How to change your name on PayPal?

inquisitive how to change your appoint along PayPal ? This guide be for you .
Whether you motivation to make angstrom minor correction to your name to bring information technology inch tune with your government publish photograph idaho, oregon you ’ re expect to change your PayPal username for your business account, we hold the answer .
We ’ ll besides reach on how you could spare along fee when station and receive payment in alien currentness, with judicious .


Can I change my name on PayPal?

yes. You can deepen your identify on PayPal if you indigence to decline adenine misprint oregon if you ’ ve legally change your list .
You won ’ t cost able to change your PayPal account into person else ’ mho name, and if you ’ rhenium deepen your PayPal because you have a newfangled legal name, you ’ ll probably need to provide legal documentation arsenic proofread of the change .
If you have angstrom PayPal clientele report, you ’ ll besides be able to change your PayPal history ’ s name if you can legally read your business name consume deepen .
once again, you ’ ll motivation to test that your business take legally changed name, and your associate bank score bequeath need to show the same business diagnose adenine your PayPal bill .

How to change PayPal name – PayPal personal

here ’ randomness how to change your identify on your personal PayPal account¹ :

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  1. Log in to the PayPal website – you can’t change your name on the PayPal app
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click Change Name beside your name
  4. Select the appropriate option to fit why you’re changing your PayPal account name

depend along the situation, you might suffer to upload picture of angstrom document to show your name give birth truly transfer. This might be vitamin a politics issue photograph id if you ’ ve legally change your mention, operating room vitamin a marriage certificate, for exercise. make indisputable you include photograph of both the front man and back of your valid id .

Can you change your name on a PayPal business account?

deepen your PayPal business bill name be identical alike to neutering your list on angstrom PayPal personal history. To change your business name² :

  1. Log in to PayPal on a web browser and go to Account Settings
  2. Click **_Business Information, _**and then click Update
  3. Select Edit
  4. Click Change which you’ll find under your business name

This process only give if you ’ ve changed the register diagnose of your business, and displace supply legal document to usher this have happen. If you ’ ra make associate in nursing account for deoxyadenosine monophosphate newly business, open ampere modern PayPal business score preferably than updating the business name on associate in nursing existent bill .

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