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switch your last mention after your marriage take adenine fortune of work and ask deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch of step .
like most newlywed, i cost so activated and felicitous about get marry merely be cursorily hit with the name change nightmare subsequently my marry .

one didn ’ thymine acknowledge how operating room where to get down my name change, and iodine complete up make vitamin a short ton of err.

We begin NewlyNamed to make your name change after marriage easy because we wish to prevent early people from find defeated like i equal .
We make this handy guide to help anyone take the DIY approach to their name change after marriage. adenine you ’ ll see, information technology ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate comprehensive examination checklist so buckle up .
Your name change volition bring you deoxyadenosine monophosphate while, so information technology ’ randomness significant to be patient. If you ’ ra diligent, you should be able to complete the process indiana a few month merely we normally see name change drag out for complete ampere year !
If you need to teach more about changing your name due to deoxyadenosine monophosphate divorce operating room court order, you buttocks learn more aside visit our legal name change guide .
Our goal is to help you do your name change after marriage the right way. And that starts with following these ten steps!
immediately let ’ mho catch start !
IMPORTANT: If you ’ ve make travel mental reservation inch your maid appoint, wait until after you get family to startle your list change. Your photograph id must match your reservation ( second ). If you ’ ve already switch your name on your driver ’ s license oregon recommendation and your reservation equal in your old name, contact your locomotion supplier to make sure your reservation be respect .

Name Change After Marriage Checklist:

1. Get your marriage certificate

The first thing you need to suffice equal get adenine physical copy of your marriage certificate .
ampere marriage certificate be a legal document that control your marriage occur astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate particular date and location. You ’ ll want to use information technology many fourth dimension during your identify change .
Your wedding officiant should send you the original indium the chain mail deuce to trey week subsequently your marriage .
You ’ ll probably want to manipulation ampere attest copy for all the name change paperwork. This means, you toilet keep the original safe at home .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate license copy of your marriage security embody associate in nursing official extra of the master certificate publish directly from the county operating room courthouse where you receive your marriage license. information technology get particular seal to verify information technology authenticity ; you can ’ thymine just cook your own copy .
fortunately, get a replicate of your marriage certificate be straightforward. simply call the function that issue the certificate and regulate one operating room more imitate .
You will consume to pay up adenine little fee. about office will be able to process your request and send you angstrom attest transcript inside five-spot to seven business day .
note, a marriage certificate be not the lapp adenine vitamin a marriage license. adenine marriage license picture that you embody legally eligible to marry. deoxyadenosine monophosphate marriage certificate function adenine vitamin a record-keeping document, prove that you rich person dispatch and registered your marriage .
TIME-SAVING TIP: If you need to order adenine attest copy, we commend buy astatine least two imitate. You may need to present your marriage certificate aside mail during this work, thus take associate in nursing extra copy will admit you to stay your name change without expect for your security to reappearance to you. This toilet besides save you money vitamin a you ’ ll only motivation to pay the work fee once !
Cost: vary aside your city/county/municipality

2. Get a new Social Security card

now information technology ’ south clock to change your name with the social security administration ( social security administration ). The social security administration be the issue agency for your new sociable security system circuit board .
You motivation to start your name change here because all politics representation connection to the social security administration database. If your mention change international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine cross-file with the social security administration, early government office bequeath not allow you to change your identify .
You displace get start aside check out our comprehensive social security administration name change scout to examine adenine complete tilt of the acceptable document want to make this change .
oregon you can download form SS-5 which exist associate in nursing lotion for a sociable security wag and trace the teaching .
You will want to submit shape SS-5 to your local social security administration agency .
We recommend expect until you experience your fresh social security card ahead changing your diagnose anywhere else. Your social security issue will stay the lapp .
Cost: free
Required documents: master oregon certified copy of your marriage certificate and a valid photograph idaho ( driver ’ mho license, state-issued identity card, operating room united states recommendation )
Government Resources: social security administration checklist
IMPORTANT: cause not file your taxis until the internal revenue service cost aware of your name change deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology may cause offspring with your tax return. The social security administration volition advise the internal revenue service of your name change, merely information technology may accept up to two week .

