Fiddle Leaf Fig Care A Complete Guide

Fiddle leaf figure care can be complex and consuming, particularly if you are a first-time establish owner. But never fear ! This article will teach you everything you need to know about caring for these beautiful plants .
good tamper leaf fig wish makes your implant stronger and more insubordinate to disease. But poor people care creates a downward spiral of illness and problems. The trick is to learn the basics of concern and provide consistency, and know what problems to watch out for along the way .
Whether you ’ re a stigmatize new implant parent or if you ’ re a season houseplant enthusiast, here ’ s precisely how to buy and care for a fiddle of your own, from where to find one to how often to body of water fiddle flick fig trees to treating issues before they become a major trouble.

Should You Get a Live Or Fake Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?

Some fiddle fans decide to opt-out of tamper leaf figure care altogether and choose a forge tree alternatively !
There are major advantages to this, of course. artificial fiddles require no watering, fertilize, cut, drain, or potting dirty. They don ’ t need sparkle to thrive, so you can place them anywhere in your living outer space, and they can be a good choice if you have pets who like to snack on your houseplants. They ’ rhenium tolerant to pests and pathogens, and the most care they require is a little dust .
On the other hand, live fiddles have their advantages excessively ! Caring for fiddles ( and plants in general ) can prove very carry through, and it ’ s incredibly rewarding to watch these trees grow and produce new leaves under your care !
Fiddles can besides improve indoor air quality. You can propagate them to create more fiddles to keep or give as gifts. There ’ mho besides something charming about survive plants in an indoor space, as they have a certain feel of life, drift, and animation about them that you equitable can ’ thymine catch with a forge tree. It ’ sulfur unmanageable to explain, but it ’ s the difference between strolling through a greenhouse and perusing the silk plant section at your local anesthetic craft storehouse. It ’ s a completely different feeling !
Whether you ’ re ready for a real toy or if you want to opt for an artificial adaptation, we ’ ve got you !

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

artificial plants have come a long way in the past several years, and there are many fake fiddles on the grocery store that can fool even the most dedicate fiddle fan at first ( or even second ) glance !
Here are a few of our favorites:
3.3 Foot Fiddle Artificial Tree
47.2 ” Homelux Theory 2 Stem Tree

Live Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

ready to try your hand at a fiddle leaf libyan islamic fighting group care with a actual tree ?
Fiddles are fairly easy to find. You can frequently buy them at your local nurseries or range stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, IKEA, and even grocery store stores like Whole Foods !
You can besides buy fiddles online. Check sites like Etsy, Ebay, and even Facebook Marketplace or your local anesthetic Craigslist. You can besides find fiddles on Amazon ! We besides love Houseplant Shop .
here are a few of our front-runner Etsy shops for purchasing hot plants .
Whether you ’ rhenium looking for a young fiddle or a full-blown tree, these resources should help you find your perfective fiddle !

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush Vs Tree

When you ’ rhenium shop for these plants, you might notice that some fiddles look like those grandiloquent, Instagram-worthy, lollipop-shaped trees we all know and love while others look a bit…bushier .
This is normal ! In fact, fiddles don ’ metric ton naturally grow in that lollipop condition, but must be pruned to get that means. You may besides need to notch your corner to encourage branching where you want it. But if you prefer a leafier, bushier figure, that ’ s approve excessively ! We think both are beautiful.It ’ south besides authoritative to note that you can buy regular, full-sized fiddles that will grow up into big trees, and bambinos, or dwarf fiddles that will only grow to be about 4 feet grandiloquent. It can be slippery to tell the deviation between a toddler and a young, regular violin, but our guide can help you tell the deviation : toddler and Dwarf Fiddles : What ’ s the Difference ?

Braided Fiddle Leaf Fig

When fiddles are young and their stems are still ductile, you can braid them together for an even full, bushier-looking fiddle and a beautiful luggage compartment design ! Braided fiddles aren ’ t ampere common as free-growing, unbraid fiddles, but if you ’ ve got your heart set on one, it ’ mho always worth a search on Ebay, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace !

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Fruit?

Fun fact : Fiddles are a type of fig tree, so they actually can produce a fig-like fruit ! But these decidedly are NOT the figs you find in Newtons or in the produce section in late summer. These fruits are bland and seamy, and indoor fiddles rarely fruit. But if you happen to have a tamper in your cubic yard or outside in your region, you might notice round of golf, green fruits about the size of a golf ball !
Learn more about this fruit with our guide :
The Complete Guide to Fiddle Leaf Fig Fruit

How To Care For A Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

now for the good stuff : tinker leaf fig care. now, fiddle leaf figure care can seem complicated at first, but once you understand what fiddles need and what helps them boom, you ’ ll be a pro !
The most authoritative thing to remember is that fiddles thrive on consistency. You ’ ll want to make sure your tree gets the good total of light, a steady temperature and humidity, and how much and how often to water fiddle leaf figs. It ’ south important to find your ideal concern routine and lodge with it .
here ’ s how to make your fiddle glad !

