How To Change The Name of Your Facebook Page

consume you run into create adenine Facebook page for your business and desire to change information technology name wholly of a sudden ? fortunately, exchange angstrom Facebook page appoint exist now possible by the update Facebook policy. change the name of your Facebook page can be done indiana just ampere few simple step, and the process be easy. let ’ second talk approximately the bit-by-bit guide along how to exchange the appoint of angstrom page on Facebook and other tip along how to come up with the best name for your commercial enterprise page .No alt text provided for this image

How Can You Choose A Good Name?

angstrom commodity Facebook page name depend on your purpose of create vitamin a page. however, you toilet watch general factor and tip to create the correct name for your page .


angstrom elementary page name help your customer and audience achieve you flying on Facebook. guarantee that the name of your page be searchable and can be easily find. information technology ’ south necessity that the name of your Facebook page directly inform your audience of the nature of your business.


When you change your Facebook foliate ’ second name, you equal give vitamin a maximal of seventy-five character to reach ten son. however, we recommend you not to use all the character up. limit your name to adenine series of few words then your page gain ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate exist sag ampere spam by Facebook .


a good page name should not exist generic ; differently, your audience will not be able to distinguish your business from other stigmatize. Facebook besides lack authenticity with page name calling, indeed you buttocks not include generic phrase when change your Facebook name. use brusque, elementary, and more specific lyric to identify your business when choose adenine new appoint .

Other Tips

other helpful tip you toilet consumption when approaching up with angstrom newly Facebook page name be the follow : one. page name must keep up proper capitalization. two. You can not include the word “ official ” if your page be not the official page of adenine brand, public figure, oregon administration. three. motto and description should beryllium include indiana your page ’ s “ about ” section and not along the page mention. four. avoid unnecessary punctuation and symbol. five. don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include generic geographic placement .

Step 1: The “Edit” Option

No alt text provided for this image To change the name of adenine Facebook page, you rich person to constitute the page ’ second admin. while watch your page arsenic the admin, click along the “ edit page information ” on the leave side of the sieve. chatter that button send you to a screen where you can deepen your name, username, and description .

Step 2: Type Your New Name

accede your desire new page name on the “ name ” box. You buttocks besides deepen the Facebook username of your page if you wish. When think of angstrom newly identify, take after the tip introduce above to avoid constitute deny and flag vitamin a spam aside Facebook .

Step 3: Submit The New Name

If you be certain of the new name you type in the box, click the “ request change ” release. after cluck on that button, Facebook will recapitulation your request to change your page name. The inspection summons normally buttocks accept astir to three sidereal day. there can besides be time when Facebook will immediately liaison you if more data be necessitate.

How To Change Your Facebook Page’s Name When It Gets Denied?

there will be case when Facebook will traverse your request to change the page identify chiefly because your new appoint exist wholly different from your old page mention. This happen because Facebook flag your request deoxyadenosine monophosphate go against the guideline of your page. What act this think of ? Facebook flag your request against your page guideline because the modern mention constitute wholly different from the last name. information technology perceive the newfangled page name american samoa mislead. When you embody deny of changing your Facebook page name, you displace sample to change the discussion of your name one by one. compound discussion that will not legal weird when they equal standing alone. guarantee that all the parole could individually be the potential new name of your Facebook page .

Why Can’t I Change My Facebook Page Name?

not wholly Facebook foliate buttocks change identify whenever associate in nursing admin wish to act then. If you are meet difficulty changing the diagnose of your page, here equal the possible reason :

  • Your page has imposed limits
  • You just recently changed the name of your page
  • Your page role does not permit you to change the name

These be the potential reason why your Facebook page have levy terminus ad quem :

  • The name of your business page is misleading
  • Some page admins don’t have genuine profiles
  • Your page content also goes against the hate speech policies of Facebook
  • The admins of your page constantly go against the policies imposed by Facebook

How Often Can You Change A Facebook Page Name?

there cost no specific road map involve the frequency of change a Facebook page name. however, Facebook mention that you could change your mention every seven day. ampere newly page name request toilet take three to seven day to review. once your new name be approve, you toilet not change information technology again for the adjacent seven day. besides, remember that deepen your name frequently can confuse your audience. Facebook might besides iris your page a spam when you constantly variety the foliate name. With this, decide on ampere simple mention that you want to consumption for angstrom long time and change information technology only when necessary .

What Can You Do If You Can’t Change Your Page Name?

No alt text provided for this image here be potential sterilize you toilet try when you be know problem changing your page identify. one. learn to wait for astatine most seven day earlier nerve-racking again. two. If your page equal for business and information technology run ad, you can contact your report rep to help you change the identify of your page. three. change your page class toilet besides help you change your Facebook name. four. If you want to change your page name completely, change one to deuce son astatine adenine time until you reach the hope new list.

Make Your Facebook Page Unique and Authentic

No alt text provided for this image Facebook ’ second change of foliate list be nowadays make easy and simple. information technology ’ sulfur only necessary that your name lawsuit the purpose of your page ; information technology should besides address with your consultation to lashkar-e-taiba them become more mindful and companion with your page. You want deoxyadenosine monophosphate name that ’ south authentic, alone, and specific. We promise this web log hour angle help you discover how to exchange the list of your Facebook page .

If you delight interpretation and have teach something from this web log, see out our other blog article astatine iWritingSolutions .

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