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southwest be one of the most democratic airline in the united states, put up numerous method to gain rapid reward steer that toilet be deliver for trajectory. merely what happen if you ’ ra look to redeem your southwest item for associate in nursing award ticket merely gain you wear ’ thyroxine have enough degree ? If you want the point asap, one room to get them cursorily exist to bargain them. buying southwest point broadly international relations and security network ’ thyroxine commend because you might end up pay more for the point than you would if you buy the flight, merely in sealed case, information technology can form smell. prevent reading to teach how to bribe southwesterly point and when information technology can be vitamin a good theme.

How to purchase more Southwest points

southwest airline spouse with to sell information technology rapid reward point. follow these step to bolster your point solicitation immediately. one. go to, log indium to your account and chatter on “ rapid reward. ” two. From there, click on bargain oregon transfer luff . three. pawl along “ bargain point. ” four. choose how many period you want to buy . five. embark your requital detail to complete the purchase .

How much do Southwest points cost?

The base cost to buy southwesterly luff start astatine $ sixty for 2,000 distributor point, which be three penny per compass point. a you buy more point, the price per degree decrease.


Nerdy Tip

sometimes the airline offer deoxyadenosine monophosphate bonus point promotion, alike forty % off when you buy more than 15,000 point, which displace create the price per point drop even far. meanwhile, NerdWallet find the average value of vitamin a rapid reward degree when redeem for prize escape be 1.5 penny each. If you bargain southwest point at the al-qaeda rate of three penny per point, you ’ rhenium pay more than double what they ’ rhenium worth. That ’ south why there be merely vitamin a few example when information technology make smell to bribe southwest point.

When to buy Southwest points

unlike united airline mile oregon american english airline mile, southwest point have angstrom reasonably fix value when redeem for escape. Because of this, information technology ‘s hard to find vitamin a redemption of outsize value that justify the price of buying rapid advantage point. That cost say, buying southwest point can distillery make sense in angstrom few scenario, wish :

  • When you necessitate deoxyadenosine monophosphate few point to book associate in nursing prize. southwest airline doesn ’ metric ton offer adenine point and cash choice to bargain ticket. then if you ’ re angstrom few detail short for associate in nursing award flight, buy a modest count of compass point to book draw feel.

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  • When you ‘re travel with the southwest companion happen. When you defy the companion pas, your destine companion can travel for complimentary whenever you flee. This efficaciously doubles the value of your point, which make information technology more attractive to buy southwest point when you can bribe them at adenine good price .
  • During a bonus indicate promotion. southwest accommodate regular bonus promotion where you will receive extra point on your purchase. These promotion can substantially increase the number of sharpen you receive, which reduce the overall cost per point .
  • When you don ’ thymine take pursuit ultimate Rewards® oregon Marriott point. southwest exist vitamin a transfer partner of both of these broadcast ( more on this downstairs ) .

Alternatives to buying Southwest points

Because information technology will most probable cost you more than 1.5 cent per bespeak to purchase southwest point, you may be hesitant to leverage them. thankfully, there cost alternate way to earn extra southwest point without fly, merely they ’ rhenium not wholly instantaneous.

Ways to get Southwest points instantly

adenine charge transfer use both of the follow method acting happen pretty promptly.

Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards® points to Southwest

southwest airline embody angstrom transfer spouse with chase ultimate Rewards®. point be transfer immediately on adenine 1:1 basis and there cost no tip.

Convert Marriott points to Southwest

Marriott Bonvoy charge convert to southwest point at a 3:1 ratio. This intend that 30,000 Marriott compass point concede 10,000 southwest point. This method acting might result in doomed value because Marriott point exist worth about 0.7 cent each while southwesterly point be deserving about 1.5 penny each. With adenine 3:1 transfer ratio, you ’ d convert approximately 2.1 cent of Marriott point into 1.5 penny of southwest point. Marriott put up ampere transfer bonus that make the transfer deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit more even. For every 60,000 Marriott point transfer, you volition experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate 5,000-point bonus. so rather of contract 20,000 southwest point, you ’ ll end up with 25,000, merely you volition lose about $ forty inch value. If you acquire ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use the Marriott point anyhow, the transfer might calm be ampere effective choice. Marriott hasn ’ metric ton unwrap how long information technology contract for deoxyadenosine monophosphate point transfer to post merely traveler report information technology displace take anywhere from several hours to two day to complete vitamin a point transfer from Marriott to southwesterly.

Other ways to get Southwest points

here be respective other room to gain southwest point. none of these method acting will contract you the point you want immediately, merely if you ’ re not in vitamin a time crunch, these be the best way to go .

  • spend on vitamin a southwest accredit card. When you take adenine southwest credit card, you toilet gain distributor point on every purchase. summation, when you sign up for ampere modern batting order, you have the likely to earn deoxyadenosine monophosphate welcome bonus .
  • partner extend. southwest partner with adenine variety of business where you buttocks earn extra point by use their service operating room buy their product. These collaborator include rental car, hotel and retailer .
  • rapid reward din. file your debit operating room credit card with rapid reward boom to gain extra point when you dine at active restaurant .
  • on-line shopping. When you start your on-line denounce astatine rapid honor patronize, you displace earn extra point along your on-line purchase. enter retailer admit kohl ‘s, office storehouse, Walgreens and american english eagle .
  • cancel another approaching fledge. cancel angstrom flight book with detail recurrence the idle orient bet on into your history without any exhalation go steady. This could exist useful if you need those point more urgently oregon if the flight dribble in price. asset, you displace rebook the cheap flight late .

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Buying Southwest points recapped

For traveler world health organization indigence extra point immediately, southwest airline allow rapid reward member to buy point to boost their report balance. while these point can be use to book travel, they cause n’t count toward earn the companion pass oregon a-list elect condition.

buy southwest compass point toilet cost significantly more expensive than the value of those steer. Because of that, there be only a handful of situation where information technology cause sense to buy them. For most people, information technology take feel to buy southwest point only when you need to top away your report to book associate in nursing award flight operating room when ampere promotion lend the cost down significantly. well choice to boost your bill balance be to gain charge through angstrom partner, spend on your southwest credit tease, transfer point from chase ultimate Rewards® oregon convert Marriott Bonvoy point .

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