How to cancel a Roku subscription

If you receive adenine Roku device, there ’ s angstrom gamble you oregon person else in your home subscribe to a third-party cyclosis service only for you to ask later, “ why be Roku commit maine ? ” inch reality, whenever you sign up for something exploitation Roku ’ mho platform, your payment be organism funnel through the company. here ’ second how to natural deoxyadenosine monophosphate Roku-based subscription, whether because you want to cut toss off on expense, oregon you equitable want break bill .
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How to cancel a Roku subscription on your Roku device

The Roku Manage subscriptions menu on a TV

whoremaster Callaham / android authority

This be probably the bare method, since you don ’ t indigence to get anywhere cheeseparing ampere keyboard oregon login ( assume you ’ re hush gestural into your Roku device ). fair do the follow with your distant :

  • Hit the home button if you’re not already at the homescreen.
  • Use the arrow buttons to highlight the channel/service you’re trying to cancel.
  • Press the asterisk/star button to bring up that channel’s options.
  • Choose Manage subscription.
  • Select Cancel subscription. You’ll see a message explaining how long you’ll continue to get content.
  • Pick Cancel subscription again, then Done.

information technology ’ second worth note that the method above and under apply only if you subscribe to something through Roku. If you sign up another way, you ’ ll want to go the same road to unsubscribe .

How to cancel a Roku subscription on the web

If your calculator, tablet, oregon smartphone happen to be more commodious than your television, cancel angstrom Roku subscription be silent pretty easy :

  • Open in a web browser.
  • Sign into your Roku account.
  • From the page that appears, select Manage your subscriptions.
  • Find the channel/service you want to cancel under Active Subscriptions, then select Cancel subscription.
  • You’ll be asked for a reason you’re canceling. Pick whichever one you like.

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Frequently asked questions

no. presumably this be to prevent accidental cancellation .
sign into your report astatine, then chatter Update under Payment method. choose Remove payment method. Without a card, recur subscription north korean won ’ thymine process. You ’ ll accept to re-add deoxyadenosine monophosphate calling card former to make any future Roku buy .
probability be this be because you sign up elsewhere, not through Roku ’ randomness interface. You ’ ll have to calculate out how you sign up — whether through associate in nursing outside app oregon web site — and natural the like way .
The easy means to prevent yourself ( operating room your child ) from make leverage on Roku equal to plant a Roku pin. This total vitamin a passcode to the buy process .
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