How Many Square Feet Is My House? How To Calculate The Square Footage Of A House?

If you need to know how to measure the square footage of a house, you have come to the right put. This post is a founder ’ second usher to measuring the squarely feet in your home. I ’ ll help by telling you what tools you need, how to measure, and how to add it all up so you ’ ll know how to find sq foot .
besides, I have information about what finished vs. unfinished square feet, and the ANSI appraisal method of calculating square feet and how that will affect GLA ( gross living area ) calculations. then, let ’ s draw started !

Square Footage Statistics

House measurements today are much more than years ago.  The size of a home in the U.S. has increased a lot over the years.
Before we get started with measuring feather feet have you always wondered what ’ s a batch or what ’ s besides small or how much a home sells for per square foot ? I have, so let me share some of those with you.

  • The median square footage area of a home in the U.S. is 2,261.
  • The house measurement of the typical home in the U.S. has nearly doubled since 1960 and more than doubled since 1950.
  • The average price per square foot of a home in the U.S. is $244. The median price per square foot is $200.
  • Did you know real estate agents and appraisers do not value homes strictly on a price per square foot basis? Instead, many factors about the home are considered to find a home fair market value.

What Is Considered a Home’s Square Footage?

When measuring a house to find its square footage you need to know what square feet to count.
There are many misconceptions about measuring squarely footage. What counts ? What doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ? And, is it all adequate in value ? Let ’ s get into all of that right here .

What Is Included in the Square Footage of a House?

The wide accepted rule is that all finished square footage should be counted when marketing a home for sale. Finished square footage meets certain criteria .
typically, finished square metrical foot includes any space with wall coverings, a ceiling, and a floor. This means you can not see the skeleton, or theater frame, at any of those surfaces because it is covered with some other material. This would include hallways, bathrooms, closets, and any finish up room in your home .
Finished feather footage is climate controlled, besides. Think about heat because there are still homes that lack air travel condition. Climate control of a board combined with wall, floor, and ceiling coverings makes a quad finished. therefore, a climate controlled four seasons room should be counted in the finished square feet of the home .
Does square footage include the garage ? No, it does not. A garage should never be included in square footage measurements. Garages are not a part of the squarely footage calculation when measuring the square footage of a home plate .
Basements are sometimes included in square footage. It depends on whether or not the outer space is finished. besides, some home designs are treated differently regarding whether or not the basement is a basement or a lower tied .
But, to summarize this section, the surveil should be included when counting squarely footage :

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Hallways
  • Stairwells
  • Kitchens
  • Climate controlled four seasons rooms
  • Finished laundry room

These areas should not be included when counting square footage of a sign of the zodiac :

  • Garages
  • Outdoor living areas
  • Pool areas

last, sometimes basements are included in square footage calculations .

Finished vs. Unfinished Square Footage

A garage is not included in square feet and neither is unfinished space like in a basement
Finished square footage counts towards the total square footage of a home. Finished square footage has several characteristics. These include that all of the walls have a cover like wallboard, plaster, or panels. Next, the ceiling is covered with a drop ceiling or wallboard and the floor has a flooring element like carpet, tile, or vinyl plank. last, the area is heated .
Unfinished square footage is square footage missing one of the characteristics of finished square feet. typically, bare feather footage is found in a basement. however, I have seen Cape Cod manner homes with unfinished upper floors or early homes with an unfinished quad above ground .

Above Grade Square Footage vs. Below Grade Square Footage

Above mark square footage is square footage above the gradient agate line. The gradient note is where the earth meets the home. Square footage on the main floor and all floors above will about always be above grade. This only gets a little crafty when the home is a bi-level, tri-level, quad-level, or hillside ranch .
These home models may have a basement, but the lowest level may be called the lower level. This happens because a level of the home is partially under the gradient line but besides partially above it. Most areas consider a level like this to be the lower degree and scratch it as above grade straight footage. Check with your local anesthetic municipality, contractor, or a real number estate of the realm agentive role for a certain answer to this question .

Why Measure Square Footage?

Knowing how much square feet is in your house is important for several reasons.
The square footage of a family is an important gene when determining a home ’ s prize. First, you want to be able to accurately advertise your home plate. second, square footage helps justify the price of your base. When getting a property value appraisal you want to know how much theater you actually own .
Knowing the square footage of your home is besides important when making improvements to the home. When you know the square footage of your home and the person rooms in your home you will know how much fabric you need to buy to complete a plan .
last, knowing the squarely footage of your home is crucial because it can help you with a property tax assessment. many municipalities use a straight footage equation to assess your home ’ s value. Knowing the compensate square footage of your home can help you when appealing the measure prize .

How To Find Square Feet For Your House in 3 Steps

How to calculate square footage when measuring a house is easy when following this process.
here, I will tell you how to calculate square footage of your base. Finding the square footage of your home is not excessively unmanageable. here, I will help you break it up into easy parts with some comfortable mathematics to help with the feet and inches. First, you need your tools. The tools needed to measure your public square footage admit :

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape or a laser measuring tool

Step 1: Sketch and Divide Each Room into Shapes

Make a sketch for each board in your home. Focus on the forbidden perimeter walls, excessively. besides, do not forget about all of the closets. Closets count in your hearty footage .
You aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate trying to win an art contest. Just capture the basic shape of each room. Think of standing above the room and looking down. This will help you make the sketch of the room. It can be utilitarian to use one piece of paper for each room, besides.

