THIS is how to easily cancel YouTube Premium [2022]

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription that offers a convenient, ad-free know .
It ’ s easy to register for YouTube Premium, but canceling it is another matter. In this article, we ’ ll spill about ways that you can cancel your Premium subscription, no matter what device you ’ ra using .

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube is one of the most popular social media and video streaming sites, with billions of audiences, millions of creators, and thousands of contents worldwide .
YouTube Premium is a convenient and highly entertaining app – an promote to the YouTube feel, so to speak. Watching YouTube without pause makes entertainment, news, and even learning easy.

And it ’ s not barely that either. YouTube Premium offers several early benefits for its users, such as the surveil .

  • Ad-free viewing. YT Premium’s main value proposition allows you to watch videos without the pesky ads that populate the non-Premium viewing.
  • Download videos for offline viewing. Depending on its availability in your country, you can download YouTube videos to watch offline.
  • Background play. YT Premium lets you run YouTube in the background on your mobile devices, so your video will continue even if you’re doing something else or even if your home screen is off.
  • YT Music Premium. A Premium account automatically comes with a YouTube Music Premium subscription, YouTube’s music streaming service much like Spotify.
  • YouTube Originals. YouTube Originals are a group of video series or movies made by YouTube’s biggest contributors. Some are available to general users, but most are available only for Premium accounts.

As we can see, YouTube offers plenty of benefits for Premium users. But what if you want to cancel your subscription ?
You might have noticed that YouTube is affecting your productiveness, or possibly you ’ ve simply pay back bored of it. Regardless, you need to know how to opt out of YouTube Premium .
fortunately, that ’ s what we ’ re here for. The pursuit sections will discuss the assorted steps you can use to unsubscribe from YouTube Premium so that you can do it yourself .

How to Cancel YouTube Premium from the Web

YouTube Premium may not be the best for you anymore, thus pushing you to cancel your subscription. Don ’ thyroxine worry ! You can well do this through assorted methods, although it ’ s not constantly apparent .
Before we talk about the actual steps, it ’ sulfur besides crucial to note that upon cancellation, your agio benefits will still continue until the adjacent bill cycle .
here are the steps to canceling your YouTube Premium history from a vane browser .

  1. On your desktop, open your browser and go to YouTube.
  2. Navigate to your Profile page, which you can go to by clicking your profile icon found on the top-right corner of the interface.
  3. A menu will then open for your Account options. Under your name and profile picture, you should find “Your channel” and then “Purchases and Memberships.” Click Purchase and Memberships to proceed.
  4. You will then be brought to a new window that contains your purchases and memberships.

Under the membership section, you will see your Premium status on the leave and then the “ Manage membership ” drop-down on the right. Click Manage membership .

  1. The Premium box should expand and reveal the details of your membership. Here, click the “Deactivate” button, which you will find on the right.
  2. YouTube will then caution you about canceling with a message that you can pause your subscription instead. To proceed with your decision, click “Continue to Cancel.”
  3. On the next pop-up window, YouTube will ask you about your reason for cancellation. Select a reason or write one of your own, and then click the Next button,
  4. YouTube will ask you one last time if you want to go. Click the “Yes, cancel” button to finalize your cancellation.
  5. Congratulations, your subscription is now canceled. YouTube will remove you from their subscription list, and you won’t be charged for the next billing cycle. Your Premium benefits should remain until the next billing cycle, though.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium on a Mobile Phone

The web browser international relations and security network ’ t the only place where you can cancel your subscription ; you can besides handily do it on your mobile device .
Whether you ’ re using an Android, iPhone, or iPad, follow the steps below to cancel your Premium account from your earphone .

  1. Launch the app on your home screen.
  2. On the app, tap your profile picture located in the app’s top-right corner.
  3. You will then be redirected to the Profile options menu. On the bottom portion of the menu, you should see the “Purchases and memberships” option fourth from the bottom. Tap that to proceed.
  4. You’ll see a section for your purchases and membership on the next page. You should see your Premium status right below, so go ahead and tap that.
  5. The next page will contain the “Deactivate” button. Tap that to begin your cancellation.
  6. YouTube will then prompt you if you’re sure about your decision with a pop-up message. If you’re sure about canceling your account, hit “Continue to cancel.”
  7. The app will then direct you to a membership cancellation page, where YouTube details your cancellation terms. If you’re still sure you want to cancel after that, go to the bottom-right corner of the window and tap Next.
  8. In the next window, YouTube will also ask why your cancellation. You can select why you’re canceling your account from the options, or you can also choose not to answer. Regardless of what you choose, tap Next.
  9. The next window will show the final cancellation caution that YouTube will give you. To finalize your cancellation, tap the “Cancel Premium” button on the bottom right.
  10. After that, your account should then be removed from the Premium list. You will keep your Premium benefits until the next billing cycle, when they will be finally canceled.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium from the iOS App Store

If you ’ re using an iPhone and you want to cancel your YouTube Premium report from there, the steps will be a bite unlike .
This is because you ’ rhenium not directly subscribing to YouTube when you ’ re on an iPhone, so you need to cancel via the Apple App Store. To do therefore, follow the steps below .

  1. On your iPhone home screen, go to Settings.
  2. Tap your profile name.
  3. Your iPhone will direct you to another set of options for your account. From this list, tap Subscriptions.
  4. You will then see a list of all the subscriptions you’re paying for on your iPhone. From here, tap YouTube Premium.
  5. On the next window, tap Cancel Subscription. This will deactivate your Premium account and cancel your regular billing cycle.

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How to Cancel YouTube Premium: Conclusion

YouTube Premium is an excellent subscription with tons of respect in our lives. however, many circumstances might lead you to want to cancel your subscription, and you decidedly should be able to.

This article discussed the assorted methods of canceling your YouTube Premium subscription, whether you ’ re on personal computer, Android, or io .
fortunately, it ’ randomness easy to cancel your premium subscription from the world wide web. It ’ mho equally easy to cancel early subscriptions such as YouTube television, Hulu, Apple TV, and Disney Plus, so if you ’ rhenium intend of decluttering your subscriptions for the newly class, better do it now !

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