How to Change Microsoft Email Addresses

What to Know

  • Create: Go to website > select No Account? Create One! > Use Your Email Instead > Get New Email Address.
  • Next: Type in email > select or > Next > choose password > Next > follow prompts.
  • Add to Microsoft: Go to Add Alias page > select Create New to make new email or Add Existing to add email.

This article explains how to create a newly Microsoft e-mail address and change the address associated with a Microsoft account .

Create a New Microsoft Email Address

To change your Microsoft electronic mail, you may choose to create a newly report. With a new Microsoft account, you can export e-mail messages, contacts, and early information from your old account and then import the data to use with your newfangled e-mail savoir-faire.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Account Sign in page at .

  2. Click No Account? Create One!
    No Account? Create One

  3. Click Use Your Email Instead if prompted for your phone number .
    Use your email instead

  4. Click Get New Email Address .

  5. type in the electronic mail you want to use and select either or .
    Create a new email address

  6. Click Next .

  7. Enter a password and suction stop Next .

  8. Enter your information as prompted to complete frame-up .

Add an Alias to Your Microsoft Account

Microsoft besides provides a promptly and comfortable way to create an alias for your current account which is a beneficial way to change your Microsoft e-mail address. alternatively, you can use another e-mail address you have as an alias, if you prefer .

  1. Go to the Add an Alias page and log in to your existing Microsoft account, if prompted .

  2. Click Create a New Email Address and Add It as an Alias if you want a new e-mail address for your alias. Click Add an Existing Email Address as a Microsoft Account Alias to use an electronic mail address you already have .
    Add an alias for Microsoft

  3. Enter the e-mail savoir-faire you want to use and click Add Alias. A message will appear stating that you have associated the alias with your account .

Log in with an Alias

By default, you can log in with any alias you add ( you can have up to 10 at a time ). You can change your sign-in preferences to select how you log in .

  1. sign in to the Microsoft bill web site .

  2. Click Your Info at the peak of the page .

  3. Click Manage How You Sign In .

  4. Click Change Sign-in Preferences.

  5. open the check corner next to any alias you do n’t want to use to log in and then click Save .

To remove an alias, go to the Manage How You Sign in to Microsoft page and snap Remove following to the alias you no longer want to use.

Change Your primary Alias

You can choose the alias you want to appear as your chief electronic mail address .

You ca n’t use an e-mail address associated with a work or school score as your primary alias .

  1. sign in to the Microsoft account web site .

  2. Click Your Info at the top of the page .

  3. Click Manage How You Sign In .

  4. Click Make Primary adjacent to the alias you want to use as your primary electronic mail address in Microsoft .

  5. Click Yes to confirm .

Choose an Alias to Use on

If you use to read and send e-mail messages, you can pick any of the aliases you create or add to appear in the From line of an electronic mail .

  1. Log in to .

  2. Click Settings, which is the gear icon in the upper-right corner .

  3. Click the View All Outlook Settings link at the buttocks of the settings menu .

  4. Click Sync Email in the left field acid of the Settings window .
    Sync Email

  5. Select the alias you want to use in the Set Default From Address list.

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  6. Click Save and close the window .

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