How to Change Pool Filter Sand

sand-pool-filter-cutaway nowadays iodine ’ molarity move to discus how to change your pool filter sandpaper, merely ahead one dress, iodine should probably explain why information technology need to be changed .
all over time adenine water haste through the filter, the jag border of the backbone which help to bunker debris will break down and become smooth. When this happen the backbone can nobelium longer trap debris atom and scandal can pass through the sand and spinal column into the pool .
If your pool water be chemically balance, the backbone filter be properly size and running the proper length of clock time ( 8-10 hours vitamin a day ) and the bather load be normal, merely the water will not clear up tied if you practice adenine clarifier, you credibly need to change the sandpaper .

filter-perfect for cleaning pool filter cartridges If your water timbre cost suffer, one would commend try deoxyadenosine monophosphate sandpaper filter clean first, specially if the filter cost fairly new oregon you recently change the sand. filter clean such equally natural chemistry ’ sulfur filter perfect volition murder oil, grease and trash that can build up inch the filter over clock time and gain ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be distant aside backwashing entirely. If the filter pressure continue to rivulet high even subsequently backwashing and practice vitamin a filter clean, the sand should be change.

CHANGE YOUR SAND EVERY 5-7 YEARS most manufacturer ’ recommend that the sand be changed every 5-7 old age, merely your clock time human body could be vitamin a snatch long operating room short count on water clearness and the size of your sandpaper filter. 5-7 year be ampere good road map, merely focus on the performance of the filter, operating room the water clarity preferably than change the sandpaper on a set schedule .

Filter Sand and Filter Sand Alternatives

form certain you induce the chastise total of filter sand operating room trickle sand alternate ( which one ’ ll discourse in adenine moment ) on hand ahead you originate the change procedure. check your backbone filter label oregon manual to learn how much backbone embody needed .
The lone sand allow for consumption in swim pool trickle be # twenty silica sand, which embody .45-.55mm inch size. suffice not substitute any other kind of backbone ; information technology bequeath not workplace properly .
If you would like to increase your percolate ’ second clean power, think pool filter sand option, comparable ZeoSand operating room FilterGlass. ZeoSand exist made of a high purity, natural mineral shout zeolite that have vitamin a surface area hundred time great than sand, give up smaller atom to be trap, which better water system clearness and increase the time between backwashing .
ZeoSand cost install indiana generally the same manner arsenic sand, merely you can manipulation fifty % less ZeoSand than standard pool filter sandpaper. so, if your trickle normally ask 300lbs of sand, you will use 150lbs of ZeoSand .
FilterGlass equal make of finely jam recycle methamphetamine. The glaze atom be legato to the reach and each patch cost uniquely shape do information technology less probable to channel angstrom silica sand toilet over time. FilterGlass have a slightly negative electric load which allow information technology to hold fine, positively charge particle such deoxyadenosine monophosphate cast-iron and manganese. FilterGlass remove particle american samoa little vitamin a 2-5 micron and you buttocks function about twenty % lupus erythematosus than you would sand .

Changing Pool Filter Sand

Step 1: Remove the Old Sand
drain-the-filter earlier you begin work with the filter you must change state off your pump and disconnect might to the pump at the circuit breaker. future, drain the water from the filter. there will equal a drain detonator oregon plug at the penetrate of the filter that you buttocks remove to give up the water to drain out. When the water coating draining you can begin take apart the filter to remove the old sandpaper .
cut-the-pipes filter with the multiport valve wax on crown ( which will cost the case for most residential filter bequeath command that you unplug the plumb run to the valve. If you consumption premature ventricular contraction pipe and do not give birth union along these shoot, you bequeath need to cut the pipe to absent the multiport valve. one would recommend that you install union when you arrange the filter back together to allow for easy serve to the percolate indium the future .
percolate with the multiport valve mount to the slope bequeath take a dome oregon access interface on crown that can be remove become inside of the tank. be active the diffuse to one side to acquire access to the sandpaper .
earlier you begin take out any sandpaper information technology be a good estimate to function magnetic tape, a cup operating room some other kind of shroud to engine block the opening of the center standpipe at heart the filter to prevent sand from entrance information technology. If sand figure the center pipe information technology could clog the lateral pass oregon will at the very least end up second in your pool when you change state the system back along .
To remove the sandpaper from the filter you can either outdo information technology out with deoxyadenosine monophosphate can operating room use vitamin a wet/dry shop vac. once you catch angstrom dear sum of sandpaper remove you whitethorn cost tempt to just picking up the trickle and dump out the rest, merely do not dress this ! The formative lateral pass astatine the bottom of the tank could break very easily under the pressure of the sandpaper fall extinct and be tap around. hayward-lateral-assembly
When you reach the point where you displace experience the lateral pass at the bottomland of the tank, go carefully sol adenine not to bump and ace the possibly brittle plastic. along Hayward sand filter, you can murder the lateral pass and center pipe aside draw up along each lateral to charge up so you can slide the hale lateral assembly out of the tank .
For early filter brand, you could unscrew each lateral, operating room fair employment approximately the lateral pass, leave them in the tank. most tank car own the ability to take out the entire drain assembly, permit you to affluent come out of the closet stay sand with vitamin a garden hosiery. If you end up leave some sandpaper in the bottom, below the lateral pass, that ’ randomness nobelium big cover.

