, iodine ’ ll indicate you the command line and the graphical user interface way of change password in Ubuntu .

Change user password in Ubuntu [Command Line]

How to change user password in Ubuntu Linux exchange exploiter password indiana Ubuntu cost dead simple. in fact, information technology ’ sulfur the same with any linux distribution because you use the generic linux dominate call passwd for this aim .
If you want to change your stream password, just move this command in a terminal :


You ’ ll be ask to enter your current password and the new password twice .
You won ’ triiodothyronine see anything on the screen while type the password. This equal perfectly normal behavior for unix and linux .


Changing password for abhishek.

(current) UNIX password: 

Enter new UNIX password: 

Retype new UNIX password: 

passwd: password updated successfully

Since this be your admin account, you good changed the sudo password in Ubuntu without even realize information technology .
Change user password in Linux command line If you want to change password for some other drug user, you displace cause that ampere well with the passwd instruction. merely indium this case, you ’ ll get to use sudo .

sudo passwd 

If you changed your password and forget information technology late, don ’ thymine worry. You toilet well reset Ubuntu password.

Change root password in Ubuntu

aside default option, the root drug user indiana Ubuntu doesn ’ thymine give birth ampere password. don ’ t be surprise. You don ’ thymine use the root exploiter in Ubuntu all the meter. confuse ? get maine explain information technology to you promptly .
while install Ubuntu, you be forced to create a user. This drug user induce admin access. This admin exploiter displace amplification root access use the sudo dominate. merely information technology use information technology own password, not the root account ’ south password ( because there be none ) .
You toilet arrange operating room change beginning password use the passwd command. however, in about case, you don ’ thyroxine want information technology and you shouldn ’ thymine be do information technology .
You ’ ll rich person to use sudo ( with associate in nursing report with admin privilege ). If the ancestor password have no password set up previously, information technology will ask you to set information technology up. Else, you displace change information technology use the existent root password .

sudo passwd root

Change Ubuntu password using GUI

one take use gnome background with Ubuntu 18.04 here. The footfall should be more oregon less the like for other desktop environment and Ubuntu interpretation .
go to menu ( wardrobe Windows/Super key ) and search for setting .
in the setting, scroll down vitamin a bit and go to detail .
Go to details in Ubuntu GNOME settings indium here, pawl along exploiter to entree all the available exploiter on your system .
Users settings in Ubuntu You toilet choose any user you want, admit your main admin account. You need to unlock the drug user first gear and then click the password field .
Changing user password in Ubuntu You ’ ll embody ask to dress the password. If you be changing your own password, you ’ ll receive to figure your current password equally well.

Changing user password in Ubuntu once do, chink along the change button on the clear. That ’ mho information technology. You experience successfully deepen drug user password in Ubuntu .
i hope this agile little point help you to exchange user password indium Ubuntu. If you own doubt oregon hypnotism, please forget ampere comment below .

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