[7 Proven Ways] How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac?

Which charge format do you use when you send out forms or non-editable documents ? Of course, PDFs. But if somehow the web site or the chopine does n’t accept PDFs other than visualize format, specially when you are using a Mac, What will you do then ? Well, this article will guide you on how to convert PDF to JPG on Mac .

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac without Losing Quality?

now, sometimes there is constantly a refer about losing the quality of the files. In fact, some platforms do sour, but the files loses a lot of quality when converting PDF to JPG on Mac. indeed hera you can use the follow ways to save your file from losing quality while converting PDF to JPG on Mac .

Fix 1: Use Preview to Convert PDFs to JPG on Mac

You can use the preview option to convert PDFs to JPGs on Mac by following the follow steps .
Step 1 : Open the booklet that comprises the PDF file. Afterwords Right-click on the folder and a bunch of options will appear, precisely click on the preview button.

preview pdf files
Step 2 : After snap on the preview option and select the PDF file you want to convert to JPG. then on the top menu bar, click on File and then click on Export .
export pdf preview files to jpg
Step 3 : You will see an export window. then select “ Export As ” and subsequently type the name of the convert JPG file. then select a raw folder or any early where you want to save the converted file .
use preview files to convert pdf to jpg
Tips: You can increase the quality by clicking on the “ Formate ” at the penetrate and choosing JPEG. Drag to the right side to increase the quality. then click “ Save ” and your file will be saved in the target booklet .

Fix 2: Use Automator Quick Actions

sometimes, when you need to convert more than one PDF file to JPG, the Preview method acting might take a lot of time. This is where the Automator immediate action can convert all pages from your PDF to JPG. Follow the steps to convert JPG to PDF on a Mac or otherwise .
Step 1 : open Automator on your Mac by pressing Command + Spacebar, then type “ Automator ” in the search, and then it will appear by clicking on it .
Step 2 : On the top menu, chatter on File and select a new file in it. then scar quick natural process and then click on “ Choose ” .
open files with quick action
Step 3 : A quick carry through editing screen will appear. At the top, click on “ Workflow Receives Current. ” Drop down the menu and chink on “ PDF Files ” .
Step 4 : In the top leave corner, click on “ Action. ” then click on the “ Text Fields ” and type in “ Render PDF Pages as Images. ”
use quick action to convert pdf to jpg
Step 4 : drop the render PDF pages as images in the work flow section on the right. They chose a JPEG image. Click on resolution if you want to change the resolution and even the compression charge if needed .
Step 5 : immediately click on the BOX adjacent to Variables and type “ Move Finder Items ”. then drag the movie finder items to “ render PDF pages as images ” .
Step 6 : now to save, click on “ File ” and select “ Save ”. command+S on the keyboard for a shortcut. This is how to convert PDF to JPG on a Mac using an Automator .

Fix 3: Use Free Online Tools

You can convert PDF to JPG on Mac using spare on-line tools. There are many useful tools that you can use. But some of the tools contain malware, therefore be cautious, specially if you ‘re using a Mac. Just remember to check some review of the third-party software before you choose to use it .

Fix 4: Use Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is included in about every MacOS.You can use these to convert PDF to JPG on Mac.

Step 1 : Right-click on the file and open it with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Choose the JPEG format by clicking on the charge on the menu and then JPEG or JPEG2000 .
Step 2 : After choosing the output format, then clicking on Export, the process will be completed .

Fix 5: Use the Shortcuts App

You can convert PDF to JPG on a Mac with shortcuts app. Like you can make use of Siri shortcut construction to convert pdf to jpg .
Step 1 : Run the shortcut app on Mac, then move to the summation push button .
Step 2 : look for “ Make image ” on the app and then click on Make trope from PDF page. Or you can choose the button with blue PNG persona word and change it to JPEG or change it to ask each prison term .
Step 3 : now double chatter on the bluing PDF word button and set it into shortcut remark .
Tips: Click “ Continue ” and select Ask For > Files if there is no input .
Step 4 : In the top-right search box, type Save File and add double click to add this action to the shortcut .
Step 5 : check Use as Quick Action from the settings picture at the top good. Finder and early services can besides be checked below that .
Step 6 : After that, create a shortcut and give it a diagnose. The picture can besides be customized .
use shortcut app to convert pdf to jpg on mac
Step 7 : now save the shortcut and close this mission windows. and you have successfully built the shortcut for converting any pdf files to jpg files .
Step 8 : Go to Finder, veracious suction stop on the pdf files, then go to Quick Actions > Shortcut name. Wait for the serve done, then choose the location to store the convert jpg files.

This is how you can convert pdf files to jpg files on macintosh with shortcut app .

Fix 6: Use Converted Tools

There are many tools through which you can convert a pdf to an double on a macintosh. These tools are very easily to use. You can download these from the play store. They are wholly truthful programs. Yes, there are some average programs equally well. But your MacOS will block these before tied opening them .

Fix 7: Take Screenshot to Convert PDF to JPG

If you do n’t want to use any creature or follow anyhow to convert PDF to JPG on Mac, then simply take screenshots. Screenshots use the.jpg file format. On your Mac, you can take a screenshot using Command+shift+4. furthermore, if the area is not covered in the screenshot, you can increase it by Command + ( Plus ) + or Minus ( – ) .

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