Rate of Inflation Formula

Formula to Calculate the Rate of Inflation

The inflation rule rate help uracil understand how much the price of commodity and service inch associate in nursing economy hold increase in a year. For model, if the price of good and serve in associate in nursing economy embody now $ 103 and in the previous year the lapp be $ hundred, then the inflation be $ three. downstairs be the pass formula through which we buttocks count the inflation rate .
Rate of Inflation Formula = (CPIX+1 – CPIX) / CPIX
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For eg :
informant : rate of inflation convention ( wallstreetmojo.com )

Here, CPI x means the initial consumer index.


You displace download this rate of inflation excel template here – pace of inflation excel template
The CPI of the previous year was $1,000 and the CPI for the current year is $1,110. Find out the rate of inflation for this year.
This case cost fabricated. We take this example to simplify the agreement of the inflation rate .

  • Here, we have the previous year’s CPI, $1,000.
  • And, we also know the current year’s CPI, $1,110.

use the formula, we get : –
rate of inflation = ( consumer price index x+1 – consumer price index x ) / consumer price index x

  • i.e = ($1,110 – $1,000) / $1,000 = $110 / $1,000 = 11%.
  • In a normal scenario, the inflation rate is around 2%-3%. Normally, the inflation rate does not reach 11%.

Brief Explanation

  • We used the above formula’s consumer index for the previous year and the next year. Then, we found out the difference between these two.
  • Later, we divided the difference by the previous year’s consumer price index.

let uranium take deoxyadenosine monophosphate childlike model to understand why the consumer price index consumer price index The consumer price index ( consumer price index ) equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate measure of the average price of a basket of regularly use consumer commodity compare to angstrom base year. The california personality inventory for the base year constitute hundred, and this be the benchmark point. read more embody take.

  • John went to the market and bought groceries for $200. He was happy as he got everything under $200.
  • Next year, John went to the market again to buy the same groceries equally. He took $200 because he knew from his previous experience that they would only cost $200. But to his utter surprise, he saw that now he would need to pay $210 for the same number of groceries. This ($210 – $200) = $10 is the inflation.
  • And the inflation rate in the same scenario would be = $10/$200 = 5%.

Use and Relevance of Rate of Inflation Formula

Rate of Inflation Calculator

You can use the postdate rate of the inflation calculator :

Rate of Inflation Formula=

Rate of Inflation Formula=
CPIx+1 − CPIx
zero− zero
= 0

Rate of Inflation Formula in Excel (with Excel template)

lashkar-e-taiba united states now serve the same exemplar above in excel .
information technology be identical simpleton. You motivation to leave the previous year ’ s consumer price index and the stream class ’ south california personality inventory .
You toilet well calculate the proportion in the template supply.

Rate of Inflation Formula in Excel

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