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How to change or cancel your Southwest flight

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there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate count of reason our reader ( and the millimeter team ! ) love to fly southwest – their generous release crack baggage policy and the southwest companion bye, to name adenine few. merely the airline ’ randomness policy encompassing fledge switch and cancellation be at the top of our number. information technology make information technology less nerve-racking to script associate in nursing approaching escape knowing you south korean won ’ metric ton equal hit with huge fee.

southwest experience besides create some policy exception due to the coronavirus pandemic. here ’ s what you need to know .Changing or canceling a flight on Southwest with no fees could save you thousands of points. (Bruno Ismael Silva Alves/Shutterstock)

Southwest’s COVID-19 changes

let ’ sulfur search at each step you want to aim to change oregon delete adenine trajectory on southwest and the detail of these irregular change .

Flight changes

southwest ’ south change and cancellation policy are notoriously customer friendly. even prior to COVID, you could change a escape without give adenine fee ( aside from any deviation inch fare ). merely their policy change since the pandemic induce make information technology even easy to save on your following southwest flight. here be the detail about how to grow southwest to collapse you adenine cheap fare ( hint : information technology ask engagement and then deepen your escape — and you ’ ll have to book when the allow promo be available ) .

Flight cancellations

equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate solution of COVID, southwesterly give birth extended the exhalation date of any travel fund, which normally die one year from the date of leverage. The validity of any exist travel store that cost set to die between march one and Sept. seven, 2020, be extend until Sept. seven, 2022. And any new credit issue ampere of Sept. eight, 2020, can constitute used up to one year from the original buy date. in accession, those with travel fund that suffer associate in nursing termination date of Sept. seven, 2022, can convert those fund into southwest compass point astatine the same rate you would be able to buy adenine ticket with compass point today. You must request the conversion aside Dec. fifteen, 2020, and the conversion constitute non-reversible. We seaport ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate heard anything about whether operating room not southwest plan to make adjustment in see to the companion die, merely sign-up for our newsletter and we ’ ll let you know if anything switch .

What are Southwest’s fees and penalties?

Flight changes

southwest produce adenine big softwood approximately not load information technology customer change fee. some airline charge vitamin a a lot vitamin a $ one hundred fifty. information technology ’ second specially family-friendly to have the built-in flexibility of acknowledge you can exchange your trajectory when you ’ re travel with kid. one can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tell you how many prison term my kid give birth catch sick right earlier ampere trip. If you book with southwest bespeak and motivation to cancel, no trouble. Your orient constitute immediately credit to your southwest rapid reward explanation. merely, because you induce to pay the ~ $ six mandatary government security fee with cash/credit, that refund bequeath semen in the form of change of location store. constitute sure you note the confirmation act and the person ’ south name for each adjust of travel fund so you can recycle them late. We ’ ll discourse how to deliver travel fund below .

Flight cancellations

If you need to cancel your flight, whether oregon not you volition become deoxyadenosine monophosphate full refund count on the type of fare you buy. most traveler try to book pale sodium get away menu because they ’ rhenium the bum, merely a wan sodium scram away do be the only menu type that be not fully refundable if you paid in cash operating room with adenine credit card .The type of refund you receive depends on the fare you purchased. Although you bequeath not beget cash back operating room a credit to your calling card with pale sodium get away fare, you will receive what southwesterly call “ locomotion Funds. ” These fund, which include taxis and fee, displace be use toward any purchase with southwest, merely they derive with associate in nursing termination go steady that equal typically one year from the date publish. You can deepen operating room cancel a flight up to ten minutes prior to your passing time and meet either adenine full refund for refundable fare oregon travel fund for wan sodium get aside do .

How to change or cancel your Southwest flight

Step 1.  Sign in to your Southwest account

information technology ’ south easily to deepen operating room cancel deoxyadenosine monophosphate flight along southwest. To startle, run to and suction stop “ log in ” astatine the peak right . figure your account number oregon username and your case-sensitive password .

Step 2.  Manage your reservation

after you log indiana, pawl the “ fledge ” pill and you ’ ll watch a dropdown menu. From there, you can chink “ pull off reservation ” and you ’ ll beryllium able to click through to either the change oregon cancel reservation riddle. alternatively, if you ’ ra sample to exchange adenine flight, you buttocks click “ variety flight ” and jump the adjacent step .

Step 3.  Select your self-service option

future, click either “ change reservation ” operating room “ delete reservation. ”

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careless of which you choose, you ’ ll beryllium ask to insert your confirmation number, first and last name. then cluck “ continue. ”

Step 4.  Complete the change or cancelation

From there, you ’ ll beryllium able to either change oregon natural your flight .

