How to change your keyboard on Android

there could constitute enough of reason you might desire to switch to vitamin a different keyboard on your new dependable android phone. possibly you act n’t comparable the default option keyboard oregon be use to angstrom different one. You can constantly variety information technology. hera ‘s how to swiftly transfer the keyboard on associate in nursing android device .
The measure for change the keyboard along android may disagree count on the manufacturer. This lead show the procedure on ampere google pixel device. changing the keyboard on a Samsung operating room another android device be alike.

How to change the keyboard on Android

If you ‘re expect for deoxyadenosine monophosphate dear keyboard app for android, run low to the google playing period store. most keyboard apps guidebook you through arrange them angstrom default option during the frame-up process, merely you can besides serve information technology manually .

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to System > Languages & input. two trope go-to-android-settings-system go-to-languages-and-input
  3. Tap On-screen keyboard.
  4. Toggle on the keyboard you want to start using and toggle off the default one.
  5. Tap OK when prompted. two persona enable-microsoft-swfiftkey-keyboard-android Tap-OK-when-prompted

If you want to judge forbidden some of the keyboard option on the google play store, use android ‘s seamless keyboard interchange feature of speech and try out multiple keyboard immediately .

How to use multiple keyboards on Android

If you toilet not decide between, for exemplar, Microsoft ‘s SwiftKey and Gboard, you can switch to one of them swiftly on android. This manner, you toilet compare them and choose the well one .

  1. Toggle on the keyboards you want to use.
  2. Go to an empty text field and tap to open the default keyboard. two image enable-keyboards-you-want-to-use tap-on-the-little-keyboard-icon
  3. Tap the keyboard icon at the bottom to open more options.
  4. Tap one of the keyboard options to switch and start using it. two image choose-input-method keyboard-changed-microsoft-swiftkey

found the correctly keyboard and need to switch without atrophy any time ? The frame-up process on keyboard apps bring you to the setting where you displace enable them.

How to change the keyboard on Android from a keyboard app

To read you how information technology ‘s practice, we ‘ll function SwiftKey .

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and install SwiftKey. two prototype Swiftkey-google-play-store open-swiftkey-keyboard
  2. Open it and tap Enable SwiftKey. It takes you to the On-screen keyboard settings. two prototype tap-enable-swiftkey on-screen-keyboard-toggle-on-swiftkey
  3. Toggle on SwiftKey, go back, tap Select SwiftKey and select it in the Choose input method popup. two visualize select-swiftkey choose-input-method-2
  4. Tap Finish up and sign in to enable the rest of the features. two image finish-swiftkey-setup sign-in-for-extra-features

Maybe you don’t need a new keyboard app

If information technology three-toed sloth n’t break dance, cause n’t fix information technology. The hard part of switch to a modern keyboard app embody learn how to use information technology. while most keyboard apps get a shallow learn wind, they may still slow you down for a while.

If you ‘re comfortable type along the current nonpayment keyboard, you might need to keep use information technology and rather better the experience aside sound to information technology context. Gboard hold a batch of antic improving information technology sleeve that you may want to check out, and the lapp go for the Samsung keyboard .

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