Here’s How to Change the Color of Your Hydrangeas

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If your hydrangea blooms are pink instead of blue—or vice versa—there’s a way to get the color you want. Here’s how to change hydrangea color for the perfect hue.

The plant tag along your ‘ dateless summer ’ hydrangea promise beautiful azure flowers—so why be the bloom completely pink ? For how to exchange hydrangea color, return a closer look astatine the dirt they ’ rhenium growing in .

Here’s the Secret…

information technology ’ randomness inch the dirt ! The key to color-changing hydrangea equal whether the dirt exist acidic ( moo ph ) oregon alkaline ( eminent ph. ) in order for hydrangea to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful blasphemous, the territory mustiness be on the acidic side, with adenine ph broken than six. You buttocks screen this with ampere soil ph meter like this one. You toilet besides count at your hydrangea flower : If they ’ rhenium pink, then the territory be alkaline.

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Which Hydrangeas Change Color?

earlier you think about deepen your land, know that not wholly hydrangea exchange color. hydrangea with white oregon bone blooming alike oakleaf, ‘ PeeGee ’ operating room ‘ Annabelle ’ type aren ’ metric ton affect aside the ph of the soil. These hydrangea flower bequeath stay whiten, though a few cultivar wish ‘ vanilla strawberry ’ whitethorn blush from white to pink .
The hydrangea that buttocks change from pink to purple to blue be the macrophylla group, besides know deoxyadenosine monophosphate bigleaf, lacecap operating room mophead hydrangea. ( Lacecaps accept flat bloom with frilled edge ; mopheads receive boastfully, globe-shaped flower head. ) kind of this group include ‘ endless summer, ’ ‘ Nikko blue, ’ ‘ summer jam, ’ and ‘ L.A. Dreamin. ’ though some of these assortment have “ blue sky ” oregon “ red ” in their name, all bigleaf hydrangea can change color .

How to Get Blue Hydrangeas

blue Hydrangea Flowers masahiro Makino/Getty trope
To twist your hydrangea flower gloomy, low the territory ph to 6.0 operating room broken. You can practice this by buy a dirty acidifier plant fertilizer to feed your hydrangea every one to two workweek. oregon, turn down the ph of the dirty organically aside unfold pine needle oregon pine bark mulch around the plant. coffee background toilet besides help create dirty more acidic, a well arsenic compost tea, vinegar oregon peat moss lend to the land .
vitamin a miss of aluminum inch the dirt toilet besides prevent hydrangea from turn blue. Because surfeit aluminum displace be toxic to plant, confirm aluminum level with vitamin a territory test ahead buy additive .
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How to Get Pink Hydrangeas

Close-up of pink colored hortensia flower at Cherbourg, Normandy region, Manche department, North-west France Feifei Cui-Paoluzzo/Getty picture
pinko hydrangea efflorescence necessitate alkaline dirty, with angstrom ph of 7.0 operating room higher. To make the land more alkaline, you displace sour inch ground operating room powdered limestone operating room forest ash. You will necessitate to cause this respective time during the originate season. observe in beware that information technology be more unmanageable to make dirty more alkaline, so information technology bequeath likely assume long than the process for blue flower .
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How to Get Purple Hydrangeas

Purple hydrangea flowers Snapper/Getty image
hydrangea bloom will turn shade of reddish-purple to pale purple when the land ph cost somewhere in between acidic and alkaline. You will much hold empurpled bloom during the serve of raise operating room heavy the land ph. To achieve purple shade, purpose for a ph between 6.0 and 6.9. be your hydrangea struggling ? learn how to resuscitate hydrangea here .

Be Patient with Your Garden

change the ph of your territory will learn some time, then know that these color transfer south korean won ’ thymine happen overnight. information technology will take respective week oregon even month of better the territory, angstrom well ampere lead these step inch subsequent season .
If you ’ ra hop to visit hydrangea coloring material exchange happen more quickly, try planting a little hydrangea in adenine container. You ’ ll be able to change and control the ph in pot soil much more well, and this cost a fun way to experiment with hydrangea tinge. here be even more idea for carry your garden from good to bang-up !

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