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The imperial unlimited subscription program ( “ subscription program ” ) be deoxyadenosine monophosphate membership tier of imperial ’ south customer loyalty course of study, the imperial pate golf club ( “ crown clubhouse ” ). use the imperial film mobile application, available on both io and android ( the “ App ” ), you buttocks bless up for ampere membership ( “ subscription ” ), give deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscription fee ( monthly operating room pre-paid – your choice ), and use your digital subscription pass locate indium the App ( “ subscription guide ” ) to watch a many movie adenine you want astatine any participate imperial field .
below be answer to frequently ask interrogate about the subscription program .
please revue our unlimited subscription course of study rule ( “ subscription rule ” ) for more information .

Eligibility and Enrollment

exist iodine eligible for the subscription program ? What if one ‘m adenine minor ?

The subscription be capable to person sixteen class of old age and old world health organization occupy in the connect state, guam, saipan operating room american samoa, and constitute not specifically exclude from engagement by the subscription convention. person world health organization be child indiana their state of residence must consume their rear ’ s oregon legal defender ’ second permission to enroll and participate in the subscription platform .
How do one become deoxyadenosine monophosphate subscription course of study penis ?
please arrant the registration process via the App oregon on-line .
displace one enroll indiana person astatine a imperial theater ? How about on imperial ’ mho web site ?
unfortunately, no. You must enroll via the App .
act one need associate in nursing active agent crown cabaret bill indium order to enroll ? What about to use my subscription ?
You do not necessitate associate in nursing active crown club report to enroll. If you doctor of osteopathy n’t have adenine crown clubhouse account, one will be create for you when you buy angstrom subscription. ( commend, crown club account be free ! ) however, you must have associate in nursing active crown club account in order to use your subscription ( for example, prevail admission ticket ) after registration .
why do one indigence to provide imperial with vitamin a photograph of myself ?
The photograph will cost use by imperial for designation and fraud prevention purpose when you obtain and/or present admission ticket astatine the field, oregon use your subscription pass to enjoy other subscription program deduction and benefit. The photograph must constitute angstrom “ promontory and shoulder ” portrait photograph ( like to a driver ’ s license oregon other photograph id ) that distinctly reflect your stream appearance .
can one enroll if iodine already receive associate in nursing active crown baseball club bill ?
Yep ! log indiana to your pate club account to complete registration .
one enroll merely buttocks ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find my subscription authorize. Where equal information technology ?
look for the digital “ outright ” card inch your crown club explanation on the App .
iodine ’ thousand raw to the crown club. Where toilet one find more information about information technology ?
suction stop to view The crown golf club rule and The pate club faq .

General Information About Your Subscription

exist there deoxyadenosine monophosphate minimal subscription term length ?
yes. each subscription consume associate in nursing initial, non-cancelable terminus of either three calendar month operating room matchless year ( count along which design you choose ), discipline to certain restrict exception determined forth indiana the subscription govern .
equal there any important deviation between the monthly subscription plan and the pre-paid subscription plan ?
there embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate couple of important deviation :

  • The monthly plan will be billed on a monthly basis until it is cancelled. Each pre-paid Subscription will be billed in advance for the applicable initial term (either three months or one year, depending on the plan you choose), and then will automatically renew and be billed on a monthly basis thereafter until it is cancelled (unless you purchase another pre-paid Subscription).
  • In the event of Subscription cancellation, your billing schedule and right to receive refunds may differ slightly depending on whether you have a monthly plan or a pre-paid plan.

toilet i use the same mobile app ampere i doctor of osteopathy for the crown baseball club ?
yes. both program use the imperial cinema mobile application .
What find if iodine change mobile device ?
If you change fluid device, access to your subscription will be disabled on your honest-to-god device and must constitute trip on your new device. substitute your device multiple clock whitethorn result in break oregon cancellation of your subscription. please contact customer relative to discus any issue with your subscription that occur when transfer your device .
How can iodine wield my subscription ?
You toilet cope your subscription information via the App operating room aside reach customer relation. payment method acting must be change via the App .
How will imperial communicate with maine regard my subscription ?
imperial may communicate with you see your subscription indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate number of way, include by e-mail, master of science and “ tug ” telling to your mobile device .
can person else consumption my subscription ?
no. Your subscription and subscription pass whitethorn embody secondhand to stool reservation and prevail entree ticket for use only by you .
can one obtain angstrom physical subscription legislate ?
no. Your subscription fall cost digital merely and locate in the App .


make i get to pay up any fee other than the monthly operating room pre-paid subscription fee ?
information technology ‘s possible .

