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How to change emails on Spotify. After trying several times to log into your account Spotify unsuccessfully, he recalled that the latter is associated with a email that you have n’t used for a long time. consequently, you have decided to update your electronic mail address. This can be done from your computer, telephone, and tablet .

How to change electronic mail on Spotify

Everything you need to do to change emails on Spotify is to entree the section Profile of your account, enter the raw electronic mail address that will be used in the celebrated streaming service of music yttrium save the changes .

From the computer

For, change email in Spotify from computer, connected to the official web site of the celebrated music streaming servicing, snap on the item Log In, at the top right, enter the data associated with your account in the fields Email address or username y Password and press the clitoris Log in. now, select the Profile in the bequeath sidebar and in the newfangled screen that appears, delete the electronic mail address visible in the discipline Email.

At this point, enter the new savoir-faire you intend to associate with your Spotify account in the field in question, enter the password you use to access Spotify in the sphere Password and click on the button Save profile, to save the changes. If all went well, you should now be able to log into Spotify with the new electronic mail address. In addition, in a few moments you will receive an electronic mail from Spotify to your “ honest-to-god ” address, with a compendious of the change you good made. Have you downloaded and installed the official Spotify customer on your personal computer and wondering if it is possible to change your e-mail address from the latter ‘s settings ? In this case, you should know that it is not possible to do it directly : in fact, when selecting the choice to change the e-mail address associated with your account, you will automatically be redirected to the section Profile from your account on the official Spotify web site If you think this is the most virtual solution to change the electronic mail savoir-faire associated with your report, start Spotify and if you have not set up automatic login, weigh the button Log In. then enter your data in the fields Email address or username es Password and click the release again Log in. now, click on the icon arrow pointing down visible future to your list, select the choice Account from the menu that opens and you will be mechanically redirected to the official Spotify web site, in the section Profile of your account. At this point, all you have to do is enter the new e-mail cover that you want to use to log into Spotify in the playing field Email, write the password in the correspond field and click the button Save profile, to save the changes .

From phones and tablets

Through the Spotify app for devices Android y iPhone / iPad, you can access your account settings to change your username and change your profile picture, but not to change your e-mail address. To perform the operation in wonder, it is necessary to connect to the official web site of the celebrated music stream service through the browser installed on your device. consequently, to continue, launch the browser you normally use to browse Internet from your device ( eg. Chrome on Android and Safari on iPhone / iPad ), connect to the Spotify main page, tap the ☰ clitoris at the top right, and select the option Log In in the menu that opens. On the newly screen that appears, enter your login details in the fields Email address or username es Password and touch the button Log In, to log in to your account. once done, click on the button Profile, delete the electronic mail address visible in the field Email and enter what you want to associate with your history. then write the password you use to entree Spotify in the equate field, tap the button Save profile.

If you followed the instructions I gave you in the previous lines of this scout but, in the section Profile from your account, it is impossible to delete the e-mail address visible in the field Email, you have most probably signed up for Spotify using your own count of Facebook. In this encase, to change the e-mail address on Spotify, you must change the electronic mail address associated with your Facebook score. To proceed from a calculator, connect to the main foliate of the celebrated social network, crush the icon of a arrow pointing down ( top correct ) and blue-ribbon option configurations in the menu that opens.

In the newfangled screen that appears, choose the detail Apps and websites visible in the sidebar on the left, select the pill Active / e and click on the option Look and edit related to Spotify. now, make sure Spotify can see the e-mail savoir-faire associated with your Facebook report. If not, move the pry next to the choice Email address de OFF a EN and suction stop on the clitoris Save, to save the changes. After that, select the option General visible in the sidebar on the left, find the item Contact and chatter on the appropriate choice Edit. then snap on the detail Add another email address or phone number mobile phone, enter the new electronic mail address in the field New Email and press the buttons Add yttrium Close. now, go to the inbox related to the e-mail address added on Facebook, locate the electronic mail sent by the celebrated social network and click the push button Confirmation contained in it, to verify your identity. On the newly opened page, suction stop Edit related to the choice Contact, select the article Set As Primary relative to the new e-mail address and click the option Eliminate in relation to the “ old ” electronic mail address. If you prefer to continue from your mobile phone and pad, using the Facebook application to Android devices or iPhone / iPad, start the latter, imperativeness the ☰ push button and select the items Settings and privacy > configurations. On the new blind that appears, tap the options Personal information > second Contact and choose Add an email address from the menu that is proposed to you. once done, enter the new e-mail address to use for Facebook and Spotify in the field Add another email address, introduces the password of your Facebook account in the corresponding field and weight-lift the button Add Email. After verifying the e-mail address you fair added, pressing the button Confirmation contented in the e-mail sent by Facebook, access the segment again Contact, press the new email and touch the button Set As Primary. last, if you intend to delete the erstwhile e-mail address, urge on it and select the choice Eliminate. Doing so will besides change the e-mail address associated with your Spotify account within a few hours.

In subject of problems

If all your attempts to change the electronic mail in Spotify have not given the desire result, I recommend that you access the Spotify support center field to try to solve your problems with complete autonomy or request aid. To proceed from a personal computer deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as from a earphone and a tablet, connected to the Contact Spotify page of the official web site of the celebrated music streaming service, select the choice Account and click on the article I want to change my account details. On the modern shield that appears, tap Change your email address and try to implement the instructions on the screen door. If you calm can not change the e-mail address of your Spotify account, please login to the section again Contact Spotify, Press the button I still need help and enter the First name in the allow field.

then describe the problem found in the field. Tell us more on and snap on the button Submit your question, to send your message to Spotify staff, who will respond american samoa soon as possible. last, I point out that clicking the button I still need help and selecting the option Get help in English with the Chat live, you can get real-time support via chat ( in English ) .

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