Step 2: Measure the Room to Calculate Square Footage

The square feet formula is length times width. measure the room by measuring the duration and width of each area of each room or each distance in each room .
Most rooms are square or rectangular in condition. Break up the spaces in each room to a square or rectangle whenever possible .
Write down the duration and width measurement for every area you measure. Write down all of your measurements in inches. Ignore the feet designations on the measure tape and merely look at the inches .

Step 3: Convert Inches to Feet and Calculate Square Footage

If you followed my advice for measuring the feather footage of your dwelling by writing all of the measurements in the entire number of inches this conversion will be very easy .

  1. First, multiply the length and width of each space you measured in a room. This should include the room itself, any bump-out, and closets.
  2. Once you multiply the length by the width in inches of each space, divide that by 12. This will give the square feet of that space as a whole with a decimal remainder.
  3. Now, add together all of the measured spaces in the room. This will now give the total square footage of that room. Continue the process room by room.
  4. Then, add the totals of all the rooms to get the square footage of your home.

How to Calculate Square Footage of a House for Appraisal

Measuring the square feet of a house for an appraisal varies based on the measurement standard used by the appraiser.
Appraisers have their own ways of measuring a family. The square footage formula used by an appraiser depends on which method of measurement for appraisal the appraiser is using. This can be directed based on the lend type .
For exercise, in late 2021 Fannie Mae stated it has adopted the ANSI measuring standard for measuring gross living square footage ( GLA ). Your actual square footage calculations and measurements equally well as what is on record with your tax assessor may be different from what is found using the ANSI method acting of measuring squarely footage .
here are the ANSI factors most likely to affect your home ’ mho square footage measurements :

  • Finished staircases will count as finished square footage and will be added to the level from which the staircase descends.
  • Any space partially or fully below grade shall be reported as basement square footage. This can have a meaningful impact on the valuation of split level homes including bi-level, tri-level, and quad-level homes.
  • Open areas above, such as a two-story foyer, can not count the upper area in finished square footage.
  • All finished areas in the gross living area (GLA) must have a ceiling height of at least seven feet. This will affect owners of homes with pitched ceilings in a room. This is common in older homes with converted attics, Cape Cod style homes, and many modern homes with a bonus room over a garage.

Fannie Mae ’ mho borrowing means that this standard will be used for government backed loans. This is a meaningful amount of loans. additionally, buyers of mortgages typically over time adopt rules that have been adopted by the federal politics. consequently, with time the ANSI appraisal measurement method acting will become the average .

Considering Square Footage When Buying a Property

Homebuyers should use a method of estimating the square feet of a home when viewing homes for sale.
overall, your foremost retainer about straight footage should be whether or not the space is a adept equip for you. The future concern should be does the home appear to actually have the measure of square footage stated in the ad. here is a method acting for estimating square footage .
Homebuyers can estimate feather footage by measuring the out circumference of the home. Note which levels were entirely dispatch. then, measure the out circumference of the home minus the garage .
last, a coarse mistake by some homebuyers is strictly following a price per square foot when determining a home ’ randomness measure. The price per square foot is a guide, but it is not the end-all, be-all of home plate valuation. many factors affect a home plate ’ s measure beyond its squarely footage .

Tips For Determining Square Footage

These tips can help make measuring the square feet of a house easier.
There are some tips you could follow to make measuring the square footage of your home easy .

  • Push furniture to the middle of the room to make it easier to measure at the walls
  • Measure at the floor
  • Use a reel measuring tape. They are longer and easier to use.
  • Think in terms of squares and rectangles. For example, measure the square of a bedroom. Then, measure the closet.


Knowing how to calculate square feet of houses is beneficial to you. Knowing how to do this will help you when it comes time to sell your home, plan for projects, and appeal a property tax judgment .
All interior parts of your home are included so farseeing as there is a floor you can walk on. Parts of your dwelling that do not count are garages, unenclosed outdoor areas, accessory structures, fawn spaces, or unfinished attics. Make sure to classify each helping of square footage as finished or bare, excessively .
You can find the square footage of a family by measuring each room. Think in squares and rectangles to make measuring easier. There is nothing improper with measuring a exist room with a bulge out as two pieces to make it easier. Figuring feather feet is easier with some basic tools you likely already have, besides. now, you are quick to find the squarely footage of your home .


How many square feet are in the average house?

The median house in the U.S. has 2,261 square feet. U.S. home sizes have grown significantly over the last 60 years. Homes in the 1960s typically had just 1,200 finished square feet .

What is the house total area vs. living area?

A base ’ second total area includes the stallion footprint of the home measured from the exterior walls. The know sphere much called the GLA ( gross live area ) is the total amount of space considered as finished feather feet .

What is considered livable square footage?

livable square footage is finished and has inflame. Finished square footage has a wall covering on all walls, a ceiling shroud, and a floor covering. The quad besides should be heated, excessively .

What is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) method for measuring square footage?

The american National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) method acting of measuring square footage is designed to standardize square footage measurement of homes during the appraisal serve. This will help alleviate the doubt of questionable areas by giving clearer distinctions between what is counted as megascopic living area and what is not.

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