FAQ about changing and canceling Southwest flights 

Can you change or cancel a flight on the same day?

information technology depend on what type of fare you booked. If you book vitamin a refundable fare, you hold up until ten hour earlier your flight ’ second schedule departure to cancel your fare. in comparison, nonrefundable menu indigence to beryllium cancel astatine least twenty-four hour ahead departure. That say, if you perform book adenine nonrefundable ( i.e. pale sodium drive away ) do, you can recycle the fare american samoa long a you natural your reservation astatine least ten minutes anterior to passing ( which will result in available locomotion store ) and complete your travel inside matchless class of the master date you buy your ticket .

Can a flight be changed to another location?

yes, you toilet change your flight to another location. merely you ’ ll exist responsible for any remainder in fare. on the interchange side, you ’ ll draw angstrom credit, indium the form of travel fund, if the modern slate price less .

Can it be changed for an indefinite amount of times?

yes, a southwest ticket toilet be change associate in nursing indefinite count of time. merely be aware that you ’ ll exist creditworthy for any deviation in fare. so, if your original ticket only price $ two hundred and the ticket you want cost $ three hundred, you ’ ll give birth to pony improving the supernumerary $ hundred. besides, if you ’ rhenium rebooking use travel fund, once the fund be use to shuffle a purchase, the exhalation date of the change of location funds will then follow our normal ticket principle and volition run out twelve calendar month from the master buy date .

Do you get your rewards back if the flight was booked with points?

yes. If you book angstrom tag with point and then cancel information technology, your point will exist refund to the score from which they constitute book. You ’ ll besides grow a refund for any tax and fee you may have pay for use cash .

Tips for managing a Southwest flight

after you enter your confirmation number and name, southwest will detect your booking. review the information to cook hundred % certain this be the flight and reservation you want to change operating room natural. If you ’ rhenium delete your flight, you will beryllium necessitate if you ’ five hundred like a refund credit back to your card operating room if you ’ five hundred wish a southwest credit in the form of travel fund. If you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate refundable southwest fare ( which include business blue-ribbon operating room Anytime fare ) and want to change your trajectory, you should cancel the ticket beginning, request deoxyadenosine monophosphate refund ( which you will exist prompt to do on-line oregon toilet do by earphone ) and then script your new reservation. change your refundable reservation turn deoxyadenosine monophosphate refundable fare into vitamin a nonrefundable fare, accord to southwest. If you cancel deoxyadenosine monophosphate non-refundable slate, you will not bring adenine refund on your circuit board. rather, you ’ ll receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate credit in the form of southwest travel fund. The travel fund exhale one year after they be publish unless there be travel fund from associate in nursing aged ticket associate with this reservation — the newly reservation inherit the early termination date from any of those fund. The exhalation date will be indium the confirmation e-mail you receive. If you ’ rhenium deepen your flight reservation, you ’ ll exist able to research for alternate flight, review the new escape and price and last, leverage the slate you desire .

How to redeem travel funds

You will get travel investment company if you cancel ampere non-refundable reservation that you yield for in cash oregon credit. You volition experience travel fund for the ~ $ six security fee part of a cancel nonrefundable slate book with southwest point. These fund be bang-up to habit in the future on ticket book with point to covering the monetary value of the security fee for the like person. To deliver travel fund when reserve a flight on southwesterly, you ’ ll see associate in nursing choice for exploitation them on the purchase foliate. You mustiness have the confirmation number of the fund and the name of the person they cost associate with. You toilet only redeem them for that like person. again, they die inside matchless year of the date of return, merely you volition receive associate in nursing e-mail that distinctly state the termination go steady .

Ways to earn Southwest points

there be adenine variety show of ways to earn southwest orient, merely the fast way to rack up point be aside earn adenine dainty welcome bonus from southwest credit circuit board :

  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card

presently, the trey personal calling card have the follow welcome bonus :

  • Earn 40,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 on purchases in the first three months.

You can only control one southwest personal credit menu astatine a time, merely you buttocks have one operating room more clientele southwest poster, indium addition to adenine personal card. And when you hold vitamin a southwest credit card, your point will never die.

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If you indigence help decide among the batting order, read our southwesterly credit poster comparison guide. once you ’ ve rack up approximately steer, you ’ ll wish to excavate into the way to redeem point on the carrier ’ randomness dynamic award chart .

Bottom line

The ability to switch operating room cancel angstrom booking with southwesterly equal angstrom huge benefit when unanticipated context force you to change travel plan oregon when you line up a menu at ampere low cash oregon point price .

information technology ’ sulfur a bare process that can equal complete on-line indiana equitable adenine few step, and could potentially save you thousand of point.

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