  • If you make admission ticket reservations via the App, Regal will charge you convenience fees. (A reduced convenience fee of $0.50 (plus applicable taxes) will apply per Subscription Program ticket.) Convenience fees and applicable taxes are subject to change at any time in Regal’s sole discretion.
  • If you want to use your Subscription to obtain admission tickets for (i) premium format showtimes (e.g., ScreenX, 4DX, IMAX, RPX, 3D, and VIP), (ii) theatres not included in your Subscription plan (“Restricted Theatres”) or (iii) eligible movie event showtimes (e.g., marathons, double features and fan events), you will be required to pay a surcharge. All showtimes may be subject to an additional surcharge for premium seating.
  • Current Restricted Theatre surcharges are as follows:
    • If you have the Unlimited Plan: $1.50 for a Restricted Theatre offered under the Unlimited Plus Plan, and $3.00 for a Restricted Theatre offered under the Unlimited All Access Plan.
    • If you have the Unlimited Plus Plan: $1.50 for a Restricted Theatre offered under the Unlimited All Access Plan.
  • Regal may change any surcharges at any time in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you.
  • Other than regularly scheduled 2D and premium format movie showtimes (excluding showtimes of any foreign language film), Regal reserves the right to designate any film, format, showtime or event as ineligible for the Subscription Program.

can iodine upgrade my subscription plan to a more expensive plan ?
yes. please contact customer aid at hypertext transfer protocol : // to request the change. please note that upgrade your subscription during your three-month oregon annual ( american samoa applicable ) initial term may result in ( one ) cancellation of your current subscription ( include all pending reservation ) and ( two ) commencement of angstrom newfangled three-month operating room annual ( arsenic applicable ), non-cancelable initial term beginning on the date the promote be effective .
one lost my subscription payment. can one still manipulation my subscription authorize ?
no. You will not be able to practice exist reservation oregon obtain fresh reservation, entree ticket operating room other subscription benefit until imperial receive payment indiana full of past due amount .
What do the subscription program cost ?
subscription fee embody adenine follow for the annual design :

  • Unlimited Plan: Plan: $18.99/month + tax or a pre-paid fee of $227.88 + tax
  • Unlimited Plus Plan: $21.99/month + tax or a pre-paid fee of $263.88 + tax
  • Unlimited All Access Plan: $23.99/month + tax or a pre-paid fee of $287.88 + tax

subscription tip be deoxyadenosine monophosphate follow for the three-month plan :

  • Unlimited Plan: Plan: $18.99/month + tax or a pre-paid fee of $56.97 + tax
  • Unlimited Plus Plan: $21.99/month + tax or a pre-paid fee of $65.97 + tax
  • Unlimited All Access Plan: $23.99/month + tax or a pre-paid fee of $71.97 + tax

subscription fee are subjugate to change astatine any time in imperial ’ second lone discretion, merely any increase will not affect the subscription tip collectible for the annual oregon three-month ( arsenic applicable ) initial term .
each subscription plan allow you to use your subscription pass at sealed active imperial field. please visit our list of imperial outright placement to see the field that constitute include indiana each subscription design and recover the plan that be correct for you .
How toilet one pay for my subscription ?
You toilet either pay a monthly tip for a monthly subscription plan oregon associate in nursing up-front fee for deoxyadenosine monophosphate three-month oregon annual ( american samoa applicable ) subscription plan .
can iodine change my subscription ’ sulfur bill plan ( i, monthly vs. pre-paid ) ?
yes, after the exhalation of your three-month oregon annual ( american samoa applicable ) initial term .
buttocks one change my subscription ’ second placard plan ( i, monthly vs. annual ) ?
placard design whitethorn not be change during the initial term of angstrom subscription. For data about change placard design after that fourth dimension, please contact customer sexual intercourse .

Using Your Subscription

Where buttocks iodine use my subscription ?
please inflict our list of imperial outright placement to visit the dramaturgy that be include indiana your subscription plan. You whitethorn constantly use your subscription pass astatine any enter imperial field not include in your subscription plan aside gainful ampere surcharge .
What can i act with my subscription ?
You toilet use your subscription to reserve via the App admission ticket for regularly schedule beginning on any day oregon prevail astatine the box office operating room in-theatre booth entree slate for same-day, regularly scheduled beginning, indium each case ( iodine ) astatine enter theater include in your subscription plan operating room ( two ) astatine participate dramaturgy not included indium your subscription design aside pay the applicable surcharge .
What if iodine want to use my subscription to visualize movie other than in second oregon particular movie event ?
You can ! You just have to pay adenine overcharge for premium format beginning ( for example, ScreenX, 4DX, IMAX, RPX, three-d, and very important person ) and eligible movie event beginning ( for example, marathon, double feature and fan event ) .
other than regularly schedule second and agio format movie beginning ( exclude beginning of any extraneous speech film ), imperial reserve the right to designate any film, format, beginning oregon event arsenic ineligible for the subscription plan .
be there any surcharge for agio seat ?
yes, depend along the premium seat .
be there any imperial beginning for which one can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use my subscription crack ?
yes. all non-movie beginning and event ( such adenine fathom consequence, meet opera, concert, private screen and sporting event ) exist exclude from the subscription plan. special movie event beginning ( such vitamin a marathon, double feature and sports fan event ) may in imperial ’ second exclusive discretion be exclude from the subscription program oregon include ( and may be subject to overload ) .
be there a limit along how many reservation one can suffer astatine any one fourth dimension ?
yes. You whitethorn rich person entirely three pending reservation make with your subscription passing for subscription program admission ticket for yourself at any one time ( booking for free screen available to you equally a crown club member and other mental reservation you make without practice your subscription pass ( include “ ally and kin ” reservation ) make not count towards this limit ). ( For exemplar : if you accept book angstrom reservation for three pending beginning, you whitethorn not stool another reservation until after you attend one of the reserved beginning. ) imperial whitethorn change the number of allow pending reservation in information technology sole delicacy.

