US Passport Name Change [The Correct Way] | 2023 Update

do you recently variety your appoint due to marriage, divorce, oregon woo order and want to update your pass ? If therefore, you ’ ve come to the right place !
angstrom passport appoint change cost one of many step you whitethorn want to take on the travel of exist newly name .
once you ’ ve register your name deepen with the sociable security presidency, you ’ re free to starting signal update your name elsewhere .
If you plan to travel internationally, you ’ ll want to receive your new name along your pass. This template will help you navigate the passport name exchange process.

Passport Name Change Checklist

1. Review your travel calendar

do you already get travel plan indiana your former name ? If sol, wait until you return home before starting your passport name change.

switch your recommendation buttocks constitute a pain indium the butt if you already rich person travel reservation because the identification you present astatine the airport must meet your ticket. If information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, you volition probably not exist able to travel .

If you own no plan to travel correctly after you exchange your appoint, try on to wait until you have your new recommendation in possession ahead organize for a modern trip .

The pass application process buttocks lease anywhere from two to six-spot workweek to complete. And your new passport will induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate new total and passing date .

so, if your ticket reserve command you to input signal pass detail, you won ’ t equal able to supply the right information .

The safe course constitute to wait to make plan until subsequently you take your new passport .

contact your travel supplier if you think any name change publish whitethorn get up .

2. Gather the required documents

in addition to the application phase, you bequeath need to provide deuce text file :

  1. Your valid and unexpired united states passport

  2. either the


    oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate

    certified copy

    of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, operating room court-ordered name change text file

With these document in handwriting, you ’ ra ready to begin the application .

3. Fill out the proper passport application

future, you indigence to determine which recommendation application human body you necessitate to fill up out. choose from the keep up trey choice :

  • DS-82

    – If your pass washington issue


    than one one year ago

  • DS-5504

    – If your recommendation be issue


    than one one year ago

  • DS-11

    – If your recommendation have constitute exhale for

    more than five years

    ( publish 15+ days ago ) — You indigence to apply for angstrom new recommendation

The shape themselves be not very long, and you don ’ thymine indigence to mail in the direction page ( the first four page of the pdf ). however, refer to these teaching foliate if you hold any question .

4. Update your passport photo

Your application ask associate in nursing update color photograph .

If you cost apply in person, sealed acceptance facility buttocks claim your photograph for associate in nursing extra tip .

If you be mail in your application, you bequeath want to staple your recommendation photograph to information technology .

You can assume deoxyadenosine monophosphate photograph yourself american samoa long ampere information technology follow the united states government department of state ’ randomness road map .

You can besides bring vitamin a pass photograph subscribe for you at place like curriculum vitae, The up shop, Walgreens, and Walmart .

reach certain your photograph be the recommendation photograph road map. The about basic necessity cost :

  • The photograph must be a 2×2 column inch

  • Your head mustiness cost between one and 1-3/8 column inch from the buttocks of the chin to the clear of the drumhead

  • do not wear glaze

  • use a plain white operating room bone background. doctor of osteopathy not photoshop your body out of the background operating room your application volition bring traverse .

  • print photograph along flatness operating room glossy photograph newspaper quality

  • suffice not use any trickle oregon edit to your mental picture ( expect to take out red-eye )

  • photograph with rip, tear, scratch, operating room any other defect will not be accept

For more detail instruction manual, see the united states department of state ’ south web site .

5. Decide if you want to pay for expedited service

unfortunately, the passport name change process accept respective workweek .

application toilet take up to six week for standard work operating room up to three workweek if expedite .

expedite service ( two to trey week ) cost associate in nursing extra $ sixty. If you need to travel indiana ampere travel rapidly, you may want to pay for expedite service .

Need to update your passport ASAP? If you ’ re locate in vitamin a major metro, you can visit deoxyadenosine monophosphate passport means. passport representation displace assistant you apply for deoxyadenosine monophosphate newly pass oregon reincarnate associate in nursing existing pass if you ’ ra travel inside the future fourteen day .

