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Sony ‘s PlayStation Plus subscription service has evolved over the years, initially beginning as a way to get new games each month, then giving access to online multiplayer. now, the service has built upon both of those features, functioning like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and offering a drawn-out catalog of games for a monthly tip. It still gives you new games each month and enables online play just as ahead, but now, the PS now pillar has been folded into PS Plus to make things more streamlined. But what if you no longer want to be a member ?




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If for whatever argue you want to cancel your PS Plus membership — whether you have the Essential, Extra, or Premium version — you can do so from your smartphone, computer, or a PlayStation cabinet itself. It ‘s not the most complicate process, but knowing the steps before you start will no doubt save you time. here ‘s how to cancel your PlayStation Plus subscription .

How to cancel PlayStation Plus on PS5 and PS4

first, you should be aware of how to cancel your subscription from a PS5 system, as it ‘s the most aboveboard. You can besides cancel from a PS4 console, and the serve is closely identical to its current-generation counterpart .
Step 1: From the home sieve, voyage to the Settings menu .
Step 2: Select Users and accounts .
Step 3: From the Account menu, blue-ribbon Payment and subscriptions .
Step 4: Navigate to Subscriptions and choose PlayStation Plus.

Step 5: then, choice Cancel subscription on the bottomland left .
Step 6: You ‘ll be brought to a blind that asks you if you ‘re certain you want to cancel. Select Confirm cancellation. This will end your services on the next passing date, coinciding with however long your subscription is due to last. You ‘ll be able to enjoy the benefits until that termination date .

How to cancel PlayStation Plus through a browser

If you do n’t presently have entree to your PS5 or PS4 system but still want to cancel your PS Plus membership, you can do sol via a network browser on a computer and/or smartphone, and it ‘s pretty bare, thankfully !
Step 1: First, visit the Sony web site and log in using your PlayStation credentials .
Step 2: Select Subscriptions from the number of menu options on the left. It ‘ll ask if you want to go to another page, therefore confirm this to move on to the following step .
Browser page with account info for PS Plus.
Step 3: Once you arrive at the adjacent page, a new list of options will appear on the right side of the screen, one of which is Cancel subscription at the bed .
Step 4: Select Confirm cancellation and you ‘ll be all set .

What happens when you end your PlayStation Plus subscription?

It ‘s crucial to be aware of what happens when you cancel your PS Plus membership. After your subscription end date ( which is clearly displayed during the cancellation serve ), you ‘ll lose entree to any games acquired via PS Plus. This means you wo n’t have entree to any of the monthly games, titles from the PS Plus collection, or any games available from the catalogue across Essential, Extra, and Premium memberships. You besides wo n’t be able to play on-line multiplayer ( with the exception of free-to-play games ) .
If you decide to resubscribe, you will gain access to any of the aforesaid games included with PS Plus .

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