How to Cancel PlayStation Now

What to Know

  • On the PS4, select Settings (briefcase) > Account Management > Account Information > PlayStation Subscriptions.
  • Next, chose PlayStation Now Subscription > Turn Off Auto-Renew.
  • Your submission remains active until the renewal date.

This article explains how to cancel your PlayStation now subscription before the future renewal time period. Instructions include how to cancel on a PS4, PS3, or through a web browser .

How to Cancel Your PlayStation immediately Subscription on PS4

You must cancel at least 24 hours before the next reclamation date to avoid being charged. If you miss the cutoff time, your subscription is renewed for the predefined period, whether it ‘s one calendar month, three months, or a full class.

many gamers take advantage of the PlayStation Now 7-day barren trial, while others pay for monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. If you need to cancel the complimentary trial or paid subscription, hera ‘s how to do then on the PS4 console :

  1. Select Settings, located along the PS4 UI cake and represented by a briefcase icon .
    The PS4 UI bar with Settings highlighted.

  2. In the Settings menu, scroll down, then choice Account Management .
    The location of Account Management in the PS4 Settings menu.

  3. A list of Account Management options displays. If most appear grayed out and unavailable, choice Sign In and enter your PlayStation Network credentials if prompted .
    You might see a prompt to update your Profile settings at this point. If so, do angstrom requested, selecting Next at each stage until completed .
  4. Select Account Information .

  5. Scroll down and blue-ribbon PlayStation Subscriptions .
    The location of PlayStation Subscription on the PS Account Information screen.

  6. Choose the PlayStation Now Subscription from the list .
    Location of the PS Now Subscription.

  7. choice Turn Off Auto-Renew to complete the action .

How to Cancel Your PlayStation nowadays Subscription on PS3

Cancel PlayStation immediately from the console table settings .

  1. Choose PlayStation Network from the XMB ( XrossMediaBar ) rowing of options .

  2. Select Account Management .

  3. A list of Account Management options displays.

    Select Sign In and enter your PlayStation Network credentials if you see a prompt to do sol .

  4. Select Transaction Management .

  5. Choose Services List .

  6. A number of active subscriptions appears. Select the PlayStation Now Subscription and crusade the X button on the accountant .

  7. Choose Cancel Automatic Renewal and weight-lift X again to complete the process .
    The location of where to Cancel Automatic Renewal for PS Now.

How to Cancel PS now in a Web Browser

Another way to cancel PlayStation immediately online is through the web site .

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Sony Account Management web page .

  2. insert your PlayStation network credentials in the fields provided and choice Sign In .
    The Sony account login screen in the Chrome web browser

  3. The Basic Account Information displays, listing your name and address, among other items. Select Subscription in the leave menu acid, located in the PlayStation Network segment .

  4. A pop fly message may appear, informing you that you must visit another page. Select Continue .

  5. A new browser check or window opens, redirecting to the PlayStation Store Subscriptions Management page .

  6. Locate the PlayStation Now Subscription from the list shown and select the Turn Off Auto-Renew associate accompanying it .

  7. Select Confirm to complete the procedure .

even if you cancel in advance of the approaching reclamation date, your subscription remains active until that date. You have wax access to all games during that period .

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