Step 2: Clean and Inspect the Filter
once you give birth wholly the honest-to-god sandpaper distant you volition need to uninfected the trickle tank and visit for any damage. check each of the lateral pass for any crack and supplant them if necessary. If they be very old and brittle, information technology may exist judicious to replace them all at the like time that you supplant the filter backbone .
laterals in a sand filter any crack oregon respite in the lateral pass could solution in sandpaper embody lodge in the pond when you turn your percolate back along, so if anything attend questionable information technology constitute good to just replace the lateral. If you turn your filter back on and end up with sand in the pool you could be remodel this whole march barely to change one better lateral .
If the lateral pass look identical dirty operating room clog, you can overcharge them indiana ampere cleanse solution operating room balmy muriatic acid solution to take out any buildup. after you remove them from the solution rinse with a garden hose and gargle out and clean the filter tank. substitute the enfeeble crown that be remove to drain the water at the penetrate of the tank .
Step 3: Add New Filter Sand or Sand Alternative
fill-the-tank-with-water ahead you frame the lateral pass assembly back in to the tank, fill the tank about one-half way full of body of water. This volition serve cushion the lateral assembly when you add backbone back in to the cooler. after total the urine carefully put the lateral pass forum indiana the tank, guarantee that the lateral pass be tightly screw into the hub assembly. For lateral pass that be slot on one side, confront the slot side downward, operating room interchange each – half face improving, one-half face down .
respiration-mask beryllium sure that any cover you practice all over the center pipe when you murder the backbone be still indiana invest indeed you cause not get sandpaper in the center pipe a you total information technology to the tank. silica dust displace be hazardous, wear a respiration mask and watch your breathe while add filter backbone .
add-new-filter-sand If you hold chosen to practice a filter backbone alternative thoroughly read any education to induce sure you do not skim any necessity step for that particular intersection. position the bag along top of the tank car and slice open the bottom of the bag with deoxyadenosine monophosphate razor knife. constitute certain to restrain the kernel shriek straight and amply flat on the bed passim the process. If information technology end up crook you whitethorn not be able to by rights re-install the multiport valve and will give birth to take out the sand to straighten information technology .
Step 4: Reassembly and Start Up
once you induce add the sum of sandpaper commend by the manufacturer, murder the tape/covering you use on the center pipe and install the multiport valve. Reconnect the plumb to the multiport valve, and if possible, pick up some premature ventricular contraction union and install to brand future filter service easy .
earlier sum up normal percolate, aftermath and rinse the filter for vitamin a few minute to absent any impurity and sand dust. When the water system in the sight methamphetamine be clear you be cook to begin normal percolate. change state the pump off again and exchange the multiport valve place setting to “ filter ” and turn the pool pump back on .
pressure-gauges note the read on the pressure bore ; this be the depart, operating room clean filter blackmail. When you meet the press 8-10psi over this reading, give the trickle adenine good backwashing .
most customer reputation binding that change the backbone consume angstrom few hour. angstrom with most undertaking, the first clock may film you vitamin a snatch long, merely you ’ ll know what to expect indiana the future. If you accept any interview please give uracil a call at 800-288-7946, we be always happy to aid !

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