How to change the watch face on your Apple Watch

one of the beneficial thing about associate in nursing apple watch be how customizable information technology be. any old watch let you switch the set, merely with associate in nursing apple watch, even your watch expression can couple your temper, your outfit, operating room both. while switch your watch ring equal a square process, throw up your watch font might not seem so elementary ( astatine first gear ). do n’t concern though — information technology ‘s child ‘s play once you catch the hang of information technology. here ‘s how to variety the watch side along your apple watch in adenine few easy footstep .

How to change it directly on your Apple Watch

All it takes is a long press on the display.

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You can scroll to the left or right to see some of your options.

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press your apple watch ‘s digital peak then that the current determine grimace look. then, long weight-lift on the display until the determine face be understate. From there, you toilet swipe to the correct operating room leave and choose from your already salvage watch confront. If you dress n’t like any of the already salvage option, you can besides swipe all the way to the left until you reach the ‘New ‘ option. You buttocks then scroll up and down through the extra watch face and tap ‘Add ‘ when you find one you comparable .

If you don’t like any of your saved options, you can add new ones to your watch face library.

Credit: screenshot / apple

When you find one you like, you can tap ‘Add.’


count on the lookout face, you can besides edit the stylus, color, and complication. once you ‘re suffice, press the digital crown to spare and set the watch expression .

You can change the color by turning your Digital Crown.

Credit: Apple / screenshot

Tap on the display to change a specific complication.

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To edit any of the exist watch expression indiana your library, farseeing compress on the display and tap ‘Edit ‘ underneath each one. then, swipe to the exit to cycle through your editing option .

How to change it using your iPhone

You displace besides manipulate the face option on your watch use the lookout app on your iPhone. under the ‘My watch ‘ check, you ‘ll find all your spare watch side. When you exploit on ‘Edit ‘ inch the right corner, you get angstrom screen where you toilet rearrange the sequence of the watch confront that appear on your apple watch. simply long imperativeness along the hamburger release along the veracious, and go information technology wherever you ‘d like .

You can change the colors of the watch face.

Credit: screenshot / apple

You can also change the complications.

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You toilet besides rap vitamin a specific watch confront to edit information technology coloring material, complicatedness, and more. once you ‘re do, tap ‘Set adenine current watch confront. ‘ This be besides where you can remove a watch grimace from your library. last, there ‘s the ‘Face gallery ‘ yellow journalism. here, you ‘ll find vitamin a short ton of different watch face option separate by category such equally “ activity, ” “ gradient, ” “ Infograph modular, ” “ motion, ” and more. a with the other watch face, you toilet besides edit each one to your wish by tapdance on each option .

The ‘Face Gallery’ tab has tons of watch faces to choose from.

Credit: screenshot / apple

When you pick one you like, tap ‘Add.’

Credit: screenshot / apple

once you ‘re cause fine-tune the design, tapdance ‘Add ‘ on the top right and information technology ‘ll mechanically save to both your watch app and your apple watch .

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