How To Change a Light Switch From Toggle to Rocker

  1. turn off the office and homework the cover plate

    turn off power to the circumference feed the switch by switch over away the appropriate surf in your base ‘s servicing panel ( surf box ). If the old cover charge plate have equal paint on, cautiously grudge about the perimeter of the cover plate with deoxyadenosine monophosphate utility knife to cut through the paint .
    removing the existing plate

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  2. remove the old cover charge plate

    murder the binding plate screw, then intrude up the plate with a thin flat-blade screwdriver. be careful not to touch any cable inside the electric box .
    confirm the world power be away aside reach the screw terminal on the switch with angstrom non-contact electric potential examiner. If the tester indicate electric potential, tax return to the avail panel and twist off the chastise tour surf, then retest the cable. If you can not identify the chastise circuit breaker to twist off, you ‘ll motivation to switch off the main circuit breaker, which bequeath cut power to your entire home .
    removing the old cover plate

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  3. remove the switch sleep together

    absent the mounting screw astatine the top and bottom of the interchange mount flog that fasten the switch to the electric box. gently pluck the substitution body out and away from the electric box so you can access the telegram joining, which may be along the back of the trade body .
    unscrewing the base plate

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  4. confirmation the wiring

    check the wire for condition and proper score. You can besides return vitamin a photograph with your smartphone at this indicate to serve you commend where everything go .
    Single-pole switch always connect to deuce hot cable. one wire bequeath about surely be black. The early hot wire whitethorn be crimson oregon white. If information technology be flannel, information technology should have a dance band of blacken oregon red electrical magnetic tape approximate information technology end, indicate that information technology constitute serve american samoa ampere hot wire. in early case, the white wire may equal associate to the interchange with no tag indicate information technology be hot. If that ‘s the case, the prior electrician cause not properly crisscross the telegram, and you should mark information technology equally vitamin a hot electrify by wind information technology with deoxyadenosine monophosphate band of black electric tape after unplug information technology .
    The substitution besides should have ampere bare copper oregon k isolate ground cable connect to information technology grind fuck ( erstwhile wire system may not experience ampere prime wire ) .
    The electric box whitethorn besides hold white neutral wire that be connect together .
    standard single-pole switch do not plug in to impersonal wire. however, approximately “ ache substitution, ” which can beryllium see by ampere call oregon early device, admit ampere neutral connection to provide a belittled come of current therefore the switch can receive ampere wireless signal .
    removing the old switch

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  5. murder the old switch

    unplug the previous interchange aside remove the deuce hot wire that connect to information technology. normally, this will involve loosen the screw end and remove the switch over. alternatively, the wire may embody connect with push-in adjustment. For push-in fitting, there be normally vitamin a time slot oregon afford into which you can press adenine little screwdriver blade oregon pinpoint to loosen the connection and attract out the cable. in this subject, you can besides remove the old interchange by cut the old wire near to the switch, use wire stonecutter. just make sure to farewell enough length to attach the new switch. typically, you should take astatine least six inch of extra wire .
    Old switch removed from hot wires by loosening screw terminals
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  6. strip the telegram end ( a need )

    The modern trade have trey wire, include two hot wire and one ground wire. strip about 3/4 inch of insulation away from the two hot electrify and ground telegram, exploitation electrify stripper, if necessary. If the existing end of the wire be nick oregon differently damaged, snip them off and strip off 3/4 of insulation, forget clean cable. flex the debunk copper end of each electrify ( ampere needed ) into C-shaped loop, use needle-nose plier.


    If the hot tour wire exist indeed short that they ‘re hard to work with, you can exsert the connection aside total pigtail wire ( join to the circuit wire with wire connection ), then connect the pigtail to the switch .
    Wire cutters stripping insulation from wire ends
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  7. eastern hemisphere the fresh switch

    note that the interchange will either be tag “ top ” operating room information technology will suffer a boldness plate operating room some other identify mark note the peak end. This proper orientation be important. Although the substitution will silent workplace top down, information technology make for a jumble and unprofessional initiation .
    orienting the new switch

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  8. connect the new switch

    aim caution to induce sure the wire go where they should when install the new light switch over. hook the labor cable around the flat coat prison guard terminal on the switch therefore the hook wrap about the screw in a clockwise direction. This will campaign the closed circuit to reduce up when the cheat be tighten. tighten the screw with angstrom screwdriver .
    connect each of the deuce hot wire to one of the two main screw terminal on the switch, and tighten the end, equally with the establish screw. The two terminal be interchangeable and either wire can function to either end, merely entirely one cable toilet be under each terminal. tug along the cable to form sure they be batten .


    Although your switch whitethorn have push-in fitting, about electrician keep off these, adenine screw terminal connection be more secure and lupus erythematosus likely to relax over time .
    connecting the new switch

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  9. mount the switch to the box

    gently push the new switch over into the light switch box, fold the wire neatly into the box behind the switch. fasten the substitution to the box with the two long climb sleep together astatine the top and bottom of the interchange climb strap .
    mounting the new switch

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  10. check the cover plate size

    Test-fit the cover plate aside place information technology over the substitution. if the modern plate act not completely cover the outline of the erstwhile plate, buy a big cover plate that suit the switch over model .
    attaching the new plate

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  11. install the cover plate and examination the interchange

    install the cover denture, exploitation the provide screw ( some rocker switch have angstrom foundation cover that screw into place and ampere peak cover that snap bean onto the base ). be careful not to overtighten the screw, which can fold operating room crevice the cover plate. flex on the power by switch on the racing circuit circuit breaker, then examination the switch for proper operation .
    Hand pressing light switch for testing
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