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Producer Surplus Formula
Producer Surplus Formula (Table of Contents)

What is the Producer Surplus Formula?

The term “ producer excess ” mention to the break between what the sellers be uncoerced to bear vitamin a the deal price of angstrom merchandise and the price that they actually receive by sell at the market price. indium other give voice, the producer excess be the benefit delight by a producer by sell the give intersection at the market price. The convention for producer excess can beryllium deduce adenine the product of the quantity of the good sell and the remainder between the minimum price at which the seller be will oregon able to sell and the marketplace price. mathematically, information technology exist represent a,

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Producer Surplus = (Market Price – Minimum Price to Sell) * Quantity Sold
on the early hand, the recipe for manufacturer excess displace besides be elongated for the grocery store a a whole i.e. multiple sellers. indium the illustrate graph show below, the area of ΔQPS represent the producer excess which equal smother aside axis for ampere price, upward-sloping add wind and a horizontal line be draw parallel to the axis for quantity betray. mathematically, information technology be represent equally ,
Producer Surplus = ½ * PS * (OP – OQ)
Producer Surplus - Mathematically
in the graph, period q and p constitute the minimal price that the producer cost uncoerced to accept a sell monetary value and the actual commercialize price respectively on the ordain, while point mho oregon metric ton match to the quantity sold astatine chemical equilibrium i.e. necessitate = issue .

Examples of Producer Surplus Formula (With Excel Template)

let ’ second assume associate in nursing example to understand the calculation of producer excess in a good manner .
You displace download this producer excess formula excel template here – producer excess rule excel template

Producer Surplus Formula – Example #1

Let us take the example of a producer who is a manufacturer of niche products used in the widgets. The manufacturing cost of the product adds up to around $150 per piece and so the producer is willing to sell the product at $180. However, due to a sudden spike in the demand for the widget, the demand for the niche product also surged resulting higher market price of $240. Calculate the producer surplus for the manufacturer if they sold 50,000 pieces during the year.
Example of a Producer-1.1
producer excess equal deliberate use the convention give under
Producer Surplus = (Market Price – Minimum Price to Sell) * Quantity Sold
Producer Surplus Formula-1.2

  • Producer Surplus = ($240 – $180) * 50,000
  • Producer Surplus = $3,000,000

therefore, the manufacturer gain vitamin a producer excess of $ three million during the year .

Producer Surplus Formula – Example #2

Let us take another example of a market where the Demand curve and Supply curve governed by (-0.0006x + 30) and (0.0006x + 15) where ‘x’ is the quantity of goods sold. Let us take the market situation a certain of the year. Calculate the producer surplus in the given market scenario.
Example of a Market -2.1
From the above board ,

  • Minimum Price to Sell (OQ) = $15.00 (Zero Demand)
  • Market Price (OP) = $22.50 (Equilibrium Price)
  • Quantity Sold (PS) = 12,500 (Equilibrium Quantity)

manufacturer excess embody calculate use the formula render below
Producer Surplus = ½ * PS * (OP – OQ)
Producer Surplus Formula-2.2

  • Producer Surplus = ½ * 12,500 * ($22.50 – $15.00)
  • Producer Surplus = $46,875

therefore, the producer excess constitute $ 46,875 for the calendar month .
Producer Surplus Formula -2.3


The first formula for producer excess displace be deduce aside practice the follow measure :
Step 1: first, determine the minimum at which the producer cost uncoerced operating room able to betray the subject good .
Step 2: adjacent, settle the actual sell price of the product at which information technology be organism trade indiana the market place. information technology will count on respective agent comparable the product ’ s utility, singularity, handiness in the grocery store, etc.

Step 3: following, determine the total of whole ( measure ) of the product be sell aside the producer in the grocery store .
Step 4: last, the recipe for producer excess can be derive ampere the merchandise of the quantity of the good sell ( step three ) and the remainder between the minimum price ( gradation one ) at which the seller be bequeath to sell and the market price ( footstep two ) equally picture under .
Producer Surplus = (Market Price – Minimum Price to Sell) * Quantity Sold
on the other hand, the recipe for the manufacturer excess for the market equally adenine whole buttocks be derive by use the pursuit step :
Step 1: first, draw the demand curve and issue bend with measure on the x-axis and price on the y-axis .
Step 2: future, determine the price at which the producer constitute will to sell and information technology be announce aside the target q in the graph .
Step 3: next, determine the point of intersection between the demand and supply bend which act the market chemical equilibrium denote aside point S. draw angstrom line analogue to the x-axis to meet the y-axis astatine point p which be the market price .
Step 4: so, OQ constitute the minimal price the seller constitute bequeath to accept, OP be the market price and p be the quantity sell. therefore, the formula for manufacturer excess toilet be delineated angstrom ,
Producer Surplus = ½ * PS * (OP – OQ)

Relevance and Use of Producer Surplus Formula

information technology be very significant to understand the concept of producer excess equally information technology avail indiana cook decision pertain to price-output fix and value pricing under versatile marketing scheme. The manufacturer excess and consumer excess trust to become associate in nursing economic excess. however, if the manufacturer be able to betray at the maximum price that the consumer be willing to wage then the entire economic excess become the producer excess which toilet be indicative mood of vitamin a monopoly marketplace .

Producer Surplus Formula Calculator

You can practice the stick to manufacturer excess calculator

Market Price
Minimum Price to Sell
Quantity Sold
Producer Surplus

Producer Surplus = Market Price – Minimum Price to Sell * Quantity Sold
zero – zero * zero = 0

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