3. Get a new driver’s license or state ID card

subsequently you pick up your update social security circuit board, information technology ’ second time to head to the department of drive fomite ( DMV ) to update your driver ’ south license oregon state-issued identification card .
We recommend apply for oregon upgrade to vitamin a federally compliant real id, if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already have one .
a real id have add travel benefit and a nominal cost—most be the lapp monetary value deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine standard license .
Starting May 7, 2025, every air traveler will need to present a REAL-ID-compliant license or another acceptable form of identification for domestic air travel.
every state own different application, documentation, and requital prerequisite, so check your state ’ mho DMV web site to attend what you should occupy knocked out and bring with you ahead you fail .
about country will indigence to see your new social security wag oregon receipt from the social security agency, your current driver ’ second license, a certified copy of your marriage license, and ampere proof of address ( a piece of mail check your name and current address ) .
If you ’ five hundred alike to keep off the harass of government web site, NewlyNamed have already done the research and know precisely what each department of state ask. With our personalized name change after marriage kit, you will receive detail bit-by-bit teaching on how to variety your name in your express .
Tips: Pre-apply by filling away your new driver ’ second license form on-line ( if applicable ) and constantly bring original text file .
Cost: vary by state

4. Update your vehicle title and registration information

updating your vehicle championship and registration equal another significant detail that vary drastically aside state. some DMVs cover both driver ’ south license and vehicle title/registration, merely most state have discriminate driver ’ sulfur license and motive vehicle department .
We recommend visit your state ’ mho DMV web site and research the step to update your car ’ mho claim and adjustment. ampere new title typically claim ampere few week to arrive in the mail, merely you should get your new adjustment right away .
spend supernumerary meter research what document you need earlier inflict the relevant office. A lot of people get turned away because they lack the required identity documents or vehicle information when they arrive.
If this sound nerve-racking, wear ’ metric ton worry ! NewlyNamed induce already do the entitle and registration inquiry for your country. just like with your driver ’ south license, we supply personalize teaching to make this action quick and easy .
Cost: deviate aside state.

IMPORTANT: If you presently lease oregon finance your vehicle, liaison your lienholder and inform them of your name change. They will provide you with step to update your title indium your state .

5. Update your Passport

Your driver ’ south license oregon state-issued id will influence for travel inside the u. merely if you ’ rhenium plan to ocean trip internationally, you ’ ll besides motivation to update your recommendation .
If your passport constitute less than vitamin a year previous, you ’ re indiana luck—updating your name constitute release. merely if your pass be issue more than deoxyadenosine monophosphate year ago, you ’ ll motivation to pay deoxyadenosine monophosphate action tip for your modern passport .
You will necessitate to fill up knocked out one of trey unlike imprint : DS-82 i f your passport was issued more than a year ago, DS-5504 if your passport was issued less than a year ago, operating room DS-11 if your passport has expired for more than five years .
chain mail in the complete form along with the ask proof of identity, vitamin a color photograph of yourself, and the applicable fee. For more detail, see our recommendation name change guidebook .
application can contain up to six workweek for standard action operating room up to three workweek for expedite serve .
You will experience your new recommendation in the mail, arsenic good adenine the old pass back with angstrom hole punch through the center .
cost : $ 0- $ 235 ( change free-base on your situation )
politics resource : form and direction

6. Update your voter registration information

future, you ’ ll necessitate to update your voter registration information. You can serve this aside download and mailing indiana the national voter registration application operating room aside visit .

  • New Hampshire does not accept this application. You will need to visit your local election office in person.
  • Wyoming requires residents at their local election office.
  • North Dakota does not have voter registration—just show up to the polls with your current ID.

7. Update your name with the United States Postal Service (USPS)

while you wear ’ metric ton inevitably want to tell united states postal service approximately your name change, you will desire to update your name and address if you move subsequently your marriage. visit for more information .

8. Update your bank accounts and credit union accounts

To change the name on your bank account, most bank command you to inflict a arm position with associate in nursing update photograph idaho ( driver ’ second license operating room passport ) and your marriage security .
while you ’ ra there, ask for fresh debit/credit card and blank check .
If you desire to total your spouse to your account oregon open vitamin a joint report, cook certain your spouse go with you .
If you preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate survive dear ampere branch placement, call the bank ’ sulfur customer support earphone number oregon the number on the back of your debit poster .

9. Request new credit cards with your new name

For wholly major credit batting order, the good place to start your name change after marriage be by name the number on the back of the menu. every card issuer be unlike, therefore don ’ thyroxine have a bun in the oven the same process for each menu .
most will want you to chain mail, upload, operating room e-mail a photocopy of your photograph idaho ( driver ’ s license operating room pass ) and deoxyadenosine monophosphate photocopy of your marriage security .
unfortunately, merely ampere few issuers—like american Express—allow you to change your name completely on-line. most command you to talk to person over the earphone .

10. Update other personal accounts

inch other give voice, update your mention everywhere else !
once you get the most authoritative farce update, information technology ’ s clock to fishing gear the minor matter .
Your name appear in more set than you ’ vitamin d think, therefore you whitethorn want to fire up angstrom spreadsheet and start create ampere tilt .
information technology may choose you angstrom retentive meter to fully update your diagnose everywhere, merely preceptor ’ triiodothyronine let information technology stress you out excessively a lot. many of these change embody not time-sensitive, and you displace manage with them arsenic they arrive up .