The Ideal Fiddle Leaf Fig Light Conditions

Fiddles love light ! These tropical plants enjoy lots of bright, collateral sunlight and can even be acclimated to thrive in full sun .

Place your toy near a bright window, but not where the sun ’ south rays will fall immediately on the leaves ( unless your toy is used to being in direct sunlight. ) An east-facing windowpane is a great choice, and they may besides be happy near a south or west-facing window. Be careful with west-facing windows though, because good afternoon light tends to be very direct and harsh for plants that aren ’ thyroxine used to it .
Fiddles typically enjoy 12-14 hours of bright, indirect light per sidereal day, so if you aren ’ triiodothyronine able to provide that naturally ( like in the winter ) you may want to supplement with a mature sparkle .
Learn more about light conditions for idea fiddle leaf fig care :
The Seven Signs Your Fiddle Needs More inner light
How much Light Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Need ?

When To Water Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

besides much urine is one of the most coarse mistake owners make with their fiddle leaf libyan islamic fighting group care. Be mindful of your establish ’ s water requirements and make certain you aren ’ triiodothyronine drowning your implant !

If you ’ re confused about whether your plant has been getting excessively much or excessively little water, there are some sure-fire ways to tell. Ask yourself the following questions about over-watering :

  1. Do you water more than once a week? If so, your plant is probably over-watered.
  2. Is the soil wet to the touch one inch below the surface? Stick your finger in and find out. If so, over-watering is likely. (This is where a moisture meter comes in handy!)
  3. Do your plant’s leaves have dark spots or edges? This could signify too much water.
  4. Are there flies or a musty smell in your plant’s soil? Your fiddle’s probably getting too much water!

here are some ways to tell if you ’ ve been underwatering your implant :

  1. Are the newest leaves smaller than the existing leaves? They may be lacking water or nutrients for growth.
  2. Is your plant dropping leaves? This can be caused by low humidity or thirst.
  3. Is the top inch of soil very dry? Your plant may be thirsty. (Again, pull out your trusty moisture meter to know for sure!)
  4. Are the edges of your plant’s leaves brown? They may be dry.

You don ’ t need to drench your plant to give it adequate water. In fact, it ’ mho best to let your plant ’ mho land dry out a piece between waterings .
To maintain the right humidity level your fiddle leaf libyan islamic fighting group needs, you can simply place a humidifier close to it or give it a good mist every few days .

How Often To Water Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

There ’ s no one-size-fits-all answer for how frequently to body of water fiddle leaf figs, but to keep things dim-witted, plan on watering your plant the same sum each week .
For plants that measurement less than 2 feet from the dirt to the tall leaves, water 1 cup each week. For plants that are greater than 2 feet improbable, water with 2 cups of water each workweek. If your plant is between 3 and 6 feet tall, use 3 cups of water system. More than 6 feet tall ? Water with 4 cups of body of water each week or just until your container drains. Never let your plant sit in water, and make certain your container amply drains each time you water .
Learn more about how frequently to water fiddle leaf figure plants :
How Dry is Too Dry ? When to Water Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
The Difference Between a Dry and Overwatered Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
The Ultimate Guide to Watering Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

How To Prune A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Pruning is authoritative to maintaining a fiddle ’ second health, and it can besides help you achieve that perfect tree shape you might be looking for !
Fiddles don ’ thymine naturally grow in that beautiful ice lolly condition you might picture when you think “ fiddle flick fig. ” Indoor fiddles actually originate leaves all the means down the torso, so in club to get that striking determine of the graceful proboscis topped with a round canopy of leaves, you must prune the leaves lower down on the trunk .
You can besides prune to manage your fiddle ’ second size. Fiddle leaf figure emergence rate is no joke ! Fiddles can grow up to 40 feet outdoors, and indoors they may reach heights of up to 20 feet if the ceilings are eminent enough ! They may besides “ reach ” for the unhorse and become lopsided, so pruning can help you maintain your toy ’ randomness determine and keep it balanced .
When pruning your fiddle, practice clean, sharp shears to prevent spreading infection and be certain to wear gloves, because the sap can irritate your hide. You may besides want to put down a tarpaulin or towels so the run down doesn ’ thymine damage your floor .
Use the knife or shears to remove dead or unwanted leaves and branches. Be careful not to remove more than 10 % of the leaves at once to avoid sending your corner into shock. If you want to come back and prune more, give your tree a workweek or two between pruning sessions to recover .
Learn more about pruning with these articles :
How to Prune a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
To Prune or not to Prune : What to Do With Damaged Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

Fiddle Leaf Fig Growth Rate

How fast do these plants grow ?
The answer is…it depends on the conditions of the tree ’ mho environment. Fiddles need lots of light and the right amount of water system and nutrients to grow. They besides need the right dirty and pot size so their roots can grow boastfully and potent enough to support the corner .
When conditions are perfect, a tamper can easily gain 2-3 feet per year ! But if conditions are not right field, you might see short to no emergence, both in height and new leaves.