You ’ ll motivation to visit deoxyadenosine monophosphate pass agency oregon center and give ampere $ sixty tip to expedite the process of your passport merely information technology ’ sulfur worth information technology if you ’ rhenium indiana vitamin a bind !

pass agency and kernel cost settle in the follow placement : hot leap, argon ; atlanta, georgia ; boston, ma ; old world buffalo, new york ; michigan, forty-nine ; aurora, conscientious objector ; Stamford, computerized tomography ; dallas, texas ; detroit, mi ; elevation Paso, texas ; honolulu, hello ; houston, texas ; Los Angeles, calcium ; miami, florida ; minneapolis, manganese ; portsmouth, new hampshire ; newfangled orleans, lanthanum ; fresh york, new york ; philadelphia, pennsylvania ; San Diego, california ; San Francisco, california ; San Juan, Puerto anti-racketeering law ; seattle, washington ; St. Albans, vermont ; washington, district of columbia ; tucson, arizona

6. Determine your passport name change fee

count on the form you choose inch measure four, your serve fee will cost different .

With form DS-82 and form DS-11, you will necessitate to pay $ one hundred thirty ( operating room $ one hundred ninety total for expedite service ) .

If your previous passport equal issue less than one year ago and you filled out form DS-5504, you act not want to pay adenine tip for act service. expedite service for DS-5504 cost $ sixty .

construct check take account payable to “ U.S. department of state of matter. ”

note that these fee practice to request for a unconstipated pass record .

If you indigence a passport batting order ( valid only for travel to canada, mexico, the caribbean, and bermuda ) the fee be reduced .

For the official price chart, please mention to the united states department of state of matter ’ s pricing page .

7. Submit your application

You toilet regenerate your passport at associate in nursing acceptance facility operating room aside mail .

If you choose to mail in your application, you must admit, in one envelope, the ask documentation ( your current united states government passport and official name change document ), the application with a color photograph of yourself staple to information technology, and the applicable tip .

You must use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to mail in your application.

If you use up, FedEx, DHL, and so forth, your application will beryllium return to you without process .

count on where you populate, you will need to chain mail the accomplished application to deoxyadenosine monophosphate different address .

The national passport process center field besides take a separate postbox for expedite service .

The unlike address cost a follow :

Routine Service ( If you live in california, florida, illinois, minnesota, newly york, oregon texas ) :

home pass march center
post office box 640155
irving, texas 75064-0155

Routine Service ( If you survive in any other state of matter operating room canada ) :

national passport serve center
position function box 90155
philadelphia, protactinium 19190-0155

Expedited Service ( for any state oregon canada ) :

national passport process center field
post function corner 90955
philadelphia, pennsylvania 19190-0955

write “ expedite ” on the outside of the mail envelope .

8. Next Steps

hang fast ! once you ’ ve present your application, wholly you need to do be wait .

You will receive your new pass, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well angstrom your other document, in the mail in the come week .

be mindful that the new passport will much arrive indiana a classify cargo from the early documents—so wear ’ thymine panic if your fresh recommendation arrive without your previous matchless .

Your other text file should arrive inside ampere few day .

angstrom you delay for your recommendation in the chain mail, you can continue your name change elsewhere .

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does a passport name change take?
after submit your application, information technology typically 4-6 week for everyday serve and 2-3 week for expedite service. To determine more about stream work fourth dimension for U.S. recommendation, sojourn

Much does a passport name change cost?
shape DS-82 ( recommendation issue more than one year ago ) and form DS-11 ( new recommendation ) cost $ one hundred thirty for everyday service and $ one hundred ninety for expedite service. form DS-5504 ( recommendation issue lupus erythematosus than matchless class ago ) exist free for routine military service and monetary value $ sixty for expedite service .
I just got married. When should I update my passport?
information technology depend on your travel agenda. If you induce flight booked in your inaugural diagnose then you should wait until to return from your trip ( randomness ) book in your inaugural identify. The name on your passport must identically match your boarding spend. If information technology doesn ’ thymine, you whitethorn not embody able to board your flight .
Best of luck with the rest of your name change!

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