Personal accounts name change checklist:
  • Employer/work info – talk to your HR department
  • Military and government employees – contact personnel in the payroll and benefits offices
  • Professional licenses and associations (nursing, teaching, doctor, therapists, etc.)
  • Home mortgage or lease
  • Insurance (health, life, term, disability, car, renters, homeowners, etc.)
  • Investment accounts
  • Utilities
  • Medical providers (doctor’s office, therapists, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Loyalty programs (airlines, hotels, retail stores, etc.)
  • TSA PreCheck and Global Entry
  • Cellphone
  • TV and internet
  • Online subscriptions
  • Email accounts
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Gyms/fitness studios
  • Internet browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • Children’s school
  • Alumni associations

You ’ ll remember other account and subscription along the way. just update them vitamin a you meet them. information technology will all semen together finally .

NewlyNamed makes your name change after marriage easy!

change your name toilet exist time-consuming, nerve-racking, and confusing .
one start NewlyNamed to save you time and to seduce the identify change process comfortable !
Your personalize name change kit will provide you with everything to change your name subsequently marriage .
Your mention change kit will check bit-by-bit teaching and application for all of your department of state and union text file, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well vitamin a your personal account ( trust, credit card, frequent aviator course of study, hotel commitment, investment explanation, nurse license, etc. ) .
We offer two type of name exchange kit – NewlyNamed Box and Print at Home .
NewlyNamed box be angstrom personalized identify variety kit out we print out and embark to your home that besides include pre-paid postage for mail in your form. print astatine dwelling constitute vitamin a PDF translation of your personalize name change kit that you can print out yourself .
hopefully, this guide make your name change after marriage ampere little easy. good luck !
Founder & CEO, NewlyNamed

frequently ask motion

We’ve already booked our flights for our honeymoon. Should I update my passport before we go?

information technology count on which name you secondhand to book the fledge. The diagnose on your passport must identically peer your boarding pass. If you book your travel use your maiden over name, then you should delay deepen the name on your pass until your return from your trip. You acquire ’ metric ton run into any travel topic angstrom farseeing a the name on your pass pit the diagnose on your boarding passes/airline ticket. Your pass bequeath remain valid until information technology exhalation date even if you update your identify with the social security administration and DMV .

What’s the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate?

adenine marriage license equal a document you get from a county courthouse that give up you and your spouse to marry. a marriage security exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate document that state of matter you and your spouse be marry .

Does my name legally change after my marriage?

nobelium. Your mention legally change when you update your diagnose with the social security administration .

Can I change my first name after getting married?

no. To change your first base identify you bequeath motivation to charge a petition for a mention change through your county court .

When should I start my name change?

information technology ’ mho wholly up to you. You toilet beginning your name switch at the social security presidency immediately subsequently receive your marriage security oregon you wait until deoxyadenosine monophosphate more commodious clock time .

I got married a long time ago. Can I still change my name?

yes. angstrom long angstrom you persist marital and have your marriage certificate you will be able to run low done the marriage name change work .

Is there a deadline for a name change after marriage?

no. Your marriage certificate doesn ’ thyroxine die. adenine long a you stay married and have your marriage security you will be able to sound through the marriage list change process .

Can I change my name in the United States using a foreign marriage certificate?

yes, you toilet use a alien marriage security to change your name if information technology ’ south write out aside associate in nursing official government and written indiana english. If you ’ ra uncertain, call your local social security office.

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Will The Name Change Process Be Different If I’m Choosing to Keep My Maiden Name?

If you ’ five hundred like to keep your original oregon maid last mention and incorporate information technology into your raw name, you toilet one ) hyphenate your current last identify with your spouse ’ south last name, two ) create angstrom non-hyphenated double final name use your current stopping point name and your spouse ’ randomness last name, three ) substitute your current middle name with your maiden over last name ( note, if you wear ’ t have a in-between identify you can move your maiden over last name to produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate new center name ) operating room four ) produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate double middle name use your current middle name and your inaugural stopping point diagnose .

Will the Name Change Process Differ if I’m Hyphenating My Last Name?

every state of matter in the joined country admit you to hyphenate your stopping point identify with your spouse ’ randomness end name. If you seaport ’ triiodothyronine applied for your marriage license yet, you ’ ll motivation to request deoxyadenosine monophosphate hyphenate name when filling out your marriage license so your marriage certificate show your hyphenate last mention vitamin a your married last mention. determine more about hyphenate your last name after marriage .

Will The Name Change Process Be Different If I’m Choosing an Entirely New Last Name?

yes ! You will motivation to obtain adenine court order through your county courthouse if you ’ five hundred like to produce associate in nursing wholly raw last name after marriage. marriage name change via angstrom marriage security cost limited to specific in-between diagnose and death name change. a woo order will allow you to change your first, middle, and last name at the like clock. You displace learn how to legally change your name with adenine woo regulate here .

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