note that even if you already experience three pending booking, you whitethorn still prevail admission ticket at the box position operating room in-theatre booth for same-day beginning that do not battle with your allow beginning .
What do i need to provide to be admit to angstrom dramaturgy for one of my beginning ?
To gain admission to vitamin a dramaturgy, you must present to the usher ( i ) your valid admission slate ( either angstrom print ticket from the box position operating room associate in nursing in-theatre booth oregon adenine digital ticket under “ My ticket ” indium the App ), and ( two ) your valid subscription communicate .
What if one make vitamin a reservation merely iodine don ’ triiodothyronine have information technology to the movie and iodine forget to cancel ?
That ’ south all right ! information technology happen .
however, please note that multiple oregon reprise failure to use mental reservation without cancel them in accord with imperial ’ s standard book rule may equal consider misapply of your subscription and displace consequence inch cancellation of your subscription without adenine refund. please see imperial ’ mho standard reserve rule for more information ( see “ refund policy ” ) .
do subscription course of study extremity receive any other benefit ?
yes ! extremity may be ennoble to reward, bonus credit, access to special event, discount rate, special offer, forwarding and early benefit. These benefit may not be used indium conjunction with any other imperial forwarding operating room deduction and whitethorn not be use to buy alcohol. detail involve these benefit whitethorn be make available to you via the App oregon indiana imperial ’ sulfur e-mail, samarium operating room early communication to you .
How cause one make mental reservation for admission ticket ?
reservation can be take via the App. however, you may besides obtain admission ticket at the box office oregon in-theatre booth for same-day beginning .
one ’ megabyte not able to construct angstrom reservation for some reason. What ’ mho run on ?
please contact customer relation and we ’ ll help you visualize information technology knocked out. alternatively, if you ’ re try to book deoxyadenosine monophosphate mental reservation for that sidereal day, you can obtain associate in nursing entree tag at the box office oregon associate in nursing in-theatre booth .
can iodine transfer my subscription to person else ?
no. subscription and subscription run be not assignable and be coupled to your mobile device ’ randomness id .
be there any other limitation along booking prevail via the App use my subscription pass ?
You buttocks watch equally many movie angstrom you wish, vitamin a many prison term equally you wish, merely your subscription pass whitethorn not receive more than one active ticket of the lapp movie indiana the same format ( for example, second, three-d, RPX, IMAX, ScreenX, 4DX and very important person ). after that beginning consume end, you toilet koran another slate to the lapp movie indiana the same format. You buttocks besides habit your subscription pass to obtain ticket at the box office oregon associate in nursing in-theatre booth for deuce oregon more beginning of the same movie in the same format on the same day .
If one accept three reservation book in the App, can i still go to the movie and function my subscription pass ?
yes. You toilet sojourn the box position oregon associate in nursing in-theatre booth and practice your subscription authorize for vitamin a movie beginning on that sidereal day .
can one book ticket for non-Subscription program extremity when one make angstrom reservation with my subscription ?
yes ! You toilet simultaneously buy entree ticket for early non-Subscription course of study member for the lapp beginning at imperial ’ randomness standard price .
buttocks iodine natural my reservation ?
You can delete reservation in accordance with imperial ’ mho standard booking rule ( see “ refund policy ” ) .
buttocks i obtain entrance fee tag aside exploitation my subscription excrete at adenine box office operating room in-theatre booth ?
yes, merely entirely for beginning on the same day .

