How to calculate ovulation for women with irregular menstrual cycles

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Some women with irregular menstrual cycles or menstrual irregularities will find it unmanageable to calculate the day of ovulation. sol for these cases, how to calculate ovulation accurately ?

1. Time to get pregnant

We normally take the common menstrual bicycle of 28 days to calculate. accordingly, the time of ovulation will fall on day 14 – counting down from the first sidereal day of the future period. And the time from day 11 to day 16 is the fertile period. In which days 13-15 of the cycle are the most fecund time of the cycle. Of path, in the condition that women have convention generative functions and do not use any contraception.

2. How to calculate the exact day of ovulation when menstruation is irregular

The first day of menstruation is counted as the foremost day of bleeding. Before there may be a few drops of rake, that day can be omitted, no need to count. many women still mistakenly believe that the first base day of a newly menstruation is the first day of a raw period, which leads to the calculation of the ovulation date that is easily mistaken.

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2.1. For women with a menstrual cycle of up to 32 days

If the 32-day cycle is fixed, the fecund ovulation time will besides be fixed accordingly. Cycles of more than 28 days may apply the inquisitive convention. That is, for every supernumerary sidereal day, the prolific day will add one more day. In contrast to women with a menstrual cycle shorter than 28 days, the fecund day is subtracted by 1. For case, it is easier to understand that if the menstrual hertz is 32 days, the fecund time will be on sidereal day 15 = 11 + 4 until day 20 = 16 + 4, and ovulation may fall on day 18 = 14 + 4 of the cycle.

2.2. For women with a menstrual cycle of 26-30 days

For the menstrual bicycle is normally 26-30 days, you have to calculate 2 prolific periods. One is the light cycle, the early is the longest cycle then combine these 2 cycles in concert. consequently, with a 26-day cycle, the fertile prison term falls on the 9th to 14th day of the cycle. In a 30-day cycle, concept is from day 13 to day 18 of the cycle. Combining these two cycles, your prolific clock is on days 9 to 18 and ovulation will fall on days 12-16 of your cycle.
If the motorbike is completely irregular, much disrupted, it is impossible to predict the day of ovulation. Women with irregular menstrual cycles need to see a sophisticate to check the induce of not ovulating first and take measures to regulate menstrual cycles.

Chu kỳ kinh nguyệt không đều cũng là dấu hiệu của ung thư cổ tử cung

3. How can husband and wife live to easily conceive?

3.1 Frequency

The advice for couples to increase the hypothesis of conceiving is to have couple activities with a frequency of 2 times / week or 3 times / week. note that having sex every day does not increase the probability of concept. This besides has the opposite effect of reducing sperm count, making the consistency tired. The fat period with a 28-day bicycle is between 13 and 15, so this time period needs to be done 1-2 times to improve the chances of creation. If you merely have arouse once a week or less, chances are you ‘ve missed the most fertile period.

3.2 Notes in the process of married life

The husband should avoid exposing the genitals to high and hot temperatures Reduce or completely invalidate massage, bathe, sauna, limit vigorous exercise, ride a bicycle The wife should pay care to the change Physiologically, entering the fecund period, the amount of vaginal discharge increases a lot, and at the same time increases sexual desire. After the husband and wife activities should lie on their back for 10-15 minutes, invalidate liaison with chemicals. need to treat diseases about the vagina before planning a pregnancy Calculating the accurate date of ovulation will help increase the chances of invention, specially for women with irregular menstrual cycles. Hope the above calculation will help you to conceive more well. If you need to visit and consult a specialist, please book an date on the web site for service.
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