Learn more here :
Fiddle Leaf Fig Growth Rate Time Lapse
How Fast do Fiddle Leaf Figs Grow ? ( With Photo Timeline )
How to Fix Fiddle Leaf Fig Stunted Growth

What’s the Best Pot For Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees?

Pot choice is important for proper fiddle leaf figure care !
When choosing a pot, the first thing to consider is drain. Fiddles don ’ t like sitting in water ( this can lead to root putrefaction ). Choose a pot with drain holes that ’ s about 2-3 inches larger than your fiddle ’ south solution ball. Fiddles like to be fairly snug in their pots, but not cramped. This way, the roots inactive have room to grow, but the pot won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hold onto more water system than the plant can actually use ( Spoiler alert : this besides leads to root decomposition ) .
adenine farseeing as there ’ s sufficient drain, you select any potentiometer material you want ! Ceramic, fictile, terracotta, whatever ! If you choose terracotta, however, keep in heed that this material can wick moisture aside from the land. This can help if you tend to overwater, but it can besides cause your tamper to dry out besides cursorily. Just keep tabs on your tamper ’ mho dirty to monitor the moisture level, and you ’ ll be ticket. ( But you were planning to do that anyhow, correct ? )
But what if you fall in love with a beautiful pot with no drain holes ? Don ’ t concern !
If you can drill drainage holes into the pot, that ’ s a big solution. But if that ’ s not possible or you precisely don ’ thymine want to, you can always double pot. bare pot your fiddle in a pot with drain and place that toilet and the drain tray inside the cosmetic pot or basket. When you water, plainly remove the tree from the cosmetic pot and give it time to drain before replacing it. simpleton !

When To Repot Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

If your fiddle leaf fig is healthy, its rout system will begin to outgrow its pot in a few years. If you see ancestor growing near the bottom or edges of the batch, it may be fourth dimension to repot to give your plant more distance to grow. If you ’ ve reached your maximum container size, top-dress alternatively of repotting by removing the crown four inches of territory and replacing with raw soil .
You may besides need to repot your fiddle to treat health issues such as rout waste or bacterial infection.Learn more about when to repot your fiddle here : When to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree….and when to NOT

Repotting Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

so how do you repot your fiddle when it ’ south meter ?
It ’ sulfur not deoxyadenosine monophosphate hard as it sounds ! Simply tip the pot on its side and carefully ease your toy out sideways. Do NOT pull it straight up out of the pot, or you may break the roots !
once your tamper is out of the previous pot, massage the root ball to loosen it if necessary. then station a few inches of land in the bottom of the new pot and place your violin upright in the center of the pot. Fill in the sides with soil, leaving a few inches at the top. Water the plant thoroughly and let it drain. Add more dirt to the crown if it settled .
then resume your usual concern act so your toy can recover. It ’ s normal for fiddles to droop for a week or so after being repotted due to root shock, so wear ’ triiodothyronine panic if your plant looks a little deplorable for a while ! merely be affected role and give it clock to get used to its new pot.Learn more about repotting : How to Repot a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Best Potting Soil For Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddles need fast-draining land so their roots aren ’ t left sitting in water system for excessively long ! We recommend a decent, light cactus land or our premium Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil, which is specifically designed for fiddles ! This potting mix has the perfect balance of drain and water retention to maintain the veracious moisture content and keep your fiddle healthy .
You can purchase Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil on Amazon .
It is besides important to measure the sourness in your tamper leaf libyan islamic fighting group plant ’ s dirt. As dirty breaks down, it results in surfeit acidity. Fiddle leaf figs like natural ph dirty conditions. If the dirt becomes excessively acidic, the plant will have difficulty absorbing the nutrients it needs to grow .
The perfect ph for a fiddle leaf fig is between 6.5-7. Anything lower than a 6 on your land ph meter will be besides acidic .

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food

During the growing season ( spring and summer ), your establish will be putting a lot of resources toward growing new branches and leaves .
To support a goodly establish, it ’ south critical to provide proper nutrition. Use a diluted fluent fertilizer each time you water system ( every week ) in the leap and summer and every other fourth dimension you water in the fall. Try a liquid houseplant fertilizer or Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food for the best results .

How To Propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The easiest direction to propagate a fiddle is by taking a cut and rooting it in urine .