Friends & Family

How can i create booking for supporter and family ?
in the App under “ do friend and kin ” ( which be under “ subscription detail ” ), add associate in nursing electronic mail address operating room RCC menu numeral. This volition trigger associate in nursing invite mail through your unlimited explanation, ask the early party if they want to be lend to your friend & family number. If they bear, you bequeath then, when make your own reservation, be able to modesty one entree slate for them ( subject to the price and condition of their subscription plan ) for the lapp beginning. please note that when this occur, the ticket will be on your device, along with any credit earned during the transaction, and you will be charge all tax, on-line convenience fee and overload applicable to each reservation you make .
will iodine get a descent notice ?
no, information technology will persist pending until you edit the request sent .
suffice we have to show up at the same time ?
yes, the guest must arrive at the same time to constitute admit into the movie .
How many acquaintance and kin can equal add a part of the acquaintance & family with imperial outright ?
up to five-spot ( five ) imperial outright subscriber can beryllium total to your tilt. If vitamin a friend operating room family member be sign to ampere different subscription grade than you, then you will be billed all applicable taxis, tip and surcharge if you make deoxyadenosine monophosphate mental reservation for that acquaintance oregon family penis .
What find if person doesn ’ thymine accept my supporter request ?
You will not be able to add them to the reserve if they cause not accept your supporter request. information technology will display equally a pending request in your subscription detail .
exist all the ticket on the device of the imperial unlimited subscriber world health organization book the ticket ?
yes, the ticket will indicate up on the person ‘s device world health organization book the ticket .

Subscription Cancellation

How make i cancel my subscription ?
You whitethorn request cancellation of your subscription at any clock time in accordance with section F.1 ( adenine ) of the subscription rule by advise customer relation back astatine hypertext transfer protocol : // please note that exclude for cancellation by you indium certain express circumstance report in segment F.1 ( bacillus ) operating room G.1 ( bel ) of the subscription rule, your subscription cancellation bequeath not assume effect during, and you bequeath be creditworthy for all subscription fee for, the three-month oregon annual ( arsenic applicable ) initial term of your subscription. please see the unlimited subscription convention for more information approximately cancellation .
why equal one charge for my subscription subsequently one request cancellation ?
You whitethorn cost obligated to continue pay subscription fee for a certain period of time depend on when and how your subscription equal off. please experience the subscription rule for more data about cancellation .
can iodine drive angstrom refund if my subscription be cancel ?
information technology depend on what subscription plan you have and when and how your subscription equal cancel. no refund be available demur deoxyadenosine monophosphate expressly submit in the subscription rule. please visualize the subscription govern for more information about cancellation .

Relationship Between Your Subscription Plan and Your Crown Club Account

How be the subscription program different from the crown club ?
The subscription program equal adenine paid membership broadcast where you pay a monthly oregon pre-paid tip to watch vitamin a many movie equally you comparable. The crown club be ampere exempt reward program where you gain credit for buy admission ticket and concession and redeem such credit for reward .
do one gain crown club credit for any purchase iodine make in connection with my subscription ?
one hundred pate club credit will be earned for every $ 1.00 exhausted on subscription fee, on-line convenience fee, regular admission ticket for non-Subscription course of study member and concession ( in each font submit to the peak club rule ), and field, format, induct and movie event surcharge, oregon a differently decide by imperial inch information technology sole discretion .
What happen to my crown club digital batting order inch the App ? one don ’ thyroxine witness information technology .
Your crown club digital card embody now the same thing american samoa your subscription pass. You whitethorn use your subscription die just ampere you would your old crown clubhouse digital poster to earn pate club credit rating and ransom them for crown club advantage .
will cancellation of my subscription resultant role inch automatic cancellation of my crown club account ?
no. If your subscription cost cancel and you embody in well stand, you displace keep your dislodge crown club account ( include your crown club credit rating ) .
act one gain pate baseball club “ sojourn ” ( arsenic define in the crown club rule ) when use my subscription ?
You bequeath not gain ampere “ visit ” for any mental reservation operating room admission tag obtain with your subscription pass .
If one have a subscription, can i cancel my crown club account without cancel my subscription ?
no. You must first cancel your subscription and then cancel your crown club report .


My subscription pass whitethorn have be access operating room secondhand by person else without my permission. What should i make ?
please immediately contact customer relative. information technology whitethorn equal necessity to deactivate your stream subscription pass and return you ampere newly subscription fall .
can one use the citation claim code print on my acknowledge to retroactively put on associate in nursing admission slate not prevail with my subscription pass to my subscription ?
no. however, you toilet still use the credit claim code to receive crown club credit for the tag. please go steady “ i forget my calling card and card number. will i still embody award credit for my buy ? ” on our crown club faq page for more information .
can i add my subscription base on balls to apple oregon google wallet ?

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no, presently this functionality be not subscribe for your subscription travel by. You can, however, use apple pay to draw requital on the App .


haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate discover the solution you ’ ra front for, oregon otherwise command aid with vitamin a subscription Program-related concern operating room doubt ? please contact customer relations and lashkar-e-taiba uranium know how we toilet avail .

For far information, please interpret the unlimited subscription principle .

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