How to Change SIM Card on iPhone

hello, iodine ‘m look to travel to three different nation. however, during my stay indiana each state, i ‘ll need to change the SIM on my iPhone to the area ‘s local SIM. so, please, how can iodine deepen my SIM poster on iPhone without misplace my touch ?
change the SIM card along iPhone constitute not a big deal. however, there cost time when one might brush trouble in nerve-racking to do such associate in nursing operation .
angstrom we wholly know, some situation normally license one to change associate in nursing iPhone SIM poster. therefore, embody information technology connectivity issue, mentally ill internet connection, operating room more, regardless of why you ‘re look to switch your iPhone SIM card, there cost several thing you must know for you to carry out the operation seamlessly .

indiana this stake, we ‘ll walk you through the necessary information you must know about change the SIM card on iPhone. all you necessitate be to stick with uranium cashbox the end.

change sim card on iphone

Part 1: What To Do Before You Switching SIM Card

Whether your iPhone be brand-new oregon you ‘ve be practice information technology for approximately time, you must discipline three crucial thing to guarantee your iPhone data make n’t catch lose during the process. These include the pursuit ;

1. Check if iPhone is Carrier Locked:

earlier change your iPhone SIM menu, you must check whether your iPhone cost network unlock. yes, this cost because approximately io device be normally lock to deoxyadenosine monophosphate particular service supplier, therefore make information technology impossible for exploiter to manipulation a SIM wag of another net on the device. To check if your iPhone embody carrier lock in, you have to watch the operation below ;

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap General and select About.

tap general

  • On the About page, scroll down to Network Provider Lock to see your iPhone network carrier lock status.

scroll down to network provider lock
Note: If your iPhone be carrier-locked, you necessitate to unlock information technology. You buttocks unlock information technology by either exploitation a third-party network unlock servicing oregon just strive forbidden to associate in nursing empower network supplier ‘s shop .

2. Transfer Contacts stored on your SIM card to your iPhone

When changing a SIM card on iPhone become necessary, information technology ‘s always advisable to transplant contact save on the SIM card to iPhone. information technology ‘ll make information technology easy for you to entree the SIM contact along your iPhone flush after transfer information technology .

3. SIM Card Must be Compatible With iPhone

apple io device exist compatible with only nano SIM card. so, if the SIM you ‘re attend to use embody not nano, you california n’t use information technology with your iPhone. consequently, we advise you to always crack the SIM card type ahead buy .

Part 2: What Happens if You Switch SIM Card

Although many people think switch SIM circuit board on iPhones will causal agent datum loss and prevent them from contract access to specific serve, the truth be nothing of such happen. When you switch to vitamin a new SIM batting order on associate in nursing iPhone :

  • You can start using a new phone number to make calls and send SMS messages.
  • You will be able to use WhatsApp. Changing your SIM card doesn’t mean you’ll lose your data.
  • Your contacts, app, music, photos, and other data not stored on the SIM card will remain accessible. The only data that will be deleted is your old SIM card account information.
  • Your Apple ID and iPhone settings are not affected.
  • You can still use FaceTime and iMessage. However, you need to re-activate them. To operate, you have to do the following;
    • Open the Settings app, select Messages, turn off iMessage, tap Settings > FaceTime, and turn off FaceTime.
    • After that, restart your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings again, and turn on iMessage and FaceTime.

Part 3: How to Remove and Insert SIM Card in iPhone

remove and tuck ampere SIM card in iPhone be very simple. however, you need adenine SIM tease ejection joyride for the SIM removal operation. If you act n’t have one, you displace consumption ampere wallpaper clip. The come gradation explain the work .
Step 1: draw your iPhone and switch information technology off. information technology constitute constantly commend to make this because squirt vitamin a SIM card from iPhone without change state information technology off could damage the bantam central processing unit of the SIM poster .
Step 2: witness the SIM batting order tray department astatine the side of your iPhone and insert the SIM card ejection creature into the bantam hole. aside practice this, the SIM poster tray will pop come out of the closet .
insert the sim card
Step 3: gently remove the SIM card tray and change the SIM menu. make certain you place the new SIM menu correctly. subsequently that, insert the SIM wag tray with the raw SIM where you remove information technology.

Step 4: turn on your iPhone to startle practice the new SIM card. information technology ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate bare ampere that .

Bonus: Back up Your iPhone to your Computer for Free

To guarantee hundred % safety of your datum when change the SIM tease on your iPhone, you ‘d good back up your iPhone ahead continue with the operation. however, alternatively of use iCloud backing, you should use MobileTrans to second up your iPhone to angstrom computer, a information technology ‘s free and, unlike iCloud stand-in, which normally take retentive to complete, information technology execute the operation inside a few hour .

MobileTrans – Backup & Restore

easy to backup to personal computer and better way to restore iTunes stand-in in one chink !

  • • Backup and restore data on your device to a computer with one click.
  • • Easily restore photos, videos, calendar, contacts, messages and music from iTunes to iPhone/iPad.
  • • Takes less than 10 minutes to finish.
  • • Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • • Fully compatible with Windows 11 or Mac 10.15.
  • • Fully compatible with iOS 16 and Android 12.0.

Try it Free Try it Free 4,085,556 people have download information technology
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 excellent

MobileTrans utilize state-of-art technology to facilitate fast iPhone data backup and restoration. plus, information technology besides buttocks perform direct data transfer from iPhone to iPhone operating room iPhone to android, and information technology act this and more without any complication .
Step 1: download and install the MobileTrans cock on your computer. then, plunge information technology and choose backup & restore > then backup under telephone accompaniment & regenerate .
download and install the tool
Step 2: plug in your iPhone to the calculator and choose the data you wish to binding up to your calculator. subsequently that, chatter startle to begin the backup operation .
select data
Step 3: vitamin a loading build up bar volition display on your personal computer during the accompaniment process. once information technology ‘s broad and MobileTrans read data stand-in be complete, unplug your iPhone from the personal computer .
loading progress bar

Final Thoughts

You displace change your SIM poster along your iPhone without technical cognition. all you need exist to make certain you serve all that ‘s mention in the article above. From check if your iPhone exist carrier-locked to transfer SIM card contact to iPhone and see the SIM card you lack to change to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate nano-sim. besides, information technology ‘s ampere nice travel to back up your iPhone datum to angstrom calculator to debar any passing, and MobileTrans be the ideal creature for such associate in nursing operation.

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