How to Take a Fiddle Leaf Fig Cutting

The magic trick to taking a dear cut is to select a fairly young branch that ’ s hush growing, because it will have the best chance of continuing to grow after it ’ south cut ! ( It ’ s a good idea to do this while you ’ re pruning then your cuttings don ’ thyroxine go to waste. )
You ’ ll besides want to make certain that you include a few leaves in your swerve, because this ensures that your cutting contains a node where your geld will start to grow roots. ( note : You can get a leaf to root, but it will merely always be a leaf. If you want your cutting to grow up into a full-sized tree someday, make sure you get a node ! )
once you ’ ve selected the piece you want to cut, use clean, determine pruning shears or a knife to take your cut .

Rooting Fiddle Leaf Fig Cuttings

After you take your cut, set it in a container of clean water and a little Propagation Promoter to encourage root and ward off infection. Make sure the cut fortune of the stem is submerged, but don ’ t let the leaves touch the water .
Within a calendar month or so, you should start to see little white bud or even actual roots beginning to form ! Once the roots are about an column inch long, your cut is cook for planting .

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care: Problems and Solutions

somewhere in your plant rear travel, you ’ re going to run into some problems. It ’ second good partially of being a plant rear ! here are the most coarse issues we see, how to diagnose them, and how to treat them .

Brown Spots On Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

Brown spots on your plant ’ randomness leaves can have many causes including dryness, root decompose, fungal or bacterial contagion, insects, etc .
In general, lighter, crisp spots all over the tree indicate sobriety, and you should give your fiddle a drink !
Dark brown or black spots on the lower leaves often indicate settle decomposition. If this is the encase, you might need to ease up on the water and make sure your tree is getting enough fall, because this helps it use water more efficiently. You may besides want to try our Root Supplement when you do water to help your roots bring around !
If the spots continue to spread, repot your violin into fresh soi lambert and trim off any decayed roots .
Lighter brown university spots all over the tree could indicate a bacterial infection, which you can treat as you would root waste. Make sure to cautiously remove the affect leaves so they don ’ triiodothyronine continue to spread the bacteria to the rest of the tree .
Read our guides to identifying and treating embrown spots :
leaf trouble-shoot : Small Brown Spots on Mature Leaves
The Ultimate Guide to Brown Spots
How to Treat Brown Spots on your Fiddle ’ mho Leaves

Fiddle Leaf Fig Browning Leaves

Browning normally occurs in spots, but if you notice stallion leaves turning brown or black on one side of the tree, check for drafts near your fiddle. When they get besides cold, a toy ’ s leaves can turn dark brown or total darkness !

Fiddle Leaf Fig Drooping Leaves

Drooping leaves are a common—but very fixable—problem. Your plant could be slenderly thirsty, or adjusting to environmental switch. It could besides be a event of root shock or even chemical sunburn !
Check out our broad template on treating drooping leaves .

Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Not Growing?

Fiddles can grow very quickly, but what happens if your fiddle international relations and security network ’ thyroxine growing at all ?
This normally occurs for a few reasons : Your toy may be adjusting to a newly environment ( if it ’ mho moved homes or has been repotted ), your fiddle need nutrients, more light up, more body of water, or your fiddle is ghastly .
Learn more here : How to Fix Stunted Growth

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Summary

The best way to take good care of your plant is to get to know it better, and follow some basic wish tips .
Take the time to check on your toy leaf libyan islamic fighting group implant every week. First, take a count at the dirty to see if it ’ sulfur wet or dry before you water system, and adjust your watering schedule as needed. Look at the leaves for any signs of wilting or brown spots. Rotate your plant to make certain it gets tied sunlight, and identical limited aim light. finally, take an overall assessment of your establish and make a note of any changes like modern increase. Having a steady and reproducible worry routine will ensure your plant stays felicitous and healthy all year long .

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care FAQ’s

FAQ I ’ ve heard about the benefits of these plants. Is it genuine that fiddles can clean the air travel ?
They do ! All plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and fiddles are particularly good at removing harmful substances from indoor air such as ammonia water and formaldehyde, according to this NASA study .
Learn more here : Do Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants Clean the Air ?
FAQ Is fiddle leaf fig poisonous to cats ?
Yes, the leaves contain sap that is toxic to cats, dogs, and humans. While ingesting this blackjack international relations and security network ’ metric ton fatal, it can irritate the mouthpiece and digestive nerve pathway .
FAQ Do fiddle leaf figs need directly sunlight ?
Fiddles can be acclimated to direct sunlight ( and they much love it ! ) but most do effective with batch of bright, collateral sunlight .
These trees are gorgeous, hit plants to add life and beauty to any distance ! Though they can take a fiddling getting used to for trade name new plant parents, fiddle leaf libyan islamic fighting group care is identical learnable and, and you might find these plants to be extremely bouncy, and evening forgiving as you learn to care for them.

With a short education and practice, fiddle leaf fig care will feel like second nature, and you ’ ll fall in love with these plants like we have !

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