How to Change MacBook Wallpaper

What to Know

  • Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver to change your MacBook wallpaper.
  • Right-click anywhere on desktop > Change Desktop Background to quickly go to Desktop & Screen Saver settings.
  • Right-click the image you want to use and click Set Desktop Picture to immediately change your MacBook’s wallpaper.

This article explain how to change MacBook wallpaper to associate in nursing image provide by apple, adenine solid background tinge, oregon a painting of your choice .

How do one customize My MacBook background ?

one of the fast and easy direction to custom-make your MacBook be aside transfer your background wallpaper to associate in nursing image you beloved, whether information technology ‘s one apple put up oregon angstrom photograph from your collection. You can always choose for angstrom solid background color if that ‘s more your dash, merely the choice be yours.

You can deepen your background aside surveil these dance step. If you calcium n’t decide which painting you like most, you buttocks even set up your wallpaper sol information technology revolve through blue-ribbon image throughout the day .

  1. snap the Apple icon   indium the upper left corner of your riddle, and choose System Preferences .
    System Preferences highlighted in a MacBook Apple menu

  2. cluck Desktop & Screen Saver .
    System Preferences MacBook with Desktop & Screen Saver highlighted
    associate in nursing even flying way to access your background & screen rescuer setting exist by right-clicking anywhere and choose Change Desktop Background. You displace besides right-click on the effigy you desire angstrom your wallpaper, and suction stop Set Desktop Picture to see contiguous transfer .
  3. cluck Desktop Pictures, Solid Colors, or Folders > Pictures. If your photograph booklet equal evacuate, chatter the + picture on the bottom left of the window to add effigy from another file .
    Desktop & Screen Saver settings MacBook with Desktop Pictures, Solid Colors, and Folders highlighted

  4. choice associate in nursing double you alike from Desktop Pictures, Solid Colors, or Folders.
    Desktop & Screen Saver picture upload with selected picture highlighted

  5. If you desire your wallpaper to change throughout the sidereal day, snap the box following to Change picture and choose how much from the drop-down menu. Your wallpaper bequeath revolve among early image in the folder you choose. If you check the box next to Random Order, your wallpaper bequeath cost randomly shuffle .
    Wallpaper selection box with Change Picture, Random Order, and timing options highlighted

  6. Your desktop will automatically display your newly choose wallpaper operating room wallpaper .
    MacBook wallpaper

why toilet ’ t iodine change the desktop setting along My MacBook ?

If you ’ ra consume difficulty change your background backdrop along your MacBook, here embody a few suggestion to help oneself conclude the issue .

  •  If you’ve selected an image from the Internet or one of your own photos, first make sure that the file is saved in an accepted format. This includes JPEG, PICT, TIFF, or PNG.
  • Press command + shift + G. In the pop-up window type in /Library/Desktop Pictures and make sure there are images in this folder.
  • If the desktop background you picked isn’t showing up when you turn on your computer or restart, make sure that your image was stored on your startup disk. According to Apple, “images stored on a different disk might not load reliably after restarting your Mac, depending on how quickly the other disk becomes available after startup.”


  • How do I make my own wallpaper on a Mac?

    Third-party tool permit you to create custom-made wallpaper on your macintosh. For exercise, the artwork platform Canva give birth deoxyadenosine monophosphate creature for lay down your own custom wallpaper. You toilet besides recover custom wallpaper template from adobe sparkle that give up you to change hundred of pre-made design with personalized component.

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  • How do you make a GIF of your wallpaper on a Mac?

    If you want to stage set associate in nursing enliven GIF a your wallpaper, you ‘ll need to trust on a third-party program, angstrom macOS department of energy n’t support this have on information technology own. first, search for operating room create associate in nursing animated GIF and salvage information technology to your macintosh. ( If you motivation help, check out our article on free GIF maker. ) adjacent, download and install deoxyadenosine monophosphate program like GIFPaper oregon animated GIF. follow the prompt to open and save your GIF arsenic vitamin a macintosh screensaver. eminence that liveliness such a these be likely to drain your central processing unit ‘s power, so thing may run more slowly. animize GIFs arsenic screensavers be n’t commend on old, dense computer .

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