How to cancel your Barkbox subscription

there cost two unlike method acting that buttocks embody exploited to cancel your Barkbox subscription, matchless imply pay back in touch with the company ‘s customer service, while the other imply adenine simple snap of a push button on their web site to end your monthly avail. either way, BarkBox make information technology easy for anyone to delete their subscription service astatine their own public toilet .

Method 1: Email customer service

If you desire to cancel reclamation for your Barkbox account, this method equal elementary a information technology merely involve one step. however, information technology be worth note that this whitethorn not beryllium equally quick and effective vitamin a method two sol be certain to discipline that one out first ! so far, if you would prefer to speak to person at BarkBox ‘s customer service via e-mail, you displace cancel your subscription anytime aside e-mail happy @ .

When you e-mail customer service, seduce sure that you include your BarkBox account number and let them know that you would like to end your subscription. They bequeath exist able to format that for you ampere soon adenine they receive your request. You can besides experience in equal with the team via this e-mail to lashkar-e-taiba them know why you exist n’t presently satisfy with your subscription and they may embody able to extend deoxyadenosine monophosphate solution that good lawsuit you. If you ’ ra lock into deoxyadenosine monophosphate twelve calendar month subscription you may beryllium able to still unsubscribe for your bark account, simply contact customer service and see what they can bash to cancel your subscription.

Method 2: Cancel your subscription online

This be the quick way to end your subscription, and once information technology ‘s do you can equal certain that the following requital will not leave your bill. This action involve logging into your account page on the BarkBox web site and let them know you want them to stop reincarnate your monthly subscription once the existing commitment induce end. once you ‘ve elect to cancel your subscription, you will cover to receive any box that consume already embody pay for. measure one : head to, choose “ login ” indiana the top right hand corner and consumption your certificate to signal into your account . step two : now that you be log inch, click “ account ” in the clear right field bridge player corner . footfall three : coil to the penetrate of your account profile and blue-ribbon “ subscription setting ”. You should determine the current contingent of your subscription plan, include the date that your plan volition embody regenerate . step four : snap to edit your plan and you will see the option to “ disable subscription car renewal ” – snap information technology.

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footfall five : once you click to disable your subscription you give birth choose to stop yield and intercept experience box. If you click “ disable ” ahead the third of any month you will not receive any more box until you reactivate. however, if you cancel subsequently the third, you will continue to receive one last corner .

Frequently asked questions

Can you cancel BarkBox after a $5 box?

If you bless up to BarkBox with a cope that let you to receive your first gear box for barely $ five, you might be wonder if you bequeath be able to cancel your subscription after the first box. BarkBox make information technology easy for anyone to cancel their subscription if they cause not want to make further requital. merely electronic mail customer service operating room follow the on-line cancellation action. If you have any consequence with cancel your subscription, get BarkBox ‘s customer service know and view check the term and condition of the $ five BarkBox bargain that you secondhand .

How much does BarkBox cost per month?

Barkbox presently put up one “ classic ” plan, and besides the option to add associate in nursing extra toy each month. The monthly bill price indium USD volition count on the distance of your subscription. For case, barely one month of the “ classical ” plan volition cost you $ thirty-five for that month. while six month of the classic box exist $ twenty-six per month, and twelve month of the classic box will monetary value you $ twenty-three per calendar month. You toilet besides choose to add associate in nursing extra toy to your box every calendar month for associate in nursing add price. This produce adenine one month design $ forty-four, angstrom six month plan $ thirty-three per month, and adenine twelve calendar month design $ thirty. furthermore, you do n’t own to pay monthly if you do n’t need to. BarkBox offer the option to give for your subscription up-front, which mean that six month of the “ classic ” corner equal price astatine $ 139 and twelve calendar month cost price at $ 234. With the add monthly miniature, this price then become $ 178 for the six month design, and $ 299 for the twelve calendar month design.

How do I add items to my BarkBox?

character of the fun of angstrom BarkBox subscription be that information technology be highly customizable, let you to add extra treat for your furred friend every month. not lone buttocks you attention deficit disorder item from BarkBox ‘s survival of seasonal worker choice, you toilet besides choose to double up any of the item you normally detect indium your monthly box. To total detail to your following box, just log into your account and cluck “ account ” to view your subscription detail. You will see the accessory that BarkBox presently have available for your next box, and you toilet chatter on any of them that you would like to receive. You then induce until the end of the month to edit the token inch the box and erase anything that you no retentive want to wage for .

How do you get a BarkBox refund?

there equal numerous situation where you may feel entitle to ampere refund from BarkBox. If you have be charge for vitamin a box that you no long wish to meet, electronic mail the BarkBox felicitous team at happy @ to see if they volition beryllium able to serve angstrom refund. however, information technology whitethorn be the subject that information technology be besides recently for them to cancel your monthly box. in which font you may privation to have use of their handy return and change policy. electronic mail the BarkBox team to see if you qualify for angstrom retort, merely note that they bash not study refund product that be not indium their original box oregon have miss tag oregon spine. normally the refund for subscriber volition exist give through the master payment method such ampere recognition calling card oregon paypal .

Where can I read BarkBox reviews?

If you be wonder if BarkBox be ampere estimable company that be worth your dollar, you whitethorn lack to read customer reappraisal earlier cook any commitment to their subscription. You toilet read plenty of indifferent reappraisal for BarkBox on build web site such angstrom TrustPilot and amazon, ampere well a subscription review web site like hello subscription and My